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Best places to see Porcupine in Botswana, although they are very common all over Africa, even in the suburbs in Cape Town.

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Bonnie “Prince” Billy - I See a Darkness

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Released on Palace Records in 1999

Could circadian rhythms negatively impact research?

Our lives are regulated by a complex biological clock that controls our circadian rhythms. The master clock is located in our hypothalamus and functions to ensure that specific proteins are turned on or off at the right times. 216 more words

Comparative Physiology

Thanks to People, Many Animals Become Nocturnal

Lions and tigers and bears are increasingly becoming night owls because of us, a new study says.

Scientists have long known that human activity disrupts nature. 367 more words

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ANNA LEMIND: “Your Cat Can See Things That Are Invisible To You”

Cats are considered by many as symbols of mysticism because of their elegant and flexible body, as well as their gaze that can “magnetize” anyone… Indeed, as recent scientific data show, there is another reason why cats have a title of ‘mysterious’ creatures.

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A day

I’ve been playing with Bavarian stitch and working on my shell design. I have a pattern I like for a basic sea shell, but then I decided to try to make starfish and fish too. 139 more words