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Install NodeJs and npm on Ubuntu 16.04

Distro Stable version

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install nodejs


  • sudo apt-get install npm

To update, you can install n

sudo npm install -g n… 15 more words

Add a remote node in Rundeck

To add a remote node in Rundeck, we need to have SSH connectivity (usually port # 22) and to setup a SSH based key based authentication between Rundeck server & client. 460 more words


How to list supported Ciphers, Hashes, and Curves for Crypto in Node.JS

Not a complicated task. Here is the code:

var crypto = require('crypto');


console.log('[ SUPPORTED CIPHERS ]\n')



console.log('[ SUPPORTED HASHES ]\n')



console.log('[ SUPPORTED CURVES ]\n')

588 more words

How To

JavaScript Engine and ECMAScript Specification

Having been a developer for over a year now, I have been coding left and right and have done thousands of lines of code but never really knew the fundamentals of what JavaScript (My main programming language) developed from. 577 more words

Web Development

Bi-Weekly Learning Update (36!)

Since I started learning web development I’ve had this notion that authentication – the ability to set up and log in to an account created on a site, was really hard to implement, and that it would be out of my grasp for a long, long time. 231 more words


Adding a timestamp and additional fields to log entries with Winston for Node.js

AWS Lambda functions can simply log messages to the console, where they appear in CloudWatch Logs shortly afterwards.

One of the nice features of AWS CloudWatch, is that you can then configure metrics to be extracted from the logs. 134 more words

Converting TIFFS to a web friendly image type in Node (PNG, JPG etc)

I’ve recently updated TIFF to PNG to use the new tech available in the newer versions of node. You can see it here on Github… 572 more words