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Developing Modern Web Applications

By saying Modern Web Application, Of course, I mean JavaScript. Nowadays everything about web includes JavaScript in one way or another. And this blog post I try to introduce how to develop these modern web applications with the right tools. 1,799 more words


Hacks to get Loopback App's running on Heroku

To get Loopback App’s running on Heroku, a couple of hacks are required due to the way Loopback manages it’s configurations.

The first issue to solve is to get Loopback to take the port number from the environment since Heroku uses arbitrary port numbers to target different applications. 133 more words


Memulai node.js di Windows

Instalasi node.js

Sebelum belajar lebih jauh tentang node.js, langkah pertama yang harus dilakukan adalah melakukan instalasi.

  1. Download node.js versi terbaru di http://nodejs.org. Sesuaikan dengan sistem operasi yang Anda gunakan.
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Using node-sass with latest version of io.js

When using node-sass together with io.js, one of the problems is that it’s not updated to work with the latest version of io.js (at the time of writing, v.1.6.2). 265 more words


Mesos framework example in Python

The example I am presenting here is built on this blog post by James J Porter. James’ example runs a shell command to echo Hello World. 1,117 more words

Caching in memory in Node.JS

Doing memory caching in node is nothing that is really fancy. However, it can get really complicated if you want different features. When picking a module or building one for yourself think of the following: 112 more words