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Building a Couchbase Database Server with Mobile + Web Clients

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a web+mobile project that potentially needs to handle a lot of data and scale easily, so I’ve chosen Couchbase Server plus its Sync Gateway to provide a mobile platform that can keep JSON document data from mobile and web apps synchronized with the central data store.   722 more words


Continuous Deployment, NodeJS and Microsoft Azure

I’m progressing nicely on my side project. I’ve got a base server running in NodeJS and a nice web client that can be built using Gulp. 1,691 more words

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NodeJS Deploy at Server: Quick notes for Setting Up node.js at a server

Note: This post is a quick note for steps to set up nodejs at a server. It will not explain anything in details and be made of only steps to achieve setting up. 247 more words

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The Powerful Node JS in conjunction with the Instagram API

Combining these two magical products has been awesome. NodeJS for starters is a server side scripting language written by JavaScript engineers for JavaScript development. To those who only know JavaScript as a front-end scripting language, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you that JavaScript can also be launched at the Back-end. 215 more words


In Development: FreeOJ

Recently, Agus Sentosa, Kevin Luvian and I have been working on our own online judge system, FreeOJ. It consists of two main components: a web interface for managing and participating in programming contests, and a grader which automatically grades source code submissions submitted for the contests, not much unlike existing grader systems such as UVA and SPOJ. 181 more words


Spring Cloud: Node, Spring Cloud Sidecar and Consul

Spring Cloud Sidecar is part of Spring Cloud Netflix project that lets you setup a mediator beetwen your Spring Cloud system and any other application – non necessary written in a JVM language (generally other application that can’t easly integrate with Spring Cloud). 570 more words

GunGame2 Progress update: Radars and scanners

I managed to implement scan functionality to the game today finally. Its now there, for PC only so far. Scan function is usable with right mouse button on map and it will reveal position of any enemy units within fixed range of scanning point at the time of scanning. 93 more words