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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NodeJS - Part I

About six months ago I started working on a NodeJS project. As many other developers I had already heard about it and played with it for fun but using it as part of an enterprise solution is completely different. 784 more words


Docker Micro Service App


Micro-Service Applications are going to get lot of attention in the coming years. What are micro-service apps ? – Read here. Anyways, from a 20k foot level, some of the reasons micro-service apps get popular could be: 863 more words

Building A Blockchain (11)

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I refactored the blockchain implementation in my personal JavaScript/NodeJS project:


In the previous post I showed some tests I wrote using TDD (Test-Driven Development) workflow. 781 more words


'1802js' - CPU implemented in JavaScript

While working on solving an 1802 interrupts problem, and ‘googling’ for the answers, I ran across an unknown-till now 1802 emulation project.

There is a short list of 4-5 other emulations out there, and if I have the time I’ll collect the list and post. 450 more words

RCA 1802

Tampa Bay NodeJS Mtg May 26

Held at Accusoft. The food was downright amazing. I had seconds. This dude came in with crutches so I offered to get him a plate of food from the little buffet they had set up. 154 more words


Multi-Platform JavaScript Modules

A multi-platform module/library is a piece of code that works shameless in browser, server -usually nodeJS- and embedded systems.
Haven’t you noticed that JQuery works when you import the library from “script” tags in a website and when you “require” it in nodeJS? 376 more words