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Reading command line arguments & User input in nodeJS.

If you want to write a console script in NodeJS, which takes a command line argument and ask the user some questions, how you are going to do it? 378 more words


W4D2 Recap


I just watched lizards doing competitive pushups and antelope jumping around to display their levels of fitness to predators & females. Weird day. My sprint partner Colin is a biochemistry major and we just had a discussion on execution function in psychology, action potentials in neurons, and natural selection (summarized as: Doesn’t matter had sex!). 558 more words


Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been doing a whole lot of work on Ubuntu Linux lately, mostly with Docker and Apache Solr. It would be nice if my development environment was similarly nice. 900 more words

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NodeJS: The good, the bad and the Javascript – Part 3

The Javascript

On my first post I talked about the good things about developing with Node: responsiveness, flexibility, testing and the feel good feeling that developers love when having such a quick feedback loop. 539 more words


Installing Node on Linux (v0.12 version)

This is a really quick, short, post. As I was working on the “Creating a Docker Build for your Node application” post, I realized there was a lot of bad information out there about how to install Node on your Ubuntu Linux system. 467 more words

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Northlane Premiere New Song "Leech"

Northlane have premiered a new song titled “Leech,” via a puzzle on their site. This track is from the band’s new album, Node, which will be released on July 24. 24 more words