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The Dry Canyon


Catherin, Devon and I

So after our trip through River Caves Mandy had to be back in town early but the rest of us decided to take the drive out to the dry canyon which is always a great one for showing newbies… 191 more words


No Hope for the Future


In the ninth year of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the tenth month, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and all his army came against Jerusalem and besieged it. 796 more words

II.IV.V The d'Angervilles of Warburton

Warburton Castle was an old decayed castle situated by the river close to the Aspen Woods Monastery. Before the 50 years war it had been inhabited by a noble family, but several sims from their dynasty had died in the war and the house was abandoned and stripped of it’s contents by looters. 359 more words

Castle Keep

He's alive!

Hey, everyone! If you’re wondering, I’m still alive! RL has been quite a mess as of lately~ the new chapter for Eredium┬áis up! This chapter will close the curtains to Eric’s mercenary backstory and affect his future choices.

Chapter 5.5




Retaking the Iberian Peninsula (Reconquista)

The MAPS of the 750 AD period to 1492 reveal how the 800 years of Muslim rule as a Caliphate was eventually overthrown by use of mercenaries (Conquistadors) of the Monarchy in 1492. 316 more words

II.IV.IV Matters of Love and Marriage

When Thea de Servant married lord Harald she became what sims of Castle Keep would call, a lady. She rose in rank. She would no longer be called Miss de Servant, but lady Thea Vaughan. 350 more words

Castle Keep

II.IV.III Shift in Power

Suddenly life appeared unfair and tough for Cedrica d’Angerville. As the eldest daugther of the most powerful noble family of Castle Keep, she had grown up with all the privileges, all the pamperings and pleasures a sim could imagine, she just wasn’t used to setbacks. 453 more words

Castle Keep