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node command line arguments

Javascript do not have main method like other programming languages. When you want to execute code in node all we do is give the filename as argument to node executable and node executes all the instructions available in the file top to bottom. 246 more words


Apache Cordova

My son is lacking a bit in the language department. To help him get better I decided to implement an app which randomized a set of pictures into a grid of 4 cells. 163 more words

Use JSON Web Token with Koa

JSON Web Token (JWT) is used to issue a secure authentication token once the user successfully logs in. In Koa we use the koa-jwt middleware to manage these tokens. 240 more words


Object Soft Select Maya

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Hi all!

Today’s script is a really cool one because it can be used to really add appeal to rigs. I’m calling it “object soft select” because what it does is it takes a group of objects and a controller and makes those objects be influenced by the controller object with an influence falloff based on the distance the object is from the controller.

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Koa in 10 Minutes

In this article we will explore web service development using Koa. We will also look at some of the really cool things about Koa. 641 more words

Web Service


Express.js is a light-weight Node.js web application framework that helps in organizing your web application into an MVC architecture on the server side.
It allows much better code organization and the access to several useful and powerful features without having to re-invent the wheel. 37 more words

Web Development

Echolink Added to 443.3 MHz

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!

Today we added Echolink or better named EchoIRLP to the node on 443.3 MHz.  Previously we had no need to put Echolink on this node because used it as a full time… 253 more words