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Tell Sen. Wyden NO!!



This especiallygoes for those in America reading this..
*Drop a line or send an email! Let Sen. Wyden and others know that you are against the TPP!

State Of The World


Get comfortable saying “no”.  You’ll thank me later.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Get comfortable hearing “no”.  The world will thank you later.


March 5, 2015

Matalino naman ako pero hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi ko mainitindahan ang mga salitang ayoko na sayo, maghiwalay na tayo, hindi na ako uuwi, hindi tayo para sa isa’t-isa, hindi ako naniniwala sayo. 48 more words

Life With Bing

Что пишут! (Лыжнику на заметку). "Город, где жить хорошо".


Жить, пишут, хорошо в:

1. Wien, Østerrike
2. Zurich, Sveits
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Munchen, Tyskland
5. Vancouver, Kanada
6. Dusseldorf, Tyskland
7. Frankfurt, Tyskland… 8 more words

This video perfectly shows that love is love, no matter what (video)

The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues. 11 more words


Reality hits hard

Tomorrow is my first 12th Std Board exam and my parents are fretting.

Me? Nah. I’m just eating idlis with coconut chutney and podi. Chill, buddy. 19 more words