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What makes a true Gryffindor?

Harry, Ron and Hermione are Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw archetypes respectively. Their innate traits are ambition, loyalty and intellect. However; they are all people who choose to be courageous and brave.

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Dear Class,

No, not the gathering of students in a school, like seriously how would you think I will write a letter about that? I mean, more colloquially, swag but I’d rather go with class. 267 more words

Come meet Kort Elias over at the Romance Lives Forever Blog

Come visit us the Romance Lives Forever Blog and leave a comment. We’re doing an expose on Elf Prince Kort Elias, finding out what makes this hero tick. 10 more words


Earl, Duke & Son-in-law to a King

This rather dapper looking gentleman with the top hat is Alexander William George Duff, sixth Earl of Fide whom was created first Duke of Fide two days after his wedding to Princess Louise of Wales on 27th July 1889, she was the daughter of the then Prince of Wales and future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and therefore a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 168 more words



How many times did I sing that Greek phrase in the Latin “Missa de Angelis” and other versions of Gregorian Chant’s best-known mantra ?  How many times did I recite it at Mass, as an altar boy, as a seminarian, as a priest and as an ex-priest “reduced to the lay-state” ?  620 more words

An Artist for Nobility....

Desire to paint was compelling. She couldn’t stop even when there was hardly any coins left to purchase supplies. Grocery change finagled to buy a paint or two. 178 more words

Creative Writing

Books I read recently

After the Jack Bush retrospective at the National Gallery of Canada which ended just a few days ago, I decided to read the biography of the wife of his agent Clement Greenberg who was probably the single most influential art critic in the twentieth century. 1,529 more words