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Pablo Larraín-text för Stockholm Film Festivals festivalkatalog.

Pablo Larraín is the 2017 recipient of the Stockholm Visionary Award. His latest film »Neruda« is a visually stunning and intelligently narrated biopic of the politically active poet Pablo Neruda during his exile in Argentina in 1948. 1,108 more words

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Fredrik Söderlund, a freelancer from Malmö, shares with us his article about Pablo Larraín's work and background - written for this year's Stockholm Film Festival. Thank you!

Enjoy that steak you eat tonight, it ....

Rogue planet could bring end of days this weekend, numerologists say

Sooooo; you busted your ass all your life, worked like a dog, saved a few dollars, looking forward to retirement, wanna spend some time with the grand-kids, looking forward to buying that boat you always wanted?? 574 more words


Say Yes to No! Wait... What?

Being 20 is all about finding yourself and to find yourself you have to start saying no! We know what makes us happy we’ve been alive long enough to figure out that we prefer chocolate to banana milkshakes any day of the week. 660 more words

Being 20


Under the façade of sarcasm and insults
Hides an insecure girl who is trying to hide her most recent wounds.
They are fresh, gaping, bleeding. 291 more words

Writing /blogging.

Justice League


This paint-by-numbers blockbuster includes some redeeming qualities (okay, mostly just Gal Gadot), but I cannot recommend it because it’s just so damn… disposable. 9 more words