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Telling Humans "No"

Sometimes you need to be firm with your Humans. For example, your Human Mommy may tell you that she wants to roll onto her side for her afternoon nap. 52 more words

Round and Round the Malaysia go wheel.

Dear Joan,

I hate the question – So, are you enjoying Malaysia? Hate it. I am forced to say yes or my new stock standard answer – I like the chances it gives me for travel. 729 more words


NOT fertile Myrtle 

If you know about endometriosis you know that a side effect is trouble conceiving.

I, however, don’t see this as a bad thing. Personally I don’t want children, I never have. 117 more words


I Will!

I like to play softball and still enjoy playing although I have reached the phase “retirement”. Only because my body doesn’t recover as quickly as it used to, what use to last 24 hours not aches for days! 1,173 more words




This movie is fine and worth a watch on HBO sometime, but there are just so many better examples of the genre that you shouldn’t feel the need to rush out and go see it. 12 more words