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Getting Every last drop out of a product

Don’t you hate when you have a squeeze bottle and its coming up on the end of its life, but you know that there is still more inside. 483 more words


Gardening Season Has Begun: Some tips and tricks

Winter is not coming. Winter is over. Now it is time to shape up the garden.

Protect: I inspected for caterpillars, weeded and found a slug! 469 more words


Make it for later: pesto and beans beans beans

This is some good stuff, and cheap. I’m eating it as I type these words with some pasta and parm. I highly recommend, especially if you don’t have basil around. 230 more words

No Waste

Zero-waste produce and candied orange

I’m finding that eating fresh produce is much easier now that I’ve eliminated packaged and prepared foods entirely. One of the biggest challenges I’m still grappling with is reducing food waste. 335 more words

No Waste


This isn’t so much a recipe as a suggestion that you try making your own scones. I use this recipe and it turns out GREAT every single time. 529 more words

No Waste

No waste! Part two

First, I’m going to talk about landfills. (There’s already a LOT of really great information out there about all this stuff, so please click on my numerous hyperlinks!)  Here is Waste Management’s… 856 more words

No Waste

My compost bucket: part two

I’ll be honest, I haven’t checked on my compost bin in a week. I keep it on my porch in the cold. To save myself from having to go out there every time I cut up some parsley, I keep a little tupperware box in the freezer to store greens and then dump it all out with a good handful of paper shreds when it fills up. 242 more words

No Waste