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The Wicked Go To Hell: Frédéric Dard

“It was an eerie spectacle, for the darkness obstructed the rest of the bodies so that the prisoners looked like the heads of fallen angels nailed to a backdrop of night, with their hands for wings.” 800 more words


So long, Sister

Pulp fiction vixen,
you’ve stolen my heart.
Sultry suggestions,
whiskey and wine,
destroyed my defences
tore me apart.

I played it tough
like a hard boiled dick. 165 more words


Miriam Chako and the mistake

When Miriam Chako walked back to the banquet hall with the delegation of the old ladies, those old ladies who also happened to be the wives of the owners of the hotel where she was staying, she had the strangest dread discharge from the center of her being. 329 more words


The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy (2006)

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I solemnly read the last line of the book I am holding, then close it and put it on the desk next to my bed. 789 more words

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