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Kristi Noem has voted against civil liberties, it is time to find her replacement

Updated 7/29/13 to add Constitution Party!

It is quite common for groups to rate politicians votes on scorecards according to that groups main focus (or bias). 1,714 more words

South Dakota

SD Representative Noem votes YEA for CISPA, and against your privacy online

Today the US House of Representatives voted YEA to the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2013 (CISPA) (HR-624). I’ve blogged before… 249 more words

South Dakota

In US politics, foreign things are very suspicious ...

… and market-oriented approaches to greenhouse-gas emissions are ‘radical.’ But I missed the moment when corndogs became un-American.

Via Andrew Sullivan comes a congressional… 577 more words

United States

U.S. House candidates go head-to-head in debate

As the election clock continues to tick, u-s house candidates take time out to address issues affecting South Dakota. Representative Kristi Noem and Democratic challenger Matt Varilek went head-to-head in their first and only West River debate. 276 more words



A compass is always a good thing to have

for travels across the big sea and land.

And if off-course should you go

 safely home,  may it help you arrive


Epic times will ensue

Sunday! Another week ends

(or starts if you count that way)

but first – if you don’t mind,

I’ll say: Happy Canada Day!

No doubt, the SSG is happy… 92 more words

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