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Betraying personal responsibility - The excuse for bacon

“It’s not the fault of the police. In fact, I support the police. I back the blue. They don’t make the laws; they just enforce them. 2,101 more words

Noahide Commandments

Whose life matters?

“Black Lives Matter!”

That’s the shout! That’s the affirmation. It’s been going around the West for a time now. It’s an ambiguous phrase because it can either represent a specific “decentralised” organisation with set goals or a general idea about people who possess the darker skin tone. 3,892 more words

Noahide Commandments

But the Bible says we must listen to the Jews

Does it? Does the Jewish Bible teach that Gentiles are under any Jewish authority? That their rabbis can make authoritative laws or judgments upon Gentiles not under Torah-keeping Israel’s political rulership? 967 more words

Noahide Commandments

Is nationalism idol-worship?

Examples of these idolatrous ideologies are the non-Jewish concept of nationalism …

(page 416, Secular by Design, by Alan Cecil)

“Rav S. R. Hirsch was vehemently opposed to a hollow, empty, secular nationalism based on race and shared historical accident…to the Jewish world-view, this `nationalism’ is none other than the worst example of idol worship.” Rav Yaakov Yechiel Weinberg, “The Torah of Life, as Understood by Rav.

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Noahide Commandments

Interview with a 7-Laws-Cognizant Gentile: HRV

Today, I thought I would do an interview with a Croat (a person from Croatia) who embraces the seven laws and share his views with the few who read my blog. 686 more words

Noahide Commandments

Coddling injustice in one's bosom

… the commandment of Justice is a commandment to stand up and take action, and nevertheless he counts it among the seven commandments … This commandment contains a requirement to stand up and take action, i.e., the obligation to establish courts and carry out justice, and it also contains a requirement to sit and refrain from action, i.e., the prohibition against doing injustice.

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Noahide Commandments

Adding the state

I thought to myself that, since deleting most of my social media accounts, I hadn’t really looked at anything from those who call themselves noahides or their teachers. 1,069 more words

Noahide Commandments