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I’ll keep it short for my very first post. That may or may not happen. I am the silent type but have found the keyboard to be quite the remedy for that at times. 745 more words


FreeCodeCamp and Learning Node: Make It Modular

This one drove me nuts, I’ll admit it.  The directions were sparse, but eventually I figured it out.  You can’t just copy-paste from the previous exercise… 1,387 more words

Multi-Platform JavaScript Modules

A multi-platform module/library is a piece of code that works shameless in browser, server -usually nodeJS- and embedded systems.
Haven’t you noticed that JQuery works when you import the library from “script” tags in a website and when you “require” it in nodeJS? 376 more words


React...a javascript framework

I’m just getting started down this path of learning React and it is quite enjoyable and easy to get up to speed fast. While going through the tutorial, it was easy to follow. 90 more words

Web Design

FreeCodeCamp and Learning Node: Filtered LS

This one is similar to the previous two exercises except that instead of a file, we’re reading a directory’s contents.  So, we can use those as a jumping-off point.   777 more words

NPM Error: node: not found

I tried to install a package (slap) via npm. For this, you have to install nodejs (may be through the package-manager). And I ran the following command npm install and got errors. 401 more words