Mothers day.

Today was mothers day! For anyone that works or has worked in a restaurant, you will know! WORST DAY OF THE YEAR! The restaurant i work at was fully booked for breakfast (extremely rare!) and we were fully booked up until about 9 this evening…… that a whole lot of roasts! 357 more words

5 Ways Around No Skateboarding, Bicycle Riding, Roller Blading, Scooter Riding signs

I find this sign to be very…  specific.  Why not “Pedestrians only” or “No Manually Operated Vehicles” or something that doesn’t list specific devices?  A sign like this is just begging a kid to challenge it.  410 more words


No Skateboarding While Holding Rollerblades

The Santa Cruz boardwalk has a strict “no skateboarding while holding rollerblades” rule, and it’s really starting to harsh people’s mellow.


No Skateboarding.

A friend of mine from the Basque country, photographer Mathias Fennetaux just released his book, called No Skateboarding. A  1000 limited print, which may well be sold out since the launch at Colette 3 weeks ago.. 198 more words

Visual Art