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No Words

Grief is both a constant companion and a solemn stranger – a stranger who rolls around on certain dates, ready to suck the air from your gut. 192 more words

Blog Post

Something real...

Believe it or not a real man will want a real connection with you, your heart, your soul. It will feel like a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection all at once. 1,442 more words

coming undone

Lent 2013

I am reluctant to write now. Surely those of you who read what I write have noticed how I love strong words? Extreme words? 787 more words

Missionary Kid Life

Humble, shy, or outright naive?

My mouth runs a mile a minute. Talking is what I do, it’s what I know. Public speaking is enjoyable for me and I never have a problem doing it. 367 more words

No words

In my short experience as a blogger, I’ve noticed that my most liked posts were the ones dealing with happy, positive messages. I can understand why. 316 more words

Saturday ...

It’s been a brutally  cold Saturday  so my husband  and I where fine to stay home today and keep warm . We decided since we where home and the kids where off doing their things we would watch a movie  so we thought humor drama sad romance hmm…well we decided on humor would be nice to laugh. 185 more words

The "I don't know what to say" Syndrome 

Not exactly a real syndrome but it’s what I and many other people have around the world. So here are a few approaches towards overthrowing this condition. 942 more words

Life Struggle