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Things NOT to do at the Cinema!

Today we thought that we would explore ‘Cinema Etiquette’!¬†Going to the cinema is an exciting and special event! People take this practice very seriously! 493 more words

Keep It Real, Try Not To Lie To Yourself And Others

Normally when someone ask are we ok, our first thing to do is say yes. I say yes because it’s an automatic response. It’s become so habitual. 742 more words


10 Days Without Talking...

… sounds a bit crazy I guess? Maybe that’s the case for some people but I’m super excited to share the experience with you soon, which I will have during a… 325 more words


Let's go to the cinema

I saw the advert for this film about pets behaving badly in the cinema here recently, and immediately upon returning home, emailed The Mom saying that it would be ideal for us to watch this summer. 884 more words


How to Make Matcha Pudding - Unintentional ASMR (No talking, No music)

And another one from Peaceful Cuisine (I can’t get enough of these videos). This is another instructional video for a dessert recipe with lots of water, mixing, tapping, squeezing, and plastic bag noises – no talking and no music. 8 more words


No Talking

My brother actually got this book as a return gift from one of his friends’ birthday party he went to, and I had nothing to read, so I decided to read this. 209 more words

January 2016 Lurker of the Month

 Terry L. (aka Mr. Shh!) is our January Lurker. Terry had what it took to be the lurker of the month. With 176.6 hours of lurking skills. 61 more words