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Letting go of my soda addiction

I confess, I am addicted to diet coke or in European terms cola light. I didn’t even know how bad it was, until the coke machine broke at work and I walked to another building to get diet coke . 282 more words


keep calm, keto on;

Day two of full on Keto and I’m doing pretty good! We are also 48+ hours into no soda! THIS IS SUCH A HUGE DEAL FOR ME! 81 more words

Little Experiment!

March 1st marked the first day of Lent for those who practice the Catholic faith. We’re supposed to give up something we love for 40 days. 280 more words

March Goals;

So I decided to finally get my shit together this month and I have some goals…

No soda; That’s right. No soda. None. No regular. No diet. 268 more words

Yakin, Pencernaan Anda bersih?

Baru baca beberapa halaman dari buku (The miracle of enzyme) udah dapet banyak ilmu.
Ada kata2 begini : ” selama beberapa dekade berpraktik secara klinis dan memeriksa beratus-ratus ribu orang sebagai seorang ahli endoskopi gastrointestinal, saya mempelajari bahwa jika sistem pencernaan seseorang bersih, tubuh orang tersebut dapat melawan penyakit jenis apapun dengan mudah” (Hiromi Shinya; The miracle of enzyme:32) 329 more words


30 day Soda Challenge!

So this Sunday, marks my official one month of no soda! Honestly It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I don’t do “New years resolutions” But I did decide that I wanted to go one week without soda. 458 more words

I Am Content with Merely Existing, and Other True Stories

Let me tell you a quick summary of what I’ve done today:

  • I got up.
  • I did some stuff on Neopets.
  • I listened to the entirety of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s soundtrack (with┬áboth expansions) while on Twitter and Neopets.
  • 315 more words
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