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Important lessons for the young generation...

1 – Nothing is FREE

2 – How hangovers really look like…

3 – ‘NO RULES’ doesn’t mean ‘ANYTHING GOES’


Is Can I Get A Little Help From My Friends Just A Song?

What would you do if I told a story on you,
Would you delete and block me evermore?
So give me your eyes and I’ll write you some words, 503 more words

500 Words!


Who says your cheese plate has to follow the rules?

This was lunch today for my nephew, my children, and me. And our cheese plate followed no rules! 36 more words

Do You Write Because You Can Or Because You Have To?

In 2011 I had lot’s of time on my hands as I was attempting to recover from some mysterious fevers that had all the Dr.s stumped at the V.A. 490 more words

500 Words!

I like to call it WIP

Welcome to WIP, what I have come to call “Winging It Parenting“.  As a new mom, everyone, and I mean everyone has offered me advise, both good and bad.   393 more words


Do You Know What Happened After The Jailbreak?

There was a flood! Yup, you read that right. There’s a good chance you thought it was about people breaking out of jail. Right? There might be a resemblance to people if you use lots of imagination, because words describe people. 528 more words

500 Words!