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Nomad: Memory, Nature and Place and Vegetarian in Kings Heath Birmingham

It is very on trend to make vegetables the central ingredients on the plate. The centre of attention. Non veggie Bruno Loubet is doing it in London at The Grain Store and other top chefs were involved in creating a meat free week menu in London a few weeks ago. 989 more words



There are no rules in fashion and that’s the best thing about it. It’s basically you wearing what best describes you or what you feel like wearing hence your own style or sometimes going out of your comfort zone and trying out something new .I am still trying to find out what best describes my style but for now I’ll stick with it being versatile . 299 more words


New Creativity In My Hood.....

So I have this particular dark orange, not to be confused with brown, color and I have been combing through all the expensive sites with expensive yarn; which when i say expensive I MEAN expensive…and I cannot find THE color anywhere..if you do anything with yarn you know what I mean when I say THE color so…. 383 more words


It Is A Riot Here

A section of the back garden is currently a riot of color, with no thanks to me.  The tulips that were planted before we movedhere have come  into full bloom.   162 more words

I’m in the beginning of full time editing my footage and it is really exciting. In this I’ve learned another lesson: NO RULES. Its funny to think when I started this blog I wrote about how rules don’t work for me and that they make me feel trapped. 92 more words


Fire and makeup? A freaking stage mayhem!

So, it looks like I’m off traveling again in a couple of days. Luckily I had time for one more gig before leaving the country, and it was worth every freaking micro second and all the frequencies out there. 105 more words


Sensual or Explicit: Bridging Erotic to Transgressive (18+)

Transgressive fiction bridges the divide between the titillating, yet (marginally) acceptable, and those boundary lines that leverage prescription with proscription. The lines can shift: by individual, by social attitudes, by cultural mores and social expectations. 1,566 more words