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Installing NodeJS on Raspbian

After writing my previous post about NodeJS on the Raspberry Pi I realised I didn’t cover how I got NodeJS on the Pi in the first place. 2,634 more words


I spy... Black Soup and Pierogi

In The Economist, 26-2nd December, 2016

At a time when immigration is a world crisis, it is interesting to read a retroactive immigration account and analyse its stance. 586 more words

I Spy

Installation of HADOOP Single Node Cluster

Step By Step Installation of Hadoop Single Node Cluster

Here we’ll see the step by step process of installing Hadoop, before that lets check what you need to have for the installation. 2,065 more words


Trails + Passport + Sessions

I’ve been working on a few little projects with Trails.js, and for one of the projects I wanted a basic username and password authentication setup. 1,150 more words


Wie SegWit ein Netzwerk im Netzwerk erschafft

Es wurde ja schon viel Gutes über Cores Release 0.13.1 und die Vorteile von SegWit geschrieben. Diesmal stelle ich ein weniger bekanntes und weniger positives Feature von SegWit vor: Ein 0.13.1 Node bevorzug die Verbindung zu anderen 0.13.1 Nodes. 1,153 more words


Moving to Trails.js

Throughout the summer I spent a good deal of time researching a variety of frameworks with which to build on Node.js.


I had a few things in mind when I was browsing and testing: 658 more words


Meg's Radar #19

Hey everyone! It’s almost turkey day! In my house this means lots of delicious food and games with my family. I’m looking forward to testing out some of the newer games I have received from KS with them. 478 more words

Kickstarter Spotlights