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Meet Bushels, resident possum

This is Bushels. *He’s a ringtail possum and he lives in my daughter’s house in Brisbane. I’veĀ made his acquaintance audibly many times over the years as he scampers around inside their roof at night but this is the first time I’ve seen him. 454 more words

The Stare

I keep opening the front door
of this cold house,
middle of the night,

to look out into the snow.

So many prepositions in the snow. 49 more words


Nocturnal Animals : Subtle reflections of emotions.

Nocturnal Animal is a fantastic crime thriller directed by Tom Ford which was released on October 16, 2016. This blog is about how the director brilliantly tried to convey the character emotions with many subtle references. 706 more words


seven billion souls
and I am single
seven continents
and I am bereft of a land
that I may call my own
but I still breathe, without paying… 88 more words



I don’t sleep much beyond 4 hours at a time. Some people question why this is? Fact is my brain has always been this way. I function better this way so as to get whatever I can done during the day while maintaining enough energy to work at night. 916 more words