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The Oppression of the Supermajority

It’s not political polarization that’s killing us. Its politicians denying the will of their constituents in favor of business, special interests, and screaming mad voter minorities. 152 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Fascinating Anti-Capitalist Opinion From the Right

Who would have thought this personality was capable of seeing his own team’s fallibility so clearly.

There is much he gets wrong about what ails us and what to do, but it’s the points he gets right about what’s wrong with our economic system and capitalism and the havoc their adherents have wrought on society that make this a fascinating read. 429 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

The People vs. Donald J. Trump

Demonstrably unfit to be President.

The United States has never had a president as demonstrably unfit for the office as Trump.

The cost of removing a president from office is smaller than the cost of allowing this president to remain.

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Nobody Is Flying The Plane

A Gutted I.R.S. Makes the Rich Richer

When are we going to wise up about taxes? The wealthy and corporations are not doing their part to cover the cost of services we all require. 334 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Opioid Makers Are Big Winners in Lawsuit Settlements

How can we not hold companies who poison and kill citizens accountable?

There is little question that settling the current wave of opioid-related lawsuits could bring much-needed addiction treatment to communities nationwide.

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Nobody Is Flying The Plane

Farm Bill Ignores Real Troubles of U.S. Agriculture

The new Farm Bill is Nobodyisflyingtheplane at its worst. It’s reverse Robinhood policies enrich small numbers of the biggest farm businesses, while things get worse for the small farmer widely touted as the benficiary. 98 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane

The Corporate Donors Behind a Republican Power Grab

This is what the welfare state really looks like. Walgreens allows their Republican henchmen to undermine Wisconsin’s democracy in order to protect its local property tax swindle. 196 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane