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Making ChatApp. Messaging App made with Nodejs, node-webkit, and some Networking Concepts.

All of the code is available on the repository here.

This is a guide to make a node-webkit app. What is node webkit? Here is the answer on GitHub. 657 more words


Node.js for isha.my webpage up and running (part 2)

Now that you have NodeJS running happily in your local computer, we will go through the next step. We plan to get you familiar with NodeJS development on localhost. 203 more words


Postmatica Mturk Manager

This is postmatica mturk manager and is a very good site for this post

Ruby On Rails

NTVS(Node.js Tools for Visual Studio) TypeScript version warning message after install TyperScript 1.5 beta

If you have installed TypeScript 1.5 beta, then the following message box will appear everytime you create new TypeScript project.

If you click No, then there will be a warning message in Error List window: 46 more words


Dusting Things Off

It’s been a long while since I last blogged on the site.  A lot has happened in my life and my career changed in order to focus more on the human side of technology.   224 more words


How to setup NodeJS and Express

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to install NodeJS and Express. I run Windows 7 on my machine, so it’ll be slightly different for those on a Mac or Ubuntu, but it’s principally the same thing in all cases. 493 more words


Node.js for isha.my webpage up and running (part 1)


The main webpage for isha.my is all running with Node.js. It is a very simple one page Node.js webpage. And it should be your starting point learning to develop with Node.js. 261 more words