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Docker - 06- CMD and ENTRYPOINT

CMD and ENTRYPOINT at Dockerfile

CMD wget -O- -q http://google.com

and we can add the entrypoint for parameter

ENTRYPOINT [“wget”,”-O-“,”-q”]

if we want to set default parameters we must be use entrypoint and cmd together…

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Error: maxFileSize exceeded, received 10551117 bytes of field data (max is 10485760)

When you try to upload file bigger that 20MB and if you get the error message “maxFileSize exceeded” then increase the maxFileSize on datasources.json file. 19 more words


Service Adapter Pattern


The “Service Adapter” pattern is designed to manage external API calls in Node JS API projects. This pattern has the additional benefit of managing different versions of the same API. 445 more words


Browser Node.js prototyping

Want to test or prototype your node code? Or maybe you just want to test out a module quickly.

Tonicdev is the perfect in browser nodejs playground. 33 more words


ES6 class: Hidden truths

For many developers, especially those coming from traditional languages such as Java, C#, PHP, etc. and those who have a great passion for OOP paradigm, ES6 may be a huge win as the most wanted feature in Javascript finally has been out: … 357 more words


NodeJs working with JSON

project structure


    "isActive": false,
    "balance": "$3,960.64",
    "age": 30,
    "eyeColor": "blue",
    "name": "Dawn Keith",
    "gender": "female",
    "company": "COSMOSIS",
    "email": "dawnkeith@cosmosis.com",
    "phone": "+1 (839) 437-3421",
    "address": "392 Clifford Place, Fontanelle, Arizona, 2687"
    "isActive": false,
    "balance": "$1,280.14",
    "age": 31,
    "eyeColor": "green",
    "name": "Bettie Eaton",
    "gender": "female",
    "company": "COMTREK",
    "email": "bettieeaton@comtrek.com",
    "phone": "+1 (861) 460-2317",
    "address": "203 Allen Avenue, Elrama, North Carolina, 4453"
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NodeJS is a server-side language like PHP. It uses struct synctax of Java script