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A time when our world would forget about “life on mars” and focus on other alien life in order to obtain the right to stay alive. 494 more words

English Language Arts

Non-spoiler review for "THE VVITCH" (2015)

The Werd welcomes Aaron Waters to the fray, as he gives us his two-cents on Robert Eggers “The VVitch” (2015).

A Crown grows out his head! 786 more words


X-Men: Apocalypse | Non-Spoiler Review

If there’s anything Director Bryan Singer has done FOR ME in his run with the X-Men, it’s the cycle which begins with watching the trailer then the doubt and uncertainty of whether the new X-Men movie will flop like X-Men 3 and finally watching the movie and having a good time. 679 more words

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Critics everywhere dragged this film and hated it. Well I’m not a critic y’all! But that doesn’t mean I think the movie is perfect. The movie is like me: you thought it would be awesome but actually it’s a mess. 539 more words


Daughter of Smoke and Bone Book Review

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Review

Novel by Laini Taylor

Where do I start with this book? I was up late on 5/2/16 finishing it. I was left in all of my feelings. 491 more words

Young Adult

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve been waiting for this one.

Maggie Stiefvater is one of my favorite authors, and this was the last book in her Raven Cycle series. Reviews of the first three books can be found just about anywhere on the Internet. 538 more words


Moonie Monday!!!

Today’s episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was amazing- no spoilers here, but today largely revealed huge points in the plot and is probably the best episode so far this season. 189 more words

Sailor Moon Crystal