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Episode #4 - I Should Have Node What Was Happening

The next installment of The Brown Coder Podcast is available now.

In this episode, Dameon talks about the Node.js MeetUp he attended, and the experience of learning the technology. 57 more words


The party attempts to retrieve Sam’s body, but encounter...

The party attempts to retrieve Sam’s body, but encounter a mystery creature in the dark.

How to avoid errors installing npm packages globally in Visual Studio Code

I like to use the Integrated Terminal Window inside Visual Studio Code, just because it’s there and it runs commands scoped to the project directory I’m in. 228 more words

Angular 2

Customizing Bootstrap 3 in Angular 2

You can download the code here.

We all love Bootstrap, and we use that as a starting point for our web applications design. To add bootstrap to your Angular 2 project in vscode you can include the “bootstrap”: “^3.3.6” in you dependencies in package.json. 290 more words


Using SASS with Webpack, Angular2 and Visual Studio

This post shows how to use SASS with Webpack and Angular 2 in Visual Studio. I had various problems trying to get this to work from Visual Studio using a Webpack build. 372 more words


Shebang/Hashbang #! in shell

In unix sh file, we usually see the first line start with #!.

Like #!/bin/bash

The shebang (#!) at the start means execute the script with what follows. 45 more words


Junos: SRX Cluster Node Failover Forced

Run the following command to perform a force node failover within your SRX cluster

# Run the following command for each of your redundancy groups that are configured
request chassis cluster failover node 1 redundancy-group 0 force