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The Condom Boy

Met this guy on Tinder. He was pretty cute. He wanted to go to a bar and hang out, but I told him I had strep throat and couldn’t go anywhere. 157 more words

Thou Shalt Not Fornicate

I was reading an article the other night. Something about it caught my eye, gosh I’m not quite sure what it was that made me read it but boy am I glad I did! 430 more words

Rants N Raves

Adele "Someone Like You" Parody - "No Sex For You" by Adela (TrashcanJones.com)

Today’s video parody highlight is a spoof of Adele’s “Someone Like You” called “No Sex For You” by “Adela!” This parody is shorter than the actual song, but it’s impact in the short 1 minute 53 seconds was too hilarious for me to not include on my page.  72 more words


I come crashing

Yesterday, I fell asleep. This isn’t abnormal or strange in anyway. But it’s how the story starts.

I fell asleep at the bed, still fully dressed, quite early last night, and my lover was sitting in the sofa doing things. 615 more words


Iceland, dix point

Iceland, dix point!

1980, the people of Iceland chose the first female president. Now, after Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson had to step down after the country’s financial collapse, their new prime minister is Johanna Sigurdardottir. 27 more words


Hyphy and sex-me-ups

I’m listening to hyphy and contemplating my need for getting some.

Do so you too for a minute, and then read on.

Welcome back!
I’m still waiting to get inspiration enough to write these two huge entries, one about domming and one about ssc. 32 more words