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Nobel Prize Series- Ideas changing the World

Brought to you by the Nobel Foundation and Museum and, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, visitors shall enjoy the exhibits of the history and the different ideas of laureates which have brought their works together. 168 more words


this day in the yesteryear: Wilhelm Röntgen Discovers X-Rays (1895)

Wilhelm Röntgen Discovers X-Rays (1895)

In 1895, Röntgen, a German physicist, discovered rays that did not exhibit properties such as reflection or refraction. Because of their mysterious nature, he called them X-rays. 59 more words

today's birthday: Alfred Nobel (1833)

Alfred Nobel (1833)

Nobel was a Swedish chemist and engineer who invented dynamite, the smokeless powder Ballistite, and an explosive gelatin more powerful than dynamite. 105 more words

Nobel - 'The Merchant of Death'

Nobel i.e. Alfred Nobel – the Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer. He was also the inventor of dynamite. Nobel owned Bofors, a major manufacturer of cannon and other war armaments. 161 more words

07. Comercio

New home of the Nobel Prize taking shape in Stockholm

Three designs have been shortlisted for the building that will become the Nobel Center – the new home of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm.

Lars Heikensten, Chair of the competition jury and Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation said: “The competition entries really showed great breadth. 348 more words


Is Economics a Science? by Robert J. Shiller - Project Syndicate

Is Economics a Science? by Robert J. Shiller – Project Syndicate. (source)

NEW HAVEN – I am one of the winners of this year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, which makes me acutely aware of criticism of the prize by those who claim that economics – unlike chemistry, physics, or medicine, for which Nobel Prizes are also awarded – is not a science. 906 more words