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MongoError: getaddrinfo ENOENT localhost:27017

Today, i face an issue when establish mongodb connection in Nodejs Project with error message:

MongoError: getaddrinfo ENOENT localhost:27017

I tried to find something helpful in… 93 more words


Tabs in my browser

I’m the kind of person that will have roughly a bajillion tabs in my browser open at any time, give or take. It helps me to organize things that I am working on, want to read later, or will share with people on the internets. 378 more words


Raspberry Pi torrent box with AWS

This post is more or less a continuation of my previous blog post, Converting your Raspberry Pi into a light weight torrent box. If you follow this post you will be able to develop your own fully functional and easily extendable torrent box for your personal use. 2,467 more words

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Quickie: Node.js Cluster Performance

I’m currently working on a load test agent for Pumlhorse, which involves using the cluster library in Node.js. Most of the documentation is focused on using a cluster for HTTP server workers, but I’m using it a little differently. 412 more words


Loading Node modules from an external path

This is kind of a niche use case, but with Pumlhorse I wanted to be able to have scripts use node modules. For those not familiar, Pumlhorse reads YAML formatted… 377 more words


Using Selenium with NodeJS

When I started worked on a project using these tools there was not a lot of information available on the web, so I figured this would be a good subject for my first article. 459 more words


Upgrading Nodejs on Raspberry Pi 2

I read about using the n helper for node to perform an upgrade, however this did not work for me.  Instead, I added another source and upgraded with apt-get. 1,207 more words

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