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Creating custom VSTS build/release tasks

VSTS is great in that not only do they provide a bunch of very useful tasks out of the box, but people can also create their own and contribute them to a marketplace.   721 more words

One language to rule them all

Hey you guys, today lets go over some of the basics of Node. Node is a full stack language based on the fronted Java script. There ae some main concepts that you should understand to move forward with Node. 542 more words


整合angular-cli 和 nodejs express

use angular-cli to dev the angular project -> build the project -> copy the html file & js files to the express project folders

in nodejs express project, app.js… 33 more words


VS Code debug warning

Debugging with legacy protocol because Node xxxx v7.9.x was detected.

=> 在vs code的 launch.json中把 protocol 设成 inspector 即可

see https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/24764



[NodeJS] - How to install dependencies? How works the`npm install`?

Npm is a smart package manager and it will install the latest and compatible with the project tag version as default[1][2]. This command when use with the parameter –save will add the dependence into the package.json file. 115 more words


Using Nodejs & Expressjs to Upload and save Image Files into MongoDB (Part 2/3)

This is a follow-on to Part 1, an introductory post

This example will use the Expressjs templating engine. Expressjs can be a deep and mind boggling domain but we’ll use only two of its key features, … 624 more words


Free Nodejs & MongoDB Hosting at Heroku & mLabs (Part 1/3)

Node.js has been all the rage for several years now. The momentum and traction since ~2014 seems to have caught the ‘enterprise community’ off guard. Data center penetration is growing and raising alarms with Chief Information and Computer Security Officers, mostly concerned over source code pollution at GitHub and NPM. 340 more words