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And in my opinion this Gentleman, whose gentry consisteth barely, upon the King’s grant, may be called (as Pegius* hath taught me) a Gentleman, of paper and wax.

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European nobility

Want a proof, follow the nose. I told you, the nose hooked and long ain’t natural… Today, if you walk in Europe you’ll see this nose everywhere, from the butcher to the prince… It’s even more present in the cities. 396 more words


And they sent those artifacts around the world

Follow the nose is a good idea, lets have a glimpse of where and when the stone was active… 323 more words


#JeSuisChien...I Am Dog

By now, if you follow Twitter, you’ve seen the massive trend #JeSuisChien.

For those who don’t know, it honors a French police dog named Diesel who perished in this week’s raid on a terrorist cell in the wake of the Islamic State attack on Friday the 13th in Paris. 399 more words

Just Bitchin'


Idiots can be born in palaces; Kings can be born in gutters. You are who you become, not who you were born to be.


Two Italians, on the night sun.

Carlo: The night sun is good. 

Nicolas: You’re looking at a gas heater.

Carlo: But it is a gift — bright and lovely. 

Non Classé

Alexander, on the Gap.

Alexander: I have a pathological terror of all reptiles. It’s almost as crippling as my fear of the Gap.

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