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Facebook trolls

Hey guys, I’m keeping this short and to the point. Actuallt this post is manly for the fella’s, because they are the MAIN one’s guilty of doing this. 203 more words

No Sex ... Happier Relationship?

NFL’s Russell Wilson is not getting any from singer Ciara! They look very happy …

Does not having sex make a relationship stronger/ happier?

  • Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder — for someone else…
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Bet On Black

Russell Wilson and Ciara are NOT Sexually Active?

Russell Wilson says it’s more spiritual than physical, Click Here to get the full story


Frigidly Yours

I just found out my ex-boyfriend Kevin is getting married and I am so happy for him. I sincerely hope he’s found everything he’s looking for, but couldn’t find with me. 447 more words


Seven Deadly Sins That Come From Being Celibate

There lies in most animals this hormonal renaissance in their genetic composition that hurls them into turmoil. At an early stage the species are designed to become more aware of the urgency to procreate. 539 more words

[Usubeni Sakurako] Akuma Homura ni Fumaretai (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

2nd release!

Another collaboration with Krizalid, just like the first collaboration with him, I’m the translator and he’s the proofreader and editor.

This is a promotional short for the doujin “Homuhomu ni Buta o Miru youna Me de Mikudasarete” translated… 15 more words


[Usubeniya (Usubeni Sakurako)] Homuhomu ni Buta o Miru youna Me de Mikudasarete Fumarete Ashikoki sareru Hon (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

1st release!

This is a collaboration with Krizalid, if you don’t know him yet just check his site, the guy is really good at his job. 52 more words