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What is Nodejs

Node.js or Nodejs” is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side Web applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and can be run within the Node.js runtime on a wide variety of platforms. 106 more words


Of flags and Gulp tasks

I stumbled on a question on Stack Overflow about passing parameters to gulp tasks and I decided to take a shot at it. A few minutes and lines of code later, I was through with my experiment and marveled at the flexibility of the… 178 more words


Just published Node.js NPM module [short-url-generator]

Primary use of the module is to create traceable short URLs resolving to long and rich landing pages. It does not implement any persistence, just decomposes the original long URL and creates the short representation of it. 43 more words


NodeJS and why I am picking

NodeJS was something I was told about back at about 2012 or so.  I really regret not jumping on it at that point.  I felt like it would be nice, but also had a weird feeling about it.  228 more words


FE dev setup

# Guide to create package.json
npm init

# install version of npm package
npm install --save react@0.14.7

# browserify
npm install -g browserify

# Babel + browserify
npm install --save-dev babelify

# npm build
npm run build

# sass
npm install --save-dev node-sass

Roles and permissions system for Nodejs

ACL / Roles + Permissions

https://github.com/djvirgen/virgen-acl Simple and elegant, create your own checks. No middleware?

https://github.com/OptimalBits/node_acl Use as middleware, create your own roles and access. Great choice. 177 more words