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Three book reviews everyone needs to read today! Now!

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

The first is Noah Millman’s superb summary and short analysis of Thomas Piketty’s Captial, the current bible of the lefty stateniks and redistributionistas. 900 more words


Nevil Shute's multiple vote: Would it do any good?

Last month Noah Millman linked to Damian Linker’s overblown argument that the modern Republican Party is actively plotting to disenfranchise the poor. To Linker, a liberal, it goes without saying that this supposed plot, if successful, would have monstrous results. 2,520 more words


Zombies and Indians | The American Conservative

I don’t watch much TV (and that might be an understatement), but it’s hard not to be aware of the current zombie-mania afflicting those who do. 304 more words

Science Fiction

Millman on the "Bad Book" Theory

It’s a fairly popular way of theorizing against Islam, namely that to be a good Muslim one must also embrace violence. But, loathe as I am to admit, it may be that NRA logic is onto something. 155 more words

American Conservative

On Minimum Wage

Noah Millman points to some basics about the role of the minimum wage as part of a conservative approach to a more just society.

In principle, any kind of “one-nation” conservatism has to care about inequality as such, and particularly about the weakness of labor’s bargaining power in most of contemporary America.

189 more words

Why I am Not a Conservative

I have great respect for any number of writers who self-identify as conservative. I am sympathetic to conservative arguments in favor of small government, individual liberty, private property, and the centrality of the family. 1,249 more words