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Bower is a NodeJs Package Manager For Web.

Bower Project Example

This is an example which show how to use bower to download JQuery and import to html page. 84 more words




It is the default package manager for NodeJs.

Package and module

Package in NPM is a directory described by pacakge.json. Module is anything that can be loaded by… 113 more words


Let's talk query: 0x0 - Intro

I want to build web-server!

I will use Node js, Typescript, Express and PostgreSQL, but this series of articles is about my specific approach to solve the problems of ORM. 426 more words


De NoJS à MEAN, par où commencer ? Part II : "use strict" et self-invoking closure

Voilà un article que j’ai dans les tuyaux depuis 3 semaines car je n’arrivais pas à reformuler certaines de mes phrases. J’ai décidé de le publier en l’état. 1,007 more words


Going back to bash-ics with dev tools

I recently nuked my entire development environment and I did so purposefully. As I have been teaching myself to write code I have come across many fun, shiny things that can make developing for the web easier, flashier, or something-er. 630 more words


WebPhim hay viết bằng Meteor


Web xem phim viết bằng Meteor sẽ đem lại cảm giác lướt web tuyệt vời cho bạn. Hãy thử và bạn sẽ cảm nhận được độ mượt mà mà framework JavaScript này mang lại.

Setting up HTTPs for your Nodejs site using Express, Let's Encrypt, GoDaddy and no-ip (Part 1)


Here’s to hopefully getting this done in under an hour (as opposed to the quasi 4 full days that it took me the first time). 1,094 more words