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Javascript for Geospatial and Advanced Maps

Source: http://codepen.io/stevepepple/blog/javascript-geospatial-examples

A look at the latest web tools for geospatial analysis and advanced maps by@stevepepple

In the past year, a wealth of new web tools have emerged to help with web-based GIS and spatial analysis. 1,267 more words

Server Backend

Deploying a Node app on Windows Server using iisnode

It seems pretty straight forward to deploy a node app on Linux. But gosh, it’s such a big pain to deploy it on Windows! Took me soooo long to figure out! 585 more words


Visual Studio Code - A Cross Platform Code Editor built with Chromium

Microsoft has launched VSCode few weeks back for Cross Platform (Linux/Mac,Windows) and 55% download was Non-Windows. Shocking , right ?

HackerNews had a post on this and had really lot of comments/traffic on it. 233 more words

Shahjada Talukdar

The final editor war is over: Atom vs Visual Studio Code

During the last month I started experimenting a lot with some editors for software development. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks with Atom… 1,079 more words

Vita Da Admin

Improving performance of your node application : Clustering

It is obvious that node runs on a single thread. What does this mean? It means that node instance utilizes only one of the cores of the CPU available at its disposal. 107 more words

Improving performance of your node application : Enabling Compression

In this series of posts, I will be sharing some tips on improving the performance of your node / express application

Here is the first post in the series… 64 more words