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Sign of old age

A white streak of hair (Side locks) and white streak of hair above..

white haired guys.. all ok with us..

sign of old age is where we either think of gracing and embracing old age gracefully… 105 more words

Meet Alicia Jay: The World's Tallest Virgin [VIDEO]

Alicia Jay is the world’s tallest virgin. At 6-foot-6, she has struggled with her self-image, but she’s also made a conscious decision to wait until marriage to have sex. 29 more words

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Confession: I'm Accidentally Celibate (But I Think I Really Like It)

I miss sex, though.

But not, like, miss miss sex. There is precisely one person in my life that I think I’d like to have sex with*, but beyond that, at age 30-something, the idea of sex with someone new is a bit unpleasant. 512 more words


7 years 

Without sex. Seems kinda amazing. When I joke i probably forgot how things work, it’s not too far from the truth.

I feel like if everyone knew I have been celibate for that long, they would either ignore me like you do when a coworker is diag w/cancer or “get” my behavior a lot more. 129 more words


Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex! Feels like SEX is everywhere! I just have a little spill that I want to wipe up right fast, I will not hold you too long! 353 more words

Good Thing Sex and Love Aren't Codependent

Every week, my husband comes home from being out of town and I have it in my head that something magical will happen between us. Every week. 505 more words