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Sometimes its very healthy to view a picture in a positive light. To open your thoughts and broaden your mind to images. They create desires in all walks of life within us, they separate, unite, anger and express love. 26 more words


Being Noble by David Burt

The word Noble is defined as having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals. Having high moral principles and standards is important. 87 more words



So often, we’re looking for the big, the extravagant, the noticeably noble. We want to be significant, and we perceive significance as something evident to the masses.  18 more words


St. Benedict Biscop, Bishop and Abbot of Wearmouth, who introduced glass windows to England and raised Saint Bede
(Benet Biscop, Biscop Baducing)

Born in Northumbria, England, c.

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Feasts And Commemorations

Wealth, Title, and Republicanism: The Role of the Modern Nobility

by Evan Patrick McCarthy, FAS

The past 100 years has seen the fall of most European monarchies and the rise of republican governments. We now consequently see the vestiges of an immensely powerful aristocracy and are pressed to wonder what role does wealth play in modern nobility, is wealth a necessary condition for titular nobility, and is nobility ultimately necessary or even important anymore? 1,394 more words


The Causes of the French Revolution

This week we will examine a very important part of Europe and World history The French Revolution. By the mid 1700s France was considered the most advanced country in the world and the center of the Enlightenment. 155 more words

Political Revolutions

Dissidence in an Age of Deception

“The clouds are high and the emperor is far away.” Chinese Proverb

How does one fight an enemy he cannot see? Or as I heard it put recently, ‘how do we know the saboteur is not an American posing as Chinese posing as Russian posing as a hacker?’ Or as Trump said, ‘it (the hacker) could be someone sitting on a bed weighing 400 pounds.’ How enigmatic is that? 1,935 more words