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How to make love. 

So it starts when I see you. I check you out without really checking you out. Top to bottom. Without you really noticing…Or so I think. 251 more words


Ready to embark on new beginnings.

What is lost will be replaced with something profoundly beautiful.




But while she walks round no life,
Is all but life in me to fight,
Stirs in dark, hides through light,
A ling’ring spirit ere close was nigh, 330 more words


Dinosaur extinction allowed mammals to live during the day

Today, majority of mammals are active during the day but are able to adapt to nocturnal (night) activity. For example, majority of mammals have a layer in the back of an eye that allows to adapt to night vision and causes ‘eyeshine’ of cats caught at night. 238 more words

Bruised but brave

My heart beats tug like the tide against my mind. The words can hardly keep up, like they are telling me to stop.

Again, I will weep and thrive in silence. This too shall pass.



Dinosaurs kept mammals in the dark

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Most mammals are nocturnal, but even those mammals that are not nocturnal have large eyes that are better suited to dim light. Their eyes are more similar to the eyes of nocturnal animals in other clades than to the eyes of animals that spend their time in the daylight. 478 more words


A Dream. 

I don’t quite remember what it was that we had for dinner, but I’m certain about how I felt after it. I was satisfied. Not extremely, but it was like one of those nights where the small portioned dinner exceeded all our expectations and by the end of the dinner, our palette’s didn’t demand for a dessert. 920 more words