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Happy One Year No Sex Anniversary to me

Hey guys and gals…so much has been going on in my life lately that I completely forgot that July 4th wasn’t just a holiday and a day off from work…it also marked my one year no sex anniversary. 670 more words

The Power of Pizza.

Sex? No thank you i just had something way better – that is what i would say to the most gorgeous women on the planet if they intercepted me and tried to seduce me with their persistence. 186 more words

Life Without Sex...


So I’ve had an interesting thought swimming in my brain the last few days.

A dude cleanse.

And I don’t mean friendships. Or dates even. Strictly sex. 219 more words


The realisation.

The concept of love is a tricky and highly complex matter. Perhaps even more so complex when you’re a hopeless romantic. The complexity of love was presented to me when I finally managed get into relationships or when the people close to me fell in “love”. 641 more words

Date #35 ❌

L, 42, French

L and I matched on the evening of Sunday 5 June 2016. He messaged first. I remarked that he was looking very youthful for 42 and asked if that was his real age. 1,029 more words


Date #34 ❌

C, 35, Italian

Most people should know by now that my primary reason for signing up to Tinder was for sex. By this point in my journey I’d more than sufficiently scratched my horny itch. 563 more words


A relationship WITHOUT sex and sex WITHOUT a relationship

And there you have it, a relationship without sex and sex without a relationship. This is the world we live in today. We live in a world where sex is so easily accessible yet so hard to find. 1,469 more words