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The 1947 Blogathon: The Devil Thumbs a Ride (or, Why Picking Up Hitchhikers is a BAD Idea)

Admittedly, I haven’t seen every movie Lawrence Tierney was in, but I can’t imagine that he ever played the romantic lead or the goofy but lovable sidekick. 650 more words

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The Billy Wilder Blogathon -- The Couples of Sunset Boulevard

“I AM big. It’s the pictures that got small.”

Sunset Boulevard (1950), which focuses on aging silent film star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson), is fairly jam-packed with fascinating couples. 1,157 more words

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The Great Villain Blogathon: The Life and Times of Veda Pierce

Webster defines a “villain” as a cruelly malicious person who is involved in, or devoted to, wickedness or crime.

Given that definition, what kind of person comes to mind? 2,001 more words

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The 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon: Top 10 Oscar-Less Noirs

Every year, when the Academy Award nominations are announced, I excitedly print out the list of nominees and set about seeing as many films as I can before the night of the big event. 2,165 more words

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Day 14 of Noirvember – Great Performances: Agnes Moorehead in Dark Passage

Dark Passage (1947) isn’t one of my favorite noirs. Oh, it’s interesting enough, with half of the feature filmed from the point of view of the protagonist and, of course, any film with Bogie and Bacall is worth the price of admission. 501 more words

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Noirvember Day Five: The Women of Brute Force (1947)

Brute Force was a rare noir set almost entirely inside the walls of a maximum security prison, focusing on a sadistic guard (Hume Cronyn) and a group of cellmates who try to escape his tyranny by carrying out an intricately planned prison break. 843 more words

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Top 10 Most Persuasive Film Noir Femmes

How do I love film noir femmes fatales? Let me count the ways.

I love them for their striking beauty – how did Virginia Christine expect to stand a chance with Ava Gardner slinking around in that single-strap black dress in… 2,203 more words

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