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I hate Jane Austen novels this much!

I hate Jane Austen

I don’t hate Jane Austen. I only despise her literary work.

To prove I mean no malice for the woman, I’ve included a heart-felt apology at the bottom of this post, one that defines my page’s headline: … 678 more words


Neo-Noir Fiction: Evil Has Gone Up A Notch!

Neo-Fiction: The New Black

‘That’s only my hand child. I mean you no harm.

Trust me. There is nothing to fear.

…but don’t tell anyone I was here!’ 342 more words


Moreton Island Murder Baffles Police. Investigations Continue.


 Story by reporter: Julie Sephlia : Twitter: i.sephlia : Facebook

Moreton Island: Idyllic Murder Scene.

Moreton Island: Body Found Under Yacht.

Moreton Island has become the scene of a most bizarre murder which has investigators stumped. 214 more words


'Surreptitiously Yours' by Kristen Fouquet

Where are the bounds of privacy, and what does it mean to respect privacy in the face of art making? A young film student asks just this question in Kristen Fouquet’s novella… 357 more words

Book Criticism

Femme Fatal:Gloria Denton

Femme fatale Gloria Denton is smart, tough, crooked, ruthless, glamorous and unlike traditional Femme Fatales (Vera Caspary’s Bedelia and Dorothy B. Hughes’ Laurel Gray… 392 more words

Femme Fatale

CP Goes to the Philippines: Manila Noir (a review)




Manila Noir ed. Jessica Hagedorn (New York: Akashic Books, 2013)

WHILE THINKING about what to mention in this review it occurred to me to contact Akashic Books much as, a few years ago, I had contacted a number of small-independent presses in Australia, the UK and the US (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Scribe, Serpent’s Tail, Bitter Lemon, Steerforth Press, Dennis McMillan Publications) to try to get a sense of how they managed to continue, even thrive, in a much-changed world of… 3,406 more words

Flash Fiction: An Evening At Mick's

The gang was gathered, the beer was cold, the night was young.

Molly Mosutko was back in town and, as was her wont, had lured some poor schmuck into buying her drinks for the evening, a strong jawed country boy, unaware that he was slated to be cast aside the minute he looked for anything deeper than skin with Miss Mosutko. 457 more words

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