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Almost Doesn't Count...

This past weekend I ALMOST got laid………BUT………Almost Doesn’t Count, right??? Well, in this instance, WRONG! 

The End.

…….Or is this The Beginning? 

30 Days Celibate and counting!!!!

Love And Relationships

The first date...

This story takes place February of 2015

I received a ‘like’ on OKC within hours of signing up, and once I promptly responded back with my ‘like’. 811 more words


A Different Take on Sexless Marriage

I always tend to first imagine that a sexless marriage is a dysfunctional marriage. This is mainly because at the end of my first marriage we were both phoning it in and so a lack of sex was just the natural outcome. 51 more words


Celibacy & What Women Need To Know

I recently sat in on a conference call with minister and life coach/mentor Tera Carrisa Hodges and the author of “She Who Waits” Alfreda Jones-Roby. Roby took herself off the dating scene and was celibate for 10 years. 432 more words


Review: Snowmancer (Godsbane Prince #1) by Olivia Helling

TITLE: Snowmancer

SERIES: Godsbane Prince

AUTHOR: Olivia Helling

PUBLISHER: M/M Romance Group

LENGTH: 147 Pages


A partner he could trust. That’s what Prince Heir Ilyas wanted most in the world. 472 more words

Dark M/M Fantasy