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The Spatula! Hot, Sexy, and ohh sooo Useful!!!😆

And now for something completely different in my fit2borganized blog……..

It has come to my attention that there is a very underused utensil in everyone’s kitchen that needs to get some attention…… 286 more words

Quick Tips

Fail turns around

I had a day of experimentation this week, after trawling the internet for ways to reduce the sugar in cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods, I decided to see what happens when you don’t put sugar in. 357 more words

#ClearOutAndEat - An Update & A Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I re-started my ClearOutAndEat project. If you didn’t spot that post you can read it here and find out what my project is all about. 600 more words


Food tips: Save money & reduce waste

My lil food tips of the day.

I do a lot of cooking and prefer to make as much as possible from scratch. This tip is a few ways I try not to waste anything, save money and eat healthier. 177 more words


The Best Chickens Ever

I think it might be official …. Ixworths are the best chicken ever for sustainable small scale food production. Firstly they are not hybrids so I think they are more robust. 209 more words


Wine Cherries!

Eugenia Bone is a genius. Her book, “The Kitchen Ecosystem” has inspired me to look at food differently, particularly when it comes to waste. But that’s another issue. 396 more words


A small step..

There are a lot of people who don’t have enough to eat, and there are enough restaurants who (have to) throw away food. There’s a solution, you would say. 239 more words