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Above Your Fellow Man vs. Above Your Former Self

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway.


One of the most powerful quotes I have read.

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Breath Day - Chosen

Out of all the people on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen YOU to be His treasured possession.  Deut 14:2

What’s your biggest fear in life?  

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Breath Day

Chock Full of Genre Veterans, Sci-Fi/Comedy, Nobility, Launches on Amazon

Tucked away in a corner of Amazon rests a little sci-fi/comedy series by the name of Nobility.  Many who might be browsing new shows to try out might simply gloss over this one, writing it off as simply another online space show or being turned off by the lower production value.   510 more words

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Pride and Prejudice

Humility is inherently noble, but nobility is not inherently humble. In fact they are polar opposites.



“True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else.

It’s about being better than YOU used to be.”

                                                                                                                – Wayne Dyer