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The Promise of Rights and the Demise of Law: Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Under Attack

Written by Leïla Choukroune.

They have broken his life and confiscated his death. But what was his crime? Democracy was the offence. In a country where freedom and human rights are kept at bay to the benefit of the stability of an oppressive regime resting upon the fiction of social harmony, the struggle for democracy is punishable by death. 890 more words


Starting Point

For interested learners, this is a good article from Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft on “How to becomea GOOD theoritical Physicist“.

It provides a list of subjects and topics that you need to learn in a chronological order, with relevant links to resources.

Gerard 't Hooft

Ivan Pavlov and American Democracy

The question that should come to mind with this title is what does Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist, have to do with American democracy? You should remember Pavlov from his drooling dogs. 443 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Liu Xiaobo and Normalised Norway

Written by Jichang Lulu.

Norway’s ‘normalised’ relations with China, under which it has promised it “will not support actions that undermine” “China’s core interests and major concerns,” have been tested after the Chinese government revealed Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波 was terminally ill. 1,652 more words


What We Can Learn From Nobel Laureates

This weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting the wonderful city of Stockholm. With summer days underway, the gardens dotted around the city are beautiful and in full bloom, the buildings standing with their various paint and brickwork next to the canals and rivers. 708 more words

Good Causes

Quo Vadis?

Welcome back! To kick off our Nobel journey, I’m bringing you a pretty hefty historical novel – ‘Quo Vadis?’, by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

First published in 1895, it comes from a Polish writer whose spotless Catholicism is perhaps best indicated by the fact that, at his funeral in 1916, Pope Benedict XVI made a personal address! 394 more words


A Holiday by the Oxford Canal

I am currently sneaking my way back to blighty to surprise the squeeze.  I think I have got away with it so far but that first flight was 10 hours.   263 more words

Goose Freckles