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How I used to develop new things back in the days in no time

How I used to build web related software

When times were old I used to build things fast and simple. Web based software projects were my favorite. 825 more words


You might not need PostGIS: streamlined vector tile processing for big map visualisations

I recently re-engineered the data processing behind OpenTrees.org. It’s a website that lets you explore the combined open tree databases of 21 local councils around Australia (over 800,000!), with some pretty data visualisations. 848 more words


Node.js Sleep using Async/Await

Are you also downloading lots of data from an API and need a simple way to throttle? Here is a quick snippet on how to use… 33 more words


Dockerizing a Node.js App

In this tutorial, I’ll quickly show you how to Dockerize a Nodejs app. I want cover what docker is or why – hopefully that’s why you found this post. 248 more words


JavaScript - Reading Excel file using node.js! Solved!

This post will show you how can you access the data in your excel sheet(.xlsx) file from your node.js code.

Suppose this is our excel sheet: 78 more words


Sending Email in Node.JS with Amazon SES

Amazone Simple Email Service (SES) is a cheap and easy way to send transactional emails to your users. I use this on many projects to do “lifecycle marketing” (activity updates, reminders) and sending items like password reset. 240 more words


Using Redis as a Queue in Nodejs

When scaling out a website, sometimes you will have cpu intensive tasks or tasks that the user should not wait on when making a API request. 630 more words