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Jimmy Carter says Trump could snag the Nobel Prize ... if he secures NK peace deal

Former President Jimmy Carter says President Donald Trump has a shot at winning the Nobel Peace Prize if he’s able to work out a significant peace deal on the Korean Peninsula. 336 more words


Perjuangan Dan Kasih Sayang Yang Ditulis Ernest

“Setelah membaca buku ini, pembaca akan kagum pada Santiago dengan perjuangannya. Kepada si bocah dengan kasih sayang dan perhatiannya.”

The Old Man And The Sea mengisahkan seorang pelaut yang bernama Santiago berjuang dalam mendapatkan ikan yang sudah terjerat kailnya. 853 more words


Episode 1: AD 2025


AD 2025: the podcast where we take a look at whacky technologies around today and ask how they might have transformed society in a few years time. 54 more words


Slipping into Sweden, 5/1,2/18

May Day, 2018, found me flying American and British Air’s eighteen actual air hours after an overnight in Honolulu, arriving in rainy Stockholm. My shirttail cousin Kalli (my uncle by marriage was her grandfather’s brother) was already in pajamas in our white/beige room with a veranda. 627 more words


Japan: a model of capitalism that manages to balance income growth and income distribution

Jesper Koll, one of the top Japan strategists and economists, observes that Japan’s economy is performing well and deserves more attention as a model of capitalism that manages to balance income growth and income distribution. 561 more words


Would you Rather....

Would you rather win a Nobel Prize or be a rockstar?  I came across this question the other day and it got me thinking.

I would rather win a Nobel Prize.   122 more words