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No buy week - day 4 dinner!

I wanted to use the tofu I had in the fridge for today’s dinner, and ended up making tofu and chickpea curry! Super easy but very tasty. 122 more words


No-buy week day 1 - dinners! Working with what we have. 

In an effort to cut down on waste and save a bit of money (also a little bit inspired by my current TV obsession Eat Well For Less) we have decided to try and get through this weeks dinners without a trip to the shops! 306 more words


#36alive 155: Make It Easier To Recycle At Home

Yesterday we told what main household things can be recycled, today we bring you some tips on how to make it easy. After all, if people have to go back and forth out to the garden where the main recycle bin is all the time then it is going to put people off. 239 more words

#36alive 154: What To Recycle At Home

So it turns out the President of the U.S.A doesn’t believe in science and is not concerned with climate change, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. 289 more words


If anyone who knows me knows just one thing about me, it’s that I LOVE. LISTS. I can’t function without making a list. Even in moments where lists are entirely unnecessary… 70 more words


How it All Started...

I woke up one day and I hated everything about my life. I hated the way I felt inside my skin, I hated my job, I hated the people around me. 350 more words


Minimising Waste

It’s a massive issue. Imagine – collectively we end up sending 20% of our weekly groceries straight to landfill. Imagine all that embodied energy. Carrots can take up to 2 weeks to germinate from seed. 316 more words