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So I have been looking at full-stack JavaScript development – I had the option of developing a section of a project myself and the design decisions were left to me. 151 more words


Setting up Babel with Gulp

So after initially using the WebStorm file watcher mechanism to transpile to ES5 using Babel, I decided to instead do it the “correct” way: using Gulp.   262 more words

Kerding Sterf

Setting up Babel with WebStorm on Windows

So I decided to start working on a project combining Node and Aurelia, kind of a MEAN with Aurelia as the A.  I’m coming from a .Net background, so I’m on Windows.   470 more words

Kerding Sterf

Learning Grunt - grunt-contrib-connect

Application code is now up in github – https://github.com/chachinsky/learn-grunt

This post will about Grunt-contrib-connect. This allows you to create a web-server to view the application.   739 more words


Validation with Mongoose

The Basics

If you are reading this, you’re probably already familiar with MongoDB and its fantastic wrapper Mongoose.  What might not be clear is how to leverage Mongoose to ensure the data stored in MongoDB meets the standards your client application expects. 668 more words


Seeing the "Network for the Nodes" in Blockchain Technology

I often use the term “can’t see the forest for the trees” when discussing the struggle to maintain perspective. The term serves an effective metaphor to describe any instance where one is so caught up in the minutia of a subject they fail to consider the “big picture”.  773 more words

Belajar Node.js episode lanjutan Part 6

Beuhh kalo dipikir-pikir keren bangat nih saya udah nulis tutorial ampe Part 6.
Tapi gatau yang bacanya ada apa kagak hehehe.
Hmm mungkin mereka enggan membaca tutorial dibarengi kisah sedih dihari minggu saya ini :D… 827 more words