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Nog Recipe

Coconog – because research shows that nearly 65 percent of people are cutting back on lactose, gluten and sugar. Turmeric (my secret ingredient), is a functional food and contains iron, fiber, vitamins and magnesium. 145 more words


Deep Space Nine s05 e25: In the Cards

So here we are, on the eve of War. Everyone’s tense, grim and gloomy. People and shops are leaving DS9 for healthier climates. Captain Sisko’s dinner party for the senior staff (except Jardzia Dax, missing for a second week) has fallen flatter than a flat thing that has been flattened by being run over by a steamroller. 679 more words

The Goggle-Box

Top Nog

What is it about the holiday season that incites us to cast all common sense aside and engage in otherwise inadvisable behavior, with childlike glee, no less? 1,318 more words


Deep Space Nine s05 e24: Empok Nor

Though I don’t remember anything at all of these few episodes I originally watched almost twenty years ago, this episode epitomises why I was so enthusiastic about… 727 more words

The Goggle-Box

Egg Nog

This is a quick post but I had to do it. This is vegan egg nog!!!! And it’s soooo good!!! I’ve gone through like 3 of these so far this year. 57 more words

Anatomy of a Kelpian: Dissecting Characterisation in 'Star Trek: Discovery'

‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is a phenomenon. It has managed to stay funny through twelve seasons – a feat rarely matched on a show which has seen very few changes to its cast. 4,022 more words

Crude Reviews

Episode 4.12: Paradise Lost

The story in Homefront (Ep. 4.11) turns out to be a red herring. The direct Dominion threat to Earth never materializes. The true threat to paradise comes from Leyton and his coup. 776 more words