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Sensual or Explicit: Bridging Erotic to Transgressive (18+)

Transgressive fiction bridges the divide between the titillating, yet (marginally) acceptable, and those boundary lines that leverage prescription with proscription. The lines can shift: by individual, by social attitudes, by cultural mores and social expectations. 1,566 more words


Food Memories & Nomad Pop Up Competition

I’m sure it’s not only me who’s life memories come flooding back at the taste, smell or sight of particular foods. For me they can paint a picture in my mind that is way stronger than any photograph or story. 548 more words


Nomad Memory Competition

Nomad is the latest venture from chef Alex Claridge. And it’s sure created a lot of excitement in the foodie world with the promise of delicious food centered around nature, memory and place. 339 more words


Mix Tape Monday: No Rules

You gotta break the rules sometime and today’s theme is no theme! What?! Anarchy! Madness! You say? Well we all need a little shaking up sometime. 249 more words



Me and my boy Benji Fwé Attilis really excited about dropping the Stay Humble tees and Tanks this April. It’s been a long time coming but were finally almost done with everything to make this dream of ours a reality. 66 more words

No Rules

Arrogant Cyclist!

I’ve always been very “defensive” when people complain about cyclist, always indicating that it is usually the minority that gives cyclist such a bad rap! 441 more words