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Adapting to Parenthood

No-one ever said this would be easy, and we certainly didn’t walk into it with our eyes shut. Sometimes though, the realities of having a child hit home, sometimes in humorous ways. 344 more words

Scatterbrained Mum

Tinder date #5

Pablo, the dickhead, 38, Spanish (Can’t remember his profession and don’t care)

Pablo and I matched on Saturday 16 January 2016, just two days after my date with A. 1,290 more words


Tinder date #1

S, 32, English (Marketing)

S was my first Tinder date. We matched not long after I signed up and I recall that I had “BORED” written in my profile at the time because nothing much was happening – well, not as quickly as I’d hoped anyway. 480 more words


My history. Part Nine - awakenings.

I went back to being celibate, concentrating on work and spending time with my friends when I could. Once again, men didn’t interest me. In 2013 I started to suffer from anxiety. 669 more words

My history. Part Seven - coming home.

Leaving Australia was extremely difficult for me. I’d really built a new life over there and would miss my new friends dearly. I’d been offered the chance of sponsorship by the agency I was working for. 533 more words

My history. Part Four - the breakup.

I went on to spend nine and a half years with G, in what eventually turned out to be a sexless, loveless, frustrating relationship. In the last couple of years at least, we probably had sex twice. 1,216 more words


Why Your Man’s Low Sex Drive Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Your Relationship is Doomed

When clients talk to me about problems in the bedroom, I encourage them to step back and look at all the factors. The first step is to not take issues personally, because despite what you may have heard, a dip in action between the sheets isn’t always a sign of a relationship in crisis. 701 more words