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The Way You Deal With It

While reading through Aristotle’s Ethics, I happened upon a statement that really stood out to me, and I thought I would share it and its meaning. 219 more words


another way

A sweet melody lathed upon the wind
How thy truest of virtues are often withheld
My heart goes to sunder within your state
The ease of surrenderance to your gaze… 27 more words

The Queen...

This is a promotional recording for the book Top Secret (of the Damia Willis, FBI series) to be released next year. This is Sheba Michel (a character) answering the question about the newly crowned Queen Damia Lovell. 10 more words

Dana On Love

And in my opinion this …

And in my opinion this Gentleman, whose gentry consisteth barely, upon the King’s grant, may be called (as Pegius* hath taught me) a Gentleman, of paper and wax. 23 more words