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Hedgehog Housekeeping

Just a short post today with an update on our foster hedgehog Meadow. We’ve had him now since early January and I’m very relieved that’s he survived the winter with us! 395 more words


Bats: Are They Scary?

Well, the answer should be obvious, right? Any animal that is associated so heavily with the spooky scary holiday of Halloween must deserve that reputation. And besides, there’s such a thing as vampire bats, that alone is scary! 475 more words


We Seem More Eloquent at Night Away From the Eyes of Day and What They Want Us to Hide

Never-ending nights and never sobering up and nocturnal remissions and hearing in my head the yelling of my conscience and the coursing of my blood


Bossy Mother Possum

We have a possum box in our outside laundry (long story!) and whenever I go down there I check if the box is occupied by standing on an old stool and reaching up and pointing my camera in the entrance hole.  257 more words



Doors keep closing around me,
I make holes in the wall to see through
Bodies burn every now and then,
The stench makes me aware of the loss… 46 more words


Great Horned Owl

I am pleased to present my latest completed wildlife illustration: A Great Horned Owl.

– Class: Aves
– Order: Strigiformes
– Family: Strigidae
– Genus: Bubo… 230 more words



For some weeks now i have been completely nocturnal.
Awaking at 9pm, and settling down for sleep some time around 10am.

Life at night is a changing experience. 170 more words