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I challenge you, Tommy Walsh! Pt1

The other half works in a school so is currently enjoying a full 6 weeks off. Now I’m no slave driver but the thought of him sat around for 6 weeks whole weeks in his pants, watching Sky Sports, creating a permanent dint in my sofa made me want to stove his face in..so I may of subtly hinted at starting the garden as it would be nice to have a BBQ before it starts getting dark again at 4pm and we go into full on Netflix hibernation. 395 more words

Used coffee grounds sources in Southend to aid soil fertility

Hello stewards of the fertile soil!

Last few weeks I got wind of source of coffee grounds, use for your own plot, compost heap or gather for community plot to have big yields and reduce wast. 107 more words


What to do with watermelon (or, on reducing food waste)

My passion for my CSA is legendary. I will preach from the rafters about the merits of supporting local farms and farmers, teaching my kids where their food comes from, and getting to try a variety of veggies I’d ordinarily stroll by in the aisles of the grocery store. 478 more words


The Spatula! Hot, Sexy, and ohh sooo Useful!!!😆

And now for something completely different in my fit2borganized blog……..

It has come to my attention that there is a very underused utensil in everyone’s kitchen that needs to get some attention…… 286 more words

Quick Tips

Fail turns around

I had a day of experimentation this week, after trawling the internet for ways to reduce the sugar in cupcakes, cakes and other baked goods, I decided to see what happens when you don’t put sugar in. 357 more words

#ClearOutAndEat - An Update & A Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I re-started my ClearOutAndEat project. If you didn’t spot that post you can read it here and find out what my project is all about. 600 more words


Food tips: Save money & reduce waste

My lil food tips of the day.

I do a lot of cooking and prefer to make as much as possible from scratch. This tip is a few ways I try not to waste anything, save money and eat healthier. 177 more words