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Technical Stack là cái khỉ gì?

Lang thang trên mạng, ta thường nghe nhắc đến những một số thuật ngữ như LAMP Stack, MEAN Stack. Trong quá trình xây dựng sản phẩm start-up, ta cũng hay nghe nhắc tới… 1,654 more words

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NodeJS v/s Rails

There are thousands of articles on the internet discussing the pros and cons of NodeJS and Rails. This is one of such article. Let’s get something clear. 324 more words

Creating a Docker Container for Angular Yeoman Application.

The prerequisite of course is to install Docker and create a Docker hub account (free).
See Docker Installation Documentation.

A typical Ubuntu Docker container requires more than a 1GB download. 195 more words


Socket.io with nodeJS

Socket.io is an API that makes bidirectional connection toward your server and client, it’s often used in messaging web apps. The problem with bidirectional connection is that it’s really heavy on your server, so you want to use less as possible, so if we take a messaging app as example, instead of sending the whole message to the server, you’ll only push a notification trough your socket that will tell the other client to create an HTTP  request what you sent to database. 183 more words


Web Stacks

LAMP stack is a popular open source web platform commonly used to run dynamic web sites and servers. It includes Linux, Apache, MySQL… 311 more words


Setting up create-react-app + express.js + mongo DB + react-bootstrap (feat. ES6!)

In this article we will setup React application backed with express.js(Node framework) and Mongo DB. 498 more words