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Get your lucky numbers with Angular

This snippet is based on the JavaScript exercise published on my eBook
“Small Projects to Learn JavaScript – Drawing Six ‘Lucky’ Numbers”

AngularJS was not even mentioned on the project but I figured it was time to demonstrate a way to implement AngularJS since it is the most popular implementation wanted right now. 7 more words


Exactly why Amazon software programmers are in significant demand and how to ride the hottest technology revolution?

We have never experienced a business opportunity like the opportunity created with AWS and JavaScript/NodeJS.

We are incrementally seeing a change by AWS away from conventional server-side programming languages such as Java and Perl to the language of the Internet; JavaScript. 696 more words


Naming Exceptions in NodeJS

In my last post I started testing my new configuration SDK. My initial code was very simple boilerplate:

/// <reference path="../typings/node/node.d.ts" />
/// <reference path="IConfigurationSource.ts" />

import path = require('path');

import { IConfigurationSource } from './IConfigurationSource';
import { InvalidOperationError, NotImplementedError } from './Exceptions';

export default class JsonConfigurationSource implements IConfigurationSource {
    private location: string;

    constructor(location: string) {
        this.location = path.resolve(location);
        throw new NotImplementedError();

    get name(): string {
        return 'JSON';

    set name(v: string) {
        throw new InvalidOperationError();

    get id(): string {
        return `JSON-${this.location}`;

    set id(v: string) {
        throw new InvalidOperationError();

    toObject(): Object {
        throw new NotImplementedError();
… 278 more words

Basic webserver with NodeJS

Sometimes you need to run a webserver, in my case I wanted to test ajax calls in an iFrame, and for protocols problems you should test it in a webserver, so I just did this: 62 more words


Callback is one of the most basic as well as important point to understand.It is the part of Javascript. So, what exactly is this Callback? 79 more words


Robust Queue

Queues have a tendency to get unruly. Whether it is a human queue, or a job queue in code, it does not matter.  Without some planing and thought into the queue, you can end up with chaos.   316 more words


Developing the Final Application

Through Struggle

I have been struggling this week with defining what I am actually aiming to produce. I was so optimistic after finishing my prototype that I thought I was on the home stretch, however I am far from it. 929 more words