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Impassive Passing

He didn’t even
care enough to write a note
He left without words


I have no words.

My brain is exploding but I don’t know what to say.

The sun has come out but I don’t know that it’s day.

Time goes on and so does life but why do I feel so empty inside? 138 more words


Writer's Block

Sometimes, sitting down to write, a writer can’t find any words.

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t thousands of frustrating, funny, and thoughtful moments upon which a writer may reflect during the course of a single day. 169 more words

Under 500 Words

No words, but four characters


Literally: say – language – road – sever

Alternately: Outrageous; scandalous; inexcusable; absurd; unreasonable; terrible; something so far beyond the pale that you don’t even have words to describe how crazy it is. 112 more words


No Words

Grief is both a constant companion and a solemn stranger – a stranger who rolls around on certain dates, ready to suck the air from your gut. 192 more words

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