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Moon as the symbol of affection

With the honeyed sweetness

The moon basked on the canvas of the night sky.

Little did he know

That he too would be forgotten as the days go by. 13 more words


The verdict is in...on Hunt the Wicked

The first entry in my #RPGaMonth campaign is complete. I completed the entire text of Hunt the Wicked, and will jot down some notes on the text. 571 more words

January 16, 2018 - 2 a.m. is for Creators and Lovers

I woke up and read my Bible. I watched the Bachelor and wrote a review. I watched 7th Heaven all day. If it doesn’t leave me feeling convicted, then it leaves me wanting to cry! 180 more words

A Day In The Life


​I wish I had closed my eyes but I wasn’t exactly watching at that moment; the moment my ears heard a screech.

If I were to describe the sound, it would be like a wild stallion galloping at full speed with all the muscles at work and sweat beads sliding down the beastly built, neighing and squealing as when just moments before applying all the might for friction against the grit and gravel on the ground, before the unanticipated end of a cliff leading to an abyss below. 295 more words

The death reaper?

Accessing life by the age of her children

She was content to have lived long.

All turned out to be successful

However at the end none to her belong. 110 more words


Sober Nights

The most sober nights come when you’re drunk.

Drunk enough to walk a straight line,

Drunk enough to know your friend will have a mental breakdown. 139 more words


Weeping Willow

Reflecting onto the placid waters

The Willow wept

And the shadows of it’s self

Clenched the earth and crept.

It had seen age and death… 28 more words