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What if no-one ever understands him?

I am a parent. So by nature of the job description I worry for the future of my children. I worry about wars and disasters and car crashes and bullying and wether or not my children will be messed up by my parenting. 576 more words

This Love Was Beautiful

I want to cry without tears
That ripping sound of my throbbing chest
is enough to quench
the thirst of my lonesome heart

I want none of your words now… 56 more words



spooning is our talk
bodies curled apostrophes
with no words between

by miridunn



I sat on my couch to journal, and I really couldn’t get anything out besides my busy weekend. After sitting with a blank page for a little, I decided to just stop and listen to music and write down some lyrics… I find myself just sitting and listening often. 22 more words