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Book Review: The Glittering Court

For a select group of girls, the Glittering Court offers a shot at a life they’ve only ever dreamed of, one of luxury, glamour, and leisure. 625 more words


Causes of the French Revolution

Revolution, like many social changes, often is a contagion. Had the Americans not revolted against the British, the French would not have revolted. Had the French not revolted, Haiti may not have and the independences movement continues to move across the world in waves. 53 more words



Created in 1377, the title Duke derives from the Latin word Dux, meaning Leader, and is the highest form of non-royal nobility (although members of the Royal Family sometimes carry the title). 276 more words


An Unexpected Consequence Of The Crusades

On the subject of the results of the Crusades, much has been written.  The effects were profound and stimulating, practically too numerous to be mentioned here.   619 more words


A To Z Challenge – P

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. This thing starts with


Pizza, in one form or another has been around for centuries – Hell, millennia. 785 more words


Recommending: Orson Welles' Paul Masson Wine Commercials

Have you, in your youth, ever seen teacher outside of school grounds? Like at the mall or buying groceries at the local overpriced and obnoxiously pretentious Whole Foods? 593 more words

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REVIEW: The Handmaiden (2016)

2016, CJ Entertainment/Mono Film/Yong Film

Park Chan-Wook
Syd Lim
Park Chan-Wook
Sarah Waters (original novel “Fingersmith”)
Chung Seo-Kyung (screenplay)
Park Chan-Wook (screenplay) 815 more words

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