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Poldark (#1)

I can no longer contain my enthusiasm for Poldark since I just finished the second season, so I’ve decided to post a poem I started when I was three episodes in the first season.   166 more words


High School DxD: Crimson Rulers

Sirzechs Lucifer, by his own words, is the devil king first and an older brother second, but it’s a close second. Meanwhile, Rias Gremory is the Princess of Ruin in the underworld and a top-ranking student at her high school, as well as the president of the Occult Research Club. 7 more words


She Blended Well

In a very male dominated society, she broke the glass ceiling. We are not told how she did it, but she did. And she was very wise about how she “wielded such authority.”  384 more words


Dixie's Constitution, the Two Big Questions and Genetic Interest

The most important content of any constitution we could draft boils down to these two core issues:


Hol' Up!!!

Time they say waits for no one

But we wait for the right time

We forget that there is time

For everything

Under the sun and moon… 300 more words



I bought a new shirt and tie for a job interview tomorrow. Purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.

Update: my interview was moved to Monday. I think it went well.