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Prodigies and Mature Talent

Lynn Goldsmith, “The Timing of Talent: The Facilitation of Early Prodigious Achievement,” in Michael Howe, Encouraging the Development of Exceptional Skills and Talents, British Psychological Society, 1990, 25-6… 438 more words

Malala Yousafzai the 17 year Hero and Youngest Nobel Prize Winner

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Malala Yousafzai, you might have heard this name many times by now and would like to know more about the youngest Noble Prize winner and Women Activist which are unusual to achieve  for a 17 year old girl, a Pakistani Girl i… 8 more words

Yet Another Inconvenient Truth

–Malvika Srivastava

Hello! On the occasion of ‘National Science Day’, I have embarked upon the arduous task of enlisting the names of the Indian Nobel laureates in science. 840 more words

The Perspective

There are no stupid questions. Just ask a Nobel Prize winner.

First-year student Rohan Rajiv is blogging once a week about important lessons he is learning at Kellogg. Read more of his posts here.

In our first Microeconomics class this quarter, our professor spoke of her experiences presenting research to audiences that included Nobel Prize winners. 299 more words

Student Life

Salinas's Favorite Son Steinbeck Born on This Date

Nobel Prize award-winning American author John Steinbeck born this day in 1902. Learn more about Steinbeck and his work by visiting the National Steinbeck Center’s site at:


Famous Artist Quote #0236

“I like to quote myself frequently and often, it makes me sound much more intelligent than I actually am.”

George Bernard Shaw


Santiago Ramon y Cajal Quote.

Oakley, B. A. (2014). A mind for numbers: How to excel at math and science (even if you flunked algebra).