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  • http.request()
    •  .end()
      • With http.request() one must always call req.end() to signify that you’re done with the request – even if there is no data being written to the request body.
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promise & . then


The traditional way to deal with asynchronous calls in JavaScript has been with callbacks. Say we had to make three calls to the server, one after the other, to set up our application. 324 more words


express route


Installing NodeJS on Raspbian

After writing my previous post about NodeJS on the Raspberry Pi I realised I didn’t cover how I got NodeJS on the Pi in the first place. 2,634 more words


Building A Blockchain (15)

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One interesting issue to solve, in my blockchains implementations (C#, JavaScript/NodeJS), is the node intercommunication. The nodes should interchange data, like new blocks, new transactions, status messages…. 338 more words


Using Edge.js as a Replacement for win32ole

Last month I had to create a NodeJS script that invokes methods of ActiveX object. I work in a Windows-only environment, so it should be no problem. 1,014 more words

SP 2013

Quick Intro to Node.JS Microservices: Seneca.JS

What is microservices architecture?

These days, everyone is talking about microservices, but what is it really? Simply said, microservices architecture is when you separate your application into smaller applications (we will call them services) that work together. 780 more words