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when the sun arises

this verse is a sequel to
when the sun goes down

she hunts alone
to bring back home
enough to feed her pups
she has a little… 45 more words

Poem; Poetry

Where did I go wrong on this trip to Vienna?

Where did I go wrong on this trip to Vienna? The old problem of getting drunk in morning to go out early, and then being too hammered to go out and do anything again at night. 112 more words

In the Rock Pile

Rocks edged all my gardens until I reduced the number of gardens and made a pile with the rocks.

Obviously, spiders like the rock pile. The spiders living among the rocks are wolf spiders (which have a painful bite.) 162 more words


"The Pursuit," Leon Spilliaert

The Belgian painter Leon Spilliaert was an artist preoccupied by nocturnal themes- images of disorientation, loneliness, exuberance, etc, populate his oeuvre. The Pursuit is a unique painting among his work for a number of reasons. 412 more words


I am the Owl

I am able to hear the sounds of multiple dimensions as I twist my head around to glimpse the past, seeing clearly in darkness, alive in the night while the rest of the world is silent. 67 more words