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It's not about 'where?'

With the nights drawing in, we are spending at least some time indoors before bed each evening and that has been a good excuse to dig out my patchwork blanket and work some more squares. 696 more words



The other day, I made a terrible discovery. Some fabric I’d bought for a large-scale project wasn’t actually 100% cotton; it was some kind of blend of cotton and polyester.   225 more words


Roasted Acorn Squash Seeds with Cajun Seasoning

This is a great way to use as much of an acorn squash as possible.  This recipe has great heat to go along with the superior flavor.  137 more words


Moving toward a low-waste lifestyle

Living a no-waste lifestyle is an unreasonable expectation for where I’m at in my life. Every bit of food I buy at school comes with waste. 492 more words

Upcycling scraps: toddler floor cushion

This is a super quick and easy idea for what to do with sewing scraps. If you’re like me you collect them to use as stuffing, but I got a little in over my head with about 2 plastic bags worth. 193 more words


Brand loyalty

One way to simplify and prevent the accumulation of clutter (especially when it comes to toiletries) is brand loyalty.

I realize that sometimes it can take a while to find a product that you love, that truly works for you, and that also fits within your budget. 361 more words


3 simple ways to reduce waste

Here are a three simple waste-reducing tips I have recently incorporated into my own life:

  1. Bring your own reusable containers to restaurants instead of using their styrofoam takeout containers.  
  2. 230 more words