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"Titus Andronicus," From The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works, by W. Shakespeare

My Copy: 9780199267170

Well, I’d heard this was one of Shakespeare’s “lesser tragedies,” and thanks to all the blood and death in the pages, I have to wonder–what was he going through when he wrote the damned thing? 503 more words

Book 'n Tea Time

It's a Covenanted Thing

You and I, we’re in this thing together. This is a Covenanted Thing. You and I? We’re bound by time, space, and the Good Master who stood witness to the greatest event that ever took place this side of heaven’s showdown. 93 more words

Stories - True Nobility [9-15 Yrs]

One day Swami Vivekananda was going in a hired horse carriage with certain Duchess from Paris. Swamiji could talk fine French. The Duchess told Swamiji, “The Coachman of this carriage speaks very nice French.” While they were talking, the carriage reached a street. 305 more words


Cincinnatus and the Noble Politician

In 458 BC, in the years of the early Roman Republic, a barbarian tribe known as the Aequi attacked the Roman city of Tusculum. The two roman consuls for that year responded, but when the Aequi successfully ambushed and massacred half their forces, the senators of Rome fell into a panic and authorized the nomination of a dictator—a political move of desperation in which one man is given total control of the nation. 462 more words

Morality And Ethics

The McCarthy Family of Drinagh, Co. Cork

Over the past four years I have been researching my family’s lineage and working to re-discover our roots in Ireland. My father’s trip to Ireland years ago gave us crucial information to start and which led me on a journey like no other. 150 more words


The Brave Princess

Rough and unpolished, but wanted to get it on here. Another from the universe of my creation…

“Hundreds of years ago, there was a brave little girl just like you girls, who grew up to be an extraordinarly brave woman,” the nurse smiled at her three charges,  863 more words

Creative Writing


Have you ever opened the door for a lady, only to be told by another African… that that is not African?
Have you ever arrived punctually or waited patiently for your turn, only to be told by another African that that is not African? 410 more words