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In Photography There Are No Rules


There is one rule in photography, there are no rules.  There guidelines in photography that can help teach good habits.  If you follow these three guidelines, among others, you will start to see balance within the pictures that you take. 493 more words

CROM @ The Wash "Sunny Side Up" Event

At The Wash’s “Sunny Side Up” Event, there are no rules. As indicated in this cute dress  from CROM.  Actually there are some rules, items are 10L or less, and one special for 50L. 54 more words

Colleen's Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Dance & Command

Give into the urge

To prance, skip and strut though life

Let loose and throw down

There are no rules to follow

It’s about finding your… 10 more words

Annette Rochelle Aben Communicates

Rules: their or your

When you begin to dislike the existing rules, it’s not because it is bad, thus, because it’s not your. Knowing the reason just accept it and as soon as it become your, you will feel nothing towards it.


Why contemporary art

No rules, just you and your masterpiece. You need to be a professional to do something right and you need to feel the contemporary life if you want to create a contemporary masterpiece!