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A Nocturne

How sweet it is to deep into the night
    Let percolate your dreams in dripping beads
Of glowingly inebriate delight
    Distilled from gurgling rills of amber meads,
And then in threads of starlight finely spun—   
    All witched by frozen moonlight, pitched in black—
Suspend your limbs (made heavy by the run
    Of daily cares), and lay relaxed and slack
Till, saturate with drowsiness, and high
    Within a space of jewels and gems and jet,
You fall into the black hole's empty eye,
    And all the world and all yourself forget. 15 more words

Packing Heat

I walk the street
   And stalk the night
While packing heat:
   I've got a light.


Willis Earl Beal: Survive

You can feel the surroundings that Willis Earl was amongst while recording this track… beautiful, sparce and inspiring. Get lost and enjoy the journey.

Song Of The Day

Book Review: 'Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall', Kazuo Ishiguro

‘Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall’ – Kazuo Ishiguro

“But you play that passage like it’s the memory of love. You’re so young, yet you know desertion, abandonment. 565 more words

Book Review

Sleeping Beauty

My lady is the fairest belle;
      As fair is none beneath the sky.
And when in dreamland she doth dwell,
      A sleeping beauty she doth lie.