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Nodame Cantabile Review (All Seasons)

Hey everyone! So, as always, I’ve been devouring anime. I actually have a few to write about, but since Nodame Cantabile is the most recent one I’ve watched, I’m writing about it first. 1,096 more words


Nodame Cantabile

This anime was suggested by my friend, she really insisted that I should watch this anime while we were transferring files to each other. I can say that this anime is so under rated and if you are looking for a watch this is a must! 281 more words


Day 1: The Comfort Zone

I returned to anime this time around because of several really, really good shows airing this season.

However, that’s not how I usually get drawn back into the world of anime after “taking a break”. 626 more words


Life, love, and music with Nodame Cantabile

For someone who barely watches animated films or TV series, I surprisingly got hooked to the anime series Nodame Cantabile.

It brought back memories from Music Appreciation class when we’d study Beethoven, Bach, and whatnot. 298 more words

Music, Anime, and Me

Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso. Sometimes it’s better known as Your Lie in April. It’s a show about music and the way it can tear people apart and bring them together. 670 more words


Anime Randomizer Challenge - PART 4 - Nodame Cantabile

A Josei show? That’s surprising. I mean, I loved Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, which was also Josei, but it’s known to be a rather slow and mature genre, which takes some getting used to as well as the right mindset to approach. 807 more words


Life is fun

Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D. K.448
Play this song while reading this post.

I discovered this song after watching a Japanese TV Series called Nodame Cantabile (2006), a show about music college students thriving through all the struggles life brings, in order to live the the colorful life they all dreamed of. 309 more words