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Beds Bequeathed, Linens Lost

Take a moment to imagine something special that you own, something that you’d like to pass along to someone close to you after you’re gone. Is it a precious piece of jewelry or a fine watch? 983 more words


Blue Blood First Draft

Tongues like daggers and knives in the back are what you’ll need to survive if you want try out my latest, smaller roleplaying game: Blue Blood. 91 more words

Project Updates

We know Richard III's mottos, but what about other nobles....?

Is anyone out there hot on chivalric mottos? Everyone knows Richard III’s motto, “Loyaulte mie lie”, and we even know of more he used, but it’s not so easy to find other mottos belonging to lesser known English figures of the 14th-century. 566 more words

Bank of Nile

Behold! Behold! the nudeness of decents,
Witness come witness the lifeless essence,
The nobles are immoral, the lower beguile,
The nobles are crying at the bank of Nile. 66 more words


Does anyone like the dweebs of the @BritishMonarchy

Just wondering if anyone even like the British Monarchy, they have counterfeited the Australian Currency which is evident as the foundation stones in Australia as noted on todays Breakfast news since what they have accessed back 150 years to say: … 176 more words

2nd 22nd Century

Audio Book Review: To be Skaa or Noble? Not really a question.

Mistborn: The Final Empire

Written by Brandon Sanderson.

Narrated by Michael Kramer.

Life in the Empire. Skaa are the subservient class of humans good for only farming, scut work and some skilled craftsmanship. 327 more words

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