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A Wander

I’m spending my summer in London. This weekend, I stayed at a beautiful estate in Henley, hosted by a very kind member of British nobility. On Sunday morning, he urged my friends and me to go for a wander.  330 more words

A lesson learnt

I worry too much. Perhaps it comes naturally to people with exposure to news, information and happenstance or may be its just me.

The month was April. 640 more words

Solstice Report: We shall never let up!

This past season has proven to be further evidence and testament of Sandum perseverance and of the persistance of the Sandum spirit. Sandus, its state, and its nation have continued collectively through the most difficult periods yet in some of our citizens’ lives. 1,322 more words


The Balkan Viper Snake, "The Adventures Of Boris K."

A Nostalgic  Letter of Boris K. to the Citizens of the Republic Written in Diaspora

The Balkan Viper Snake

What am I doing on this most elegant of wastelands?’ This I wondered the very day I found myself in Denmark. 2,399 more words


Marie Antoinette's Painter -- Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Although I am not a painter, I feel inspired by the life of this woman.

Born in 1755, I would guess this prolific artist must have been quite happy and fulfilled — she painted… 54 more words

Show You Care

26 May 1789: the States General - results of negotiations & rejected proposals

Les conférences sont finies, les commissaires sont venus… en rendre comte au tiers. On n’a pas vu sans étonnement MM. Rabaut de Saint-Étienne, Target et Mounier se partager entre eux ce rapport de moins d’une demi-heure, parler alternativement pour répéter les mêmes choses, se louer. 298 more words


Tenacity and nobility

For Spinoza, the educative process is about the learner conceiving of adequate ideas and thus attaining “powers of the mind”.

P59: Among all the affects which are related to the mind insofar as it acts, there are none which are not related to joy or desire… 511 more words