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Scalable System Architecture with Docker, Docker Flow, and Elastic Stack: Backend Services

Scalable System Architecture

In the previous post, we added logging services to our cluster. These services are responsible for our logging and visualizations. Now we will be creating our frontend services. 1,763 more words

Open Source

Configuring Bamboo to Show Jasmine Test Results

If you already got unit test setup that has been configured to run with karma in local environment it might be a good idea to integrate unit test suite with your continues integration(CI) server. 844 more words


AWS Polly with Node JS


I got a chance to work with AWS Polly and i am willing to share my interesting experiences.

Amazon Polly (Text-to-Speech) implementation with Node JS… 261 more words


Integrate Django with NodeJS?

There is some article talk about how to integrate Django with NodeJS. As we know, Django is great and powerful for certain tasks but in term of speed and multitask. 78 more words


Developing with ACCS Caching Services

Try though we might to shift everything to a glorious set of stateless services, there are still plenty of scenarios in which an application might need to store some state, commonly to track some information about a user and that user’s session. 1,572 more words


How To Install ionic 2 in Linux mint 18

Welcome to everyone to my first article. through this article I would like to describe about how to install ionic 2 and nodejs in the Linux mint 18. 275 more words

Ionic 2.1

Synchronous & Asynchronous File Handling in NodeJS

File Handling plays an important role in NodeJS. By using this feature, we can access data present in different files present in different locations.

File handling in NodeJS is done by adding ‘ 342 more words