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Writing a bill calendar with Node and Express

Everyone has their “go to” application when it comes to learning a new software stack. I believe every programmer out there has written the venerable “Hello World” application at least once in their lifetime. 851 more words


Làm trò với Puppeteer - Phần 1: Cùng tìm hiểu về Puppeteer và Headless Browser

Gần đây do đi làm phải code sml nên mình cũng hơi lười viết bài chuyên sâu về technical. Tuy vậy, mình cảm thấy lâu rồi không viết tutorial kĩ thuật nên hôm nay viết lại cho khỏi lụt nghề nhé. 1,007 more words

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Update Node.js from source code

This is a helper script to update Node.js from source code on Linux system. 205 more words


JavaScript Engine and ECMAScript Specification

Having been a developer for over a year now, I have been coding left and right and have done thousands of lines of code but never really knew the fundamentals of what JavaScript (My main programming language) developed from. 577 more words

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NodeJS API- Express

Nodejs is basically a way to run javascript outside the context of the browser. Powered by V8. We can use node for many things now like tooling and servers. 1,062 more words


Conceptual Aside: Command Line Interface

Prior to starting web development, I never really looked into Apple computers and laptops due to its pricing. However, being required to use one as part of my Web Development bootcamp for General Assembly, I had to purchase one to use it not knowing why I had to because it was just a pricy expense for me. 205 more words

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Simple REST API using Express and mySQL

This is a simple demo of building a REST API using Express and mySQL. You can grab the full code on github.

To make writing SQL query easier and more intuitive, I’m using a  991 more words