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A Sky full of Stars

Dave’s been away on tour for the past few weeks, and while I’m usually fairly good at keeping myself busy in times of solitude, on Thursday evening I really couldn’t be bothered to slob around watching… 165 more words

Sleeping animals: what’s the difference between hibernate, dormant, lethargic, diurnal, nocturnal, and crepuscular?

Animals sleep. Some animals sleep at night, some animals sleep during the day, and some animals sleep in cold climates.

Animals that are diurnal are active mainly during the day and sleep at night. 395 more words


Lula the Zombie Hamster

Meet Lula, our hamster.  Lover of grapes; loved by the cats who want to play-with-her-to death; and zombie.  Lula came into our family three years ago and became a zombie last year.   509 more words

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Rated R
Drama / Thriller
Try pairing with:  Sweet Chili Chicken w/ Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli

Jen’s Rating:  B

Flipping through Redbox looking for an interesting movie I watch the trailer for… 843 more words


Creature Of The Night

Well, this is awkward….. what, me posting a Picture Day post on Friday?  What in the hell is up with that anyway?  Yeah, yeah…. I’m still having issues getting my more complex “weekend” posting done on this blog.  929 more words



Calls from beds of stick and fluff dwindle
While rustles from den and burrow stir
Star-rise lights the silences
And flickers not at yowls

©Heather Coldstream… 29 more words



It was I who had been lying with you,

just a moment ago.

I watch my ghostly presence beside you

fade into linen dreams.

You watch me in your nakedness, 133 more words