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Node.js package published

In my new job I am doing front-end coding with React.js, and every Javascript programmer needs to have some package published at npmjs.com I guess. 181 more words

IT And Computers

Trail - Sop

Can use to compute velocity
seems to use frame before and after to make some changes


Paint Sop

Adds an attribute to points using a paint like interface.


L System

This seems to be some kind of fractal creation system


Getting Started


Let’s get started with Angular 2. Have fun.

Happy coding!

Before diving into the coding part, there are a few things to be taken care for setting up the application. 280 more words


Express, Node, Particles,

Read a bunch of articles on the difference between Node and Php, and the difference between express and meteor. Basically, express is lightweight and backend, meteor is a full framework and full stack. 73 more words

Popup component for Angular 2 with AOT support

In all my web projects, I seem to need a popup in many places, obviously doing different things. Even though it is quite easy plugging a bootstrap dialog doing the same, I figured it was even better creating an Angular 2 component for this, so I have fast access with almost no code. 201 more words