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7 years 

Without sex. Seems kinda amazing. When I joke i probably forgot how things work, it’s not too far from the truth.

I feel like if everyone knew I have been celibate for that long, they would either ignore me like you do when a coworker is diag w/cancer or “get” my behavior a lot more. 129 more words


Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex! Feels like SEX is everywhere! I just have a little spill that I want to wipe up right fast, I will not hold you too long! 353 more words

Good Thing Sex and Love Aren't Codependent

Every week, my husband comes home from being out of town and I have it in my head that something magical will happen between us. Every week. 505 more words

I Miss Sex!

FAMILY, you have been warned, just by the title of this blog!

I know! Let me explain, before you tear me a new one.

I’ve been debating with myself, about even posting this. 418 more words


Cobwebs down below

Let’s start with the good news. You’ve been married – or in a relationship – for 20 or even 30 years. You love being married. Your wife/partner is your best friend, you have a great, comfortable life and you have zero desire to blow it all up. 1,436 more words


Couples Who Have Less Sex Are Happier

When I mention the word “sex” what exactly comes to mind? In case your brain got suck on kinky fetishes or sweaty intercourse, there’s a bit of a science being developed around sex now. 377 more words



This issue is not even a joke anymore, and I am deeply troubled? I did a writeup about this some months ago but I just have to come back to it….😱😱😱😱 409 more words