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Possums, Possums Everywhere!

This past week has been busy with nocturnal activity from brushtail possums. There has been much banging and clanging around underneath the house, running up and down the veranda, running along the tin roof, screeching and that weird machine-like noise they make. 129 more words



When the last glimmer of the setting sun kisses the horizon, when the copper hues and dusty scarlets melt into grey under the moonlight, when all that is left is the chill of twilight, nocturnals like us forage and play. 9 more words


Eyeshine Explorations

This month we kicked off our Home School semester with Amazing Arachnids!

We learned the anatomy of a spider the yummy way – with Oreo cookies! 237 more words

Can You Recognise These Baby Australian Animals?

The first time I saw a picture of a baby wombat I thought it was a joke – it looked nothing like a wombat!

This got me thinking, what other animals are there that look nothing like their parents? 85 more words


Watch the Dramatic Trailer for Nocturnal Animals

Watch the teaser trailer for Tom Ford’s provocative new thriller Nocturnal Animals, starring Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon.

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Hear the night calling...

The colors are growing darker, your soul is shifting it’s weight;

From one foot to the other, like the young do.

The dying light, the whispers of the moon: 182 more words