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Episode 4.12: Paradise Lost

The story in Homefront (Ep. 4.11) turns out to be a red herring. The direct Dominion threat to Earth never materializes. The true threat to paradise comes from Leyton and his coup. 776 more words


Fiction? Pt III


Fiction? Pt II

 After another sleepless night, Anna began to believe that she was already dead; her body and mind just had not caught up yet.   2,367 more words


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - It's Only a Paper Moon (Review)

It’s Only a Paper Moon is a fantastic illustration of a lot of things that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine does consistently well.

It is an episode that builds off events depicted in an earlier story, picking up with the character of Nog following the loss of his leg in… 6,299 more words

Star Trek

Episode 4.8: Little Green Men

This is practically a required storyline for any Star Trek series: do a time travel episode in the near-modern day, specifically in the past so the viewer knows how history will play out. 757 more words



Part I

Anna had been fighting with Kris for awhile.  For as much as she loved him, it always felt like a square peg in a round hole.   1,590 more words


The New Girl

“Do you know who I am??” Anna expectantly asked a man in an impeccable suit. The man looked at her with mild distaste, thinking her ego was a bit much. 76 more words

Short Fiction

Dear _____, (#9)

Dear _____,

I have seen you so many times, but you never seem to notice me.  I started and stopped this letter so many times, because I don’t even know who to send it to.   594 more words