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Picking Up Girls Without Talking!

Yes, it really is possible.  If you have a Lamborghini. It’s the perfect chick magnet.  Don’t believe it?  Watch the video…


You Learn Something Every Day If You Pay Attention

As Marking Period 2 came to a close, I had all of my students engage in reflecting on their learning.  One of the concepts I express from the start of class is that you learn something everyday if you pay attention.  281 more words

Agricultural Education

Wrap-up of second 3 day water fast

Just finished another 3 day fast. It was tough-tough not to eat on day two, and add another ‘tough’ or 3 to not eat on day 3. 292 more words

Water Fast

Quiet Down In Front: 10 Rules for Watching Movies With Me

I take my movie watching seriously and over the years I have collected that certain things can ruin my movie watching experience and will cause me to lose my sh*t. 888 more words


The Best Thing I Read This Week Is ...

… from a Paris Review interview with Nobel Prize winning author Herta Müller:

Silence is also a form of speaking. They’re exactly alike. It’s a basic component of language.

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Daily Satisfaction - Anzo releases slick electro track No Talking

I love myself a bit of jumpy electro and Anzo has definitely satisfied my craving for it today with No Talking. Thought I’d help others with the same affliction. Enjoy!


Daily Satisfaction

Silent September

sunlight creeping in, shadow bugs on the wall
things on order, waiting for landfall, drop
sink low, rip it off, mix up the world, say… 186 more words