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Events unfold

Hivera grew up and was a bit of a tomboy.

However, that wasn’t enough for Winter.  A girl was still a girl.  Now that his parents were gone, Winter figured he had nothing to lose by trying for a son.  318 more words


Two deaths

Death caught up with Lukan, finally.  He was 72 which was a good age for Desiderata Valley.

Rebecca was crying but to her immense surprise, Death immediately then turned to her… 68 more words



Winter’s brother has been neglected.  He has a peaceful life in the monastery.  He enjoys sewing and making pottery.  What of his son?

Yohan didn’t have the most attentive of mothers. 175 more words


The queen dies

Lucretia finally succumbed, at the age of only 64.

Everyone in the household mourned.  Garcia was devastated.

Arya heard the news at university.

Valenzuela was shocked.  211 more words



Lucretia invited Lukan over for that chat.

“I’ve heard rumours about Winter.”
“What rumours?”
“His attitude to the throne.”
Lukan was silent, pursed his lips, and looked down. 663 more words



Elle fell pregnant quickly and soon gave birth to a girl they named Primavera.

Lukan was delighted to have a granddaughter.

She grew to a toddler in no time at all. 158 more words


The Harris family moves; a wedding

Last we saw, Winter was at university and had proposed to Elle.  He returned home but it was evident that the small house was not big enough for two couples.  292 more words