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[Cảm nhận] Drama “Nodame Cantabile” – Giai điệu của nhiệt huyết tuổi trẻ

Tên phim: Nodame Cantabile

Nguyên tác: manga của

Thể loại: live action, drama, âm nhạc, học đường, hài

Đạo diễn: Hideki Takeuchi

Diễn viên: Ueno Juri, Tamaki Hiroshi, Takenaka Naoto, Eita, Mizukawa Asami,… 3,126 more words


5 series to watch, if you are new to anime

in 38 years, i think i watched maybe, 5 anime.

in the 39th year, i sat down to a very good one and have been hooked ever since. 858 more words

All Things Japan

Nodame Cantabile the Live-Action Drama: a guilty pleasure Review

I remember having a neutral impression upon finishing the Nodame Cantabile anime adaptation (2007). It was a cute romance with some at-times-uncomfortable slapstick, but at least the classical music was good. 1,047 more words


Tomoko Ninomiya's Nodame Cantabile: Experiencing One Work in Three Different Mediums

The Manga

Volumes 1-25
Published in English by Del Rey

Some would argue that because this work is originally a manga, this medium is the best one for it but I would have to respectfully disagree for reasons I will get into later because right now we should really introduce you to… 978 more words


Musical Performances in Anime/Manga

Periodically, I discuss with a friend about performance of music in anime, particularly compared to its portrayal in manga [1]. Anime engages both our visual and auditory senses to create the scene. 1,108 more words


Nodame Cantabile: encore!

In preparation for the new, fourth series of early 2000s anime hit Nodame Cantabile, I have been re-watching series three. The show charts the relationship of a naive and exuberant piano student with her serious “senpai” or senior, with a quirky mixture of otaku obsessiveness (in this case, in relation to classical music), sweetly good natured observations about human nature and that very Japanese sensibility – which I love – of cherishing and appreciating the everday and the mundane. 19 more words


USA | 1945 | black and white
| 103 minutes


Directors Mitchell Leisen

Notable cast Paulette Goddard, Ray Milland

Production company Paramount Pictures

One of the many iterations of the Pygmalion narrative, Kitty diverges from the crowd of Hepburn musicals and the teenage makeover flicks in its wiliness to depict the more… 949 more words