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No, No, This Isn't a Waste of Your Time ...

It seems there’s a blog, by a dog named Smog, who sits on a log, in a bog made of fog, and in this fog bog dog, Smog, on a log, blog slog he writes how, with a cog, he flogged a jogging hog on the noggin for hogging the nog but it was really a frog with a taste for the grog who drank all the nog and the fog bog dog, Smog, on his log, thought long and said, 9 more words


A New Dawn is Coming

Cryptic has announced that Season 11 will be coming soon and it is a New Dawn. This new season will begin a post-war era for STO. 1,047 more words

General STO Stuff

300 Days of Beer - Day 106

Day 106 – 11th July 2015

Good Evening! It’s been a good day for all the English cricket fans after Australia were beaten with a day to spare, it’s also been pretty good if your name is Serena Williams, and you play tennis to a pretty high level! 77 more words

300 Days Of Beer

New Featured Star Trek Online Episode

If you are a fan of the Star Trek Online (STO) game, which most of us would be, then it will not have escaped your attention that there is a new featured episode out featuring everyones favourite Ferengi Nog! 168 more words


Update: Time in a Bottle Rewards at EPIC

Just completed “Time in a Bottle” with an appearance by Nog.  We knew early on when the Krenim didn’t make an appearance during Delta Rising that Cryptic had something interesting planned. 231 more words

Quote of the Day

Nog: I lost the Breen ship we were after.

Benjamin Sisko: I wouldn’t worry about it. There are plenty more to choose from.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine…

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