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Elizabeth Duchess of Exeter and Lancaster, Lady Fanhope Plantagent

Elizabeth Duchess of Exeter and Lancaster, Lady Fanhope Plantagenet was born on February 21, 1363, in Leicester, England, the child of John Beauford of Gaunt Duke of Aquitaine, “1st Duke of Lancaster” King of Castile and Blanche, Duchess of Lancaster. 613 more words

Motivation: What's Yours?

I’ve found myself struggling to get things done. Not just now but every so often. Things happen in life that push and pull us in different directions. 330 more words


Lead Simple Life, But think Magnanimously

Hello people, I hope all of you are doing good. This is a topic which is best loved when the adjectives are vice versa. Think simple, but be humongous. 660 more words

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Get ready for the Polonaise! Eighteenth century peruke, periwig, wig tutorial. 

Imagine if you lived during the Eighteenth century… Fun times.

You just got invited to the annual polonaise. What are you going to wear?

Everything is specialty hand made, hours spent during candle light on hand stitching wefts. 113 more words


Charcoal work

A Bataleur Eagle symbolic of nobility, valor, strength, fierceness

Francis Bacon - The Essays

Francis Bacon, son of Lord Keeper Nicholas Bacon, inherited his father’s position and attained Solicitor-General (1607), Attorney-General (1613) and Lord Chancellor (1618). However these positions only tell a very small side of the statesman and philosopher that published… 1,436 more words