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Finland: Happy Independence Day

Last month, on November 18, 2019, I joined a Finnish company called Wirepas, as the Director of Business Development. Wirepas is a software company focused on the Internet of Thing (IoT) technology used in so many industries, but most interestingly in logistics and lighting. 1,571 more words


Values that unite

A few weeks ago, the House of Commons was presented with the latest Queen’s Speech in which the government, despite the expectation of a General Election, set out its priorities for the coming period of Parliament. 871 more words

The Passin' of Jimmy Carter

Toward the end of Harper Lee’s classic novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ when the rape trial of Tom Robinson has concluded and Atticus Finch is walking toward the exit, Reverend Sykes instructs Scout, Atticus’ daughter, to rise. 374 more words


PragerU: Who Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

PragerU =- Nov 11, 2019 – 5:17
They’ve saved the free world more than once. And they’re on the job preserving the peace right now. When it comes to making the world a more secure place for good and decent people everywhere, this one group deserves the bulk of the credit. 20 more words

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Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu was an important figure throughout South Africa during the anti-aparthied movement to help promote human rights and justice. He is one of the most well known leaders who was able to fight for the human rights of black people all around South Africa. 1,019 more words


Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat

As the initiator of both war and peace, Muhammad Anwar el-Sadat is a controversial historical figure. What with instigating a coup with Germany against British forces in World War II, leading the Yom Kippur War against Israel, and supposedly betraying the Muslim Brotherhood by forming a peace treaty with Israel, Anwar Sadat may be known as a complicated hero to some, but as an unforgivable traitor to others. 1,350 more words


Einstein Receives the Nobel Peace Prize

When Einstein was to receive the Nobel Prize for Physics,

they made a mistake and inadvertently presented him with

the Nobel Peace Prize.

He punched the presenter in the nose. 8 more words