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Tormento titubeante

¿Cómo puedes ver a los ojos a la persona que más has querido mientras le rompes todas las promesas que le has hecho, y al mismo tiempo, rompes su corazón? 176 more words



The world’s up on a stage –
Out in front, a huge audience has been assembling.

We take on various roles,
And applaud or not, depending upon our mood. 99 more words

The boy

It was a quiet evening.  Winter seemed fine.  Elle had been worried about his occasional bouts of insanity but he’d seemed quite normal since the wedding.  1,101 more words


Primavera marries

Primavera’s fiancé , Edmund, arrived from university.  Elle approved of him.  She liked a man who was fond of his food.

Edmund met Primavera’s father down at the pond.  302 more words


Winter, part three (of 3)

Winter disappeared after the meal.  Elle had gone to change out of her black dress and came back to find him gone.  She was worried.  Where had he gone?  684 more words


Winter, part two (of 3)

One day, Nobs came to Winter, a rarity in itself.  He only delivered the food and usually went without a word.  This time, he hung around. 522 more words


Winter, part one (of 3)

Winter was going rather crazy in his room.  He started seeing giant one-eyed rabbits, or one in particular.

It annoyed him, so he took out some of his anger and frustration on the poor thing. 172 more words