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You are what??!

I’m celibate, what is the big deal?

How did you decide to be celibate? Why did you choose to be celibate? Those are some of the common questions asked.

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Agent of Chaos

Hea 4
Character 3
Action 5
Pacing 3
Plot 4

Overall 3 Bubbles

Book Two is an action packed mystery starring Cassandra Liddel FBI Fae. In this book, we find out more about Cass’s college friend Scarlett. 81 more words

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You would think with the title that I was getting laid… I’m not. However I am OFF FROM WORK!!! YES.GOD!!! I know every week I say “This has been the longest week of my life” but THIS WEEK HERE… has been JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL PLEASE!!! 282 more words

Not Hoing but Still Alive

Things have been not-so-good since December. My meds quit working so I grew more and more depressed until I just stopped taking them all together. I fell into that death-grip spiral of Depression and Anxiety: I stopped dating, paying my bills, cleaning my house, showering – stopped anything that wasn’t obsessively reading and writing Klance fanfiction. 1,046 more words

Chaos Rises

Quick Review

Breaking It Down

Chaos Rises is a spin off series of the Veil series.  In DeCosta’s world, there was life before demons were known then a break in the veil between the demon and human realms, demon invasion, veil repaired, and for this series, life after. 138 more words

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Fury of a Phoenix

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Pay attention to the cover.  Dark assassin getting revenge and lots of action.  Shannon Mayer creates a new world of magic/abnormal v normal.   111 more words

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Agent of Enchantment

Quick Take

My Review

4 Bubbles – Great book and start to a new series for C.N. Crawford and Alex Rivers.

FBI Profiler Cassandra Liddell travels to London to profile the “most famous serial killer since Jack the Ripper.”  From that introduction, Crawford and Rivers weave a crime story of the profiler not only discovering a serial killer but her past and Fae powers.   195 more words

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