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Tying the Knot vs. No Strings Attached

Often i get judgmental looks from my peers when i drop the word “husband” in conversation. I was a bit taken back at first, because where i grew up in the mid-west, that is what you did. 921 more words


M.U. (Mutual Understanding)

I like you, you like me.
Is this all that
it ought to be?
It’s a mutual thing you say,
especially as we
feel the same way. 82 more words


What are you looking for?


That is the question asked by most, if not every man on Tinder (or real life).

Me: Why must I be looking for anything in particular?

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Hook Up

Worship Today: The God I Know

If it is was all about religion, what to do, what to say, what to wear on a Sunday, all about perfection, black and white, wrong or right, never great: well, we’d never make it. 52 more words

My Life With God

You Won't Find Natalie Portman Nude Here

Trying to find Natalie Portman nude, huh? Then what the hell are you doing here? She’s not nude anywhere on this website, as the title above should’ve made clear. 508 more words

Not Nude

Heart of a Slut

Smile of a virgin, heart of a slut.

After several nights of crying, she decided all strings in her heart must be cut.

Gone are the days she strives to find ‘the one’. 9 more words