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Cooking With Vegetables From Root to Stem

Ever hear about something that is a new trend and all the rage and think, “I’ve always done that?” One of the food trends for this year is for chefs to put the focus on vegetables. 154 more words


Umbrella act at Devonport Live, April 18th

This weekend we had a lot of fun playing with umbrellas at Devonport Live in Plymouth! It was organised in collaboration the Transition Plymouth Education Group. 539 more words

"Composting for Dummies" (like me): COMING SOON!

Just attended Glendale’s FREE composting workshop and picked up my gigantic FREE composting bin (for later in life use).

I’ve been open air patio composting for years now, and it has been years since I’ve purchased soil for my patio garden! 27 more words

Artful Living

Pizza sticks with leftover bread crusts

Most of us have bread in our day to day life. And most of us throw away the sides of the breads. Immense wastage! I was looking for some recipe to utilise the sides. 171 more words


Getting Every last drop out of a product

Don’t you hate when you have a squeeze bottle and its coming up on the end of its life, but you know that there is still more inside. 483 more words


Gardening Season Has Begun: Some tips and tricks

Winter is not coming. Winter is over. Now it is time to shape up the garden.

Protect: I inspected for caterpillars, weeded and found a slug! 469 more words


Make it for later: pesto and beans beans beans

This is some good stuff, and cheap. I’m eating it as I type these words with some pasta and parm. I highly recommend, especially if you don’t have basil around. 230 more words

No Waste