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1.4 Commiseration

I have some trouble ascertaining the motivations of heroes.

I should clarify. Does it make sense to save your village from a rampaging horde of marauders? 3,065 more words

1.3 Devastation

The village of Tinder had stood on the western slope of the Arshire mountains for twenty years. Settlers fleeing war from the north had petitioned Countess Wright for leave to establish homesteads in the region, which she accepted heartily. 3,365 more words


Winter found himself back in the dungeon.  No special treatment this time.

He wondered how long he would be there.  He could make plans inside the prison if he could get word out.  327 more words


1.2 Duel

Down the southern coast is a town called Blacktree, most notably for their foliage, or lack thereof. The fields do not grow green, their orchards are filled with the twisted, blackened corpses of trees that once produced the finest fruits. 3,330 more words

Winter reneges

Elle mistakenly thought having their son back home would ease any old bitterness that Winter had.  He had promised never to pursue his dream of overthrowing the queen.  140 more words


A reunion

Alfred didn’t talk to Daisy for a day.  She hoped that he would just sulk and come to believe her.  In the meantime, she had to get word to Nobs.  540 more words



Bard and Miriana got on very well, growing fond of each other remarkably quickly.  Miriana giggled nervously at being flirted at by such a mature and good-looking man.  170 more words