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angry american takedown

It makes me sick seeing Americans going after each other.  Bill O’reilly has been a proud, upstanding American for many years and you can bet he will offer some stiff pushback to anyone attacking his patriotism or integrity. 165 more words

Bill O'Reilly: The ISIS atrocities continue as a cowardly world does little

 By Bill O’Reilly, Published February 25, 2015, FoxNews.com

Perhaps as many as 90 Christians in Syria have been taken hostage by the ISIS jihadists. We should all pray for those people who may very well be beheaded or burned alive. 410 more words


O'Reilly getting a taste of his own brew

The Bill O’Reilly story isn’t going away any time soon.

It might not ever disappear. Why is that? Well, look at it as payback from other media organizations that have been on the receiving end of O’Reilly’s sanctimony over many years. 317 more words

National News

Will The Real Shooter Please. . .SHUT UP??!!

Like many others, I cringed when news came out that the real shooter of Osama bin Laden had “outed” himself and was appearing on news programs. 1,087 more words

Sick Of Silly

The Real No Spin Zone

Standing before God’s throne: the real no spin zone.

When we stand before God one day, we will be without excuse.  At that point, all that will matter is whether we truly know Jesus as Lord. 33 more words


#BenghaziGate With Bill O'Reilly & The PINHEAD Zone


Tonight, on Bill O’Reilly & The PINHEAD Zone- He says the ‘far right’ will be ‘partisan’ re. Benghazigate..  & the Democrats will try to ‘hide it’..In otherwords, cover it up some more..Is this jackass for real??? 160 more words



Bill O’Reilly shocked the cable news world today by announcing he is leaving Fox News and heading to CNN.

Bill O’Reilly is done with the No Spin Zone.   286 more words