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10 Node.js Best Practices: Enlightenment from the Node Gurus

@tachyeonz : In my previous article 10 Tips to Become a Better Node Developer in 2017, I introduced 10 Node.js tips, tricks and techniques you could apply to your code today. 28 more words


It's Link Magic

I’ve done a little bit of web development with Node but am by no means an expert (…yet…as will become obvious throughout the course of this blog) and am still learning the In’s and Out’s of NPM. 173 more words


Setting up lxc container

  1. Install lxc and containers (assume the container host is running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    • Install lxc: sudo apt install lxc -y
    • Install container via a provided file …
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Application Container Cloud: Node.js hosting with enterprise-grade features by Maarten Smeets

Oracle’s Application Container Cloud allows you to run Java SE, Node.js and PHP applications (and more is coming) in a Docker container hosted in the Oracle Public Cloud (OPC). 414 more words


Express 라우팅


  • 애플리케이션 HTTP 요청 메소드(GET, POST 등)인 엔드 포인트(URI) 정의
  • URI가 클라이언트 요청에 응답하는 방식

라우트 메소드

  • 라우트 메소드는 HTTP 메소드 중 하나로부터 파생
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Typescript2.0 Internal typing manager

In Typescript2.0, there is an Internal typing manager to manage the typing definitions. Basically it is leveraging the NPM to manage the definition packages.

Basically, you can follow the following steps. 49 more words

Open Source

Express 구조

express 디렉토리 구조


  • 실제 서버를 구동하는 파일
  • 익스프레스 설정 파일인 app.js 파일을 가져와 http 객체와 연결

require 함수를 사용하여 그 리턴값을 변수에 담아 모듈 사용 31 more words