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Stormguard Summer Home

Darvil had rejoiced when his boot stepped on earth that didn’t sink beneath it. Though with each step his boots were finally growing drier, his relief was also shrinking. 1,872 more words



It was a cold winter’s day and Alfred noticed that his son, Ulric was not in his room. It was unlikely he was out in the snow. 147 more words


Making plans

Hivera hadn’t given up on seeking support from her family. She knew her sister would be against any plan to put their brother or his son on the throne, so she had a chat to her niece, Edwina. 136 more words


How To Be A Lady: Odette de Pougy and the Inviolable Sanctity of Homeownership

A lady blessed with a religious calling must render unto God what is God’s, but she is free to render nothing unto upstart popes with a tenuous grasp of property rights. 419 more words



Richard continued his training, even in the snow.

Hivera tried to encourage Charles, but he seemed a hopeless case. At least she was giving him some attention, thought Charles. 104 more words


Changes at the barracks

In order for new warriors to be recruited, room had to be made for them. Miriana had already departed, moving into accommodation behind the barracks. 286 more words



1. Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide.

2. People are not what they say but what they do; so judge them not from their words but from their actions. 296 more words