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House Tour - Jessie's House

I didn’t have a really clear idea for Jesse’s house other than she was going to be gardening and fishing. So outdoors again. Instead of doing an in/out transition like for my last two drifter houses, I went for a cabin feel. 349 more words


House Tour - Casey's House

For Casey’s house, I was inspired by Blackgryffin’s Rice Paper Wall custom content. So I knew from the start CC was going to be an issue. 434 more words


House Tour - Shannon's House

I finally finally figured out what was causing this house to be marked as containing CC. It was annoying because I tried extra hard to keep it cc free. 338 more words


Nearer my donut to thee.......

It is almost 12 am and I’m propped up in bed with the sweet little cat for company while trying to catch up on my blog.  1,624 more words