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Teaching the Dead: Shock v Substance

I have to admit, I’ve been kind of torn on how to analyze the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead. I initially gave it a quick 10; it gave viewers exactly what they would want from a premiere that ended last year with the line “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” We had gore and violence, slicing throats and human meat hangers, confident Rick dialogue, crafty escape plans, exploding tanks and airborn flaming walkers, Mary’s demise, a back story, a flashback, Eugene being told to shut up, and the conflict over when do we kill or just let die. 1,087 more words

Teaching The Dead

The Walking Spoilers.

As the title so cunningly advertises, there will be spoilers. For those up not up to date on season five I would not recommend reading any further. 414 more words

The Walking Dead

Beth, oh Beth, where are you? The Walking Dead - No Sanctuary, a blow-by-blow

So, I’m hoping you watched last night.  If you didn’t you should realize by now there are spoilers below; here are our blow-by-blow reactions to the show with some commentary once the episode was over. 646 more words


The Walking Dead S5 Premier: "No Sanctuary"

Yes. I know the Season officially started almost two weeks ago but I got backed up with book reviews. I watched the Premier and OMG it was awesome! 887 more words

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No Sanctuary

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TV Review | The Walking Dead 5.01 'No Sanctuary'


There is no stopping The Walking Dead. It’s viewership in the U.S for the premiere of season 5 reached 22.5million, that’s quite a herd of followers for Robert Kirkman’s walker infested creation. 492 more words