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The Lady of the Tower: Part XIV

 Thunder came from above and a streak of lighting reached across the sky. The strange girl suddenly stood in front of Dumbee. It was as if he blinked, and in that time she appeared out of the air. 123 more words



We are always talking.

We talk with words.
We talk with our hands.
We talk with our eyes.

We share opinions.
We share feelings.
We share ideologies. 38 more words


Shshsh, no talking.

I’ve just learned that American astronauts train in Russia and might even talk to Russians who they plan to live with in outer space where “mum’s the word”. 40 more words


[ASMR] Coffee Packs Crinkles - "Dull & Soft" - NO TALKING


Date of video: Nov 21, 2017

Length: 15:06

Link to the video in question

In their “about” section on YouTube, ASMRdenmay describes the channel as creating videos with “no talking, first-person perspective, only sounds and triggers.” And that’s a pretty good summary. 273 more words

ASMR Review

The No Talking Club

Wouldn’t it be great to be a member of a club where you were under no pressure to talk to anyone. Well I’m going to  take that a step further by proposing a club where the number one rule is that there is no talking allowed – period. 150 more words


The Finnish way of social avoiding

The talking habits of Finns may seem odd. What we think as normal behaviour, other nationalities might see as social avoiding. This built-in lack of talk can happen, and is accepted, in all forms of encounters. 251 more words


Meditation --Me, Not talk?

As you know, I’m trying to broaden myself — And not in the hip or the waist region. Try new things, meet new people.  This blog is about me taking an in-depth Mindfulness Stress Reduction Course– 8 weeks of intensive training.   516 more words