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Tasmanian Devil


Sarcophilus Harrisii

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Dasyuromorphia

Family: Dasyuridae

Genus: Sarcophilus

Species: Harrisii


During European settlement in Australia, the Tasmanian devils and tigers were trapped in exchange for money to lessen the population. 364 more words

Animals Of Australia

Kākāpō - A very unique bird

A couple of years ago I met Jennifer she is from New Zealand and works with a very unique bird  species called a Kākāpō.

You may be wondering…what the heck is a Kākāpō ?? 284 more words


Yuna, 'Chapters'

It’s today! I’ve been away in sunny Valencia but I’m back and Yuna has kindly released her new album ‘Chapters’ the day I turn my laptop back on to do some blogging. 88 more words

New Music

Thoughts At Night

Sometimes my own self betrays me and this is one of those nights. I’m no good writer but I try to write. The tryst with writing emerges from nowhere! 629 more words


Ode to the Night

It is amazing how the night always invokes thoughts which reside deep inside our minds. Night has always been very glamorous for me because of the stretch my imagination has, during these nocturnal hours that leaves me bewitched. 270 more words



K lo k, dimelo.. Wass happenin?

Shit real or nah?

You know it is.

5 planets in retrograde, so the energy is definitely different.. The orbit of our solar system affect us directly in multiple ways.. 495 more words