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ASMR 1 HOUR of TAPPING (No Talking) - Holly ASMR

A one hour long tapping ASMR session with no talking. Incredibly relaxing long binaural ASMR video by Holly ASMR.


ASMR Hair Spa - WhispersRed ASMR

A “no talking” ASMR video with just hair spa sounds.


Silence Is Rusty #5

“Being a person is hard.”

The day after I told my daughter, Jackie, about my gender dysphoria, this was her primary reaction. For the dozens of people I told face-to-face, and then the hundreds who provided feedback when I went public online, Jackie’s reaction easily was the one that most stuck with me. 1,126 more words

10 Days of Silence - Vipassana: My Experience

(German version below)

Wow! I can’t describe how happy I’m about this wonderful experience. Some people probably wouldn’t understand that at first since it totally is hard work – but it’s absolutely worth it! 1,295 more words