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Definitely Don't Watch: Kuzu no Honkai

A steamy anti-romance featuring a love quadrangle, a bunch of mixed emotions, and depressing non-characters destroying themselves over childish infatuations, a garunteed fun time for all the family!


Initial Reaction: Kuzu no Honkai 1

I’d ask “what’s this hot garbage” if A: I hadn’t said it last week, or B: the word “hot” didn’t imply my viewership had a sexual nature. 270 more words


Definitely Don't Watch: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Boozing weeb girl hires a horny dragon maid instead of chiropractor; both parties disappointed.


Initial Reaction: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon 1

Do you remember Dragon Crisis? Me neither. But this is worse, I can tell you that. Instead of a slightly tasteless and interspecies romance we have a horny (heh) maid dragon trying to shag a weeb girl. 28 more words


beauty no other

why emulate another character

when the Original that is you

is already meant for  greatness?

why display a behavior to fit into a design

when the  crayons of life… 44 more words


ain't no sooner

in the  depth

and its own asking

and telling

and held as a wing

and solo on the banner

and its own theme

and capture… 47 more words


No, Selena Gomez Did Not Just Tease Brand New Music: Why Her Fans Are Freaking Out

Selena Gomez really needs to stop playing with our hearts.
The 24-year-old pop singer almost just made this Sunday night that much sweeter by teasing a snippet of what sounds like brand… 10 more words