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Smoked Duck

I am exhausted. We have been working at least 12-hour days this long weekend between the campsite, processing ducks, sorting out sheep, doing the glamping tent, the polytunnel and sorting out the vegetable garden. 236 more words


Quick japanese shrimp soup

Yesterday we were preparing some nice shrimps for the barbecue and we thought it would be a waste to throw away such nice shrimp heads. And here we go, improvised quick recipe! 131 more words


Waste Not

After having a conversation with an old friend about the healthful benefits of juicing, my guilt about my packed-away juicer was tweaked just enough that I hauled it back out…..what good is it if you are not using it? 523 more words

Save Money, Save Time, Save Your Produce

Have fruits or veggies that are at the use-or-lose point? Ready to head out of town but your fridge is stocked with fresh produce? Don’t have time to whip up a produce-heavy recipe to use it all up? 168 more words

Living Dairy-free

Roast Duck and Plum Sauce -3 Ways

I don’t have much experience with cooking duck so thought I would start off by trying roasting. I used this recipe from Thomasina Miers for Chinese-style roast duck with plum sauce for the initial meal. 428 more words


Tracking My Trash: Week 1

Here it is: one week of my trash!

I’m feeling good about my progress so far. The jar is only about a quarter full and I thought I would throw out a lot more non-recyclable stuff in a week. 427 more words

Low Waste

Traveling Low Waste: Visiting Family

If you read my last post you know that I’m visiting my family in Maryland for a few weeks. Whereas I feel that I have  good grasp on traveling here low waste, staying here is a bit harder. 679 more words

Low Waste