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Leviticus 2:12

You may bring them to Yahweh as offerings of your first products. But they must never be placed on the altar to make a soothing aroma. – Leviticus 2:12 (NOG)

Daily Tidbits

Deep Space Nine: s01e15 - 'Progress'

After last week’s rather excellent episode, this one crashed and burned for me almost from the outset. With the exception of one single moment, I found ‘Progress’ to be the worst episode of the season. 851 more words

The Goggle-Box

Deep Space Nine: s01e14 - The Storyteller

                                                 She looks different now

I was quietly impressed by my latest Deep Space Nine re-run, to the point where I’d describe it as probably the best episode to date since the Pilot. 987 more words

The Goggle-Box

No-Egg Nog

Soo. . . just nog. Vegan nog to be exact. 

Mmm-hmm. It’s been wintering  a LOT up here in central oregon. And by a lot I mean that the roads are entirely covered with snow, 20 mph feels like speeding, and I did my run this morning on a treadmill. 500 more words


Furry Stockings

I like RJ’s nog delivery system. Efficient, portable, nogtastic,

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