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Stanford Prison Experiment: Revealing Evil

There’s a seed of evil in all of us.

Stanford University’s 1977 psychology experiment incorporating a role-play study of ‘Wardens’ and ‘Prisoners’ turned nasty, revealing evil at our inner core. 457 more words


Clotherings and other silky prose

Lately, my daughter has referred to a book we’re reading (The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman) as “silky.” She’s talking about the prose. I had said it’s really good to read aloud, and she said yeah, it’s silky. 675 more words

Check Out "Hit The Till" At MONDAYS ARE MURDER

I’m really excited that my short story “Hit The Till” is being featured as a part of Akashic Books’ Mondays Are Murder story series, available at their website. 82 more words


Endgame: Ahmet Altan

“Anybody else but me would have left. He would have shrugged off these strange twists of fate and left. But I chose to stay. A chain of coincidences. 868 more words


Murder at the Grove

(Genre: Crime-solving mystery/Noir Fiction)

“That was the last time I’ve heard from her.” Joshua Grande told Detective David Frost as he crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. 1,365 more words


The Dead Stay Dumb: James Hadley Chase (1941)

The Making of a Gangster’s Moll …

“From now on I’m givin’ the orders and you’re takin’ em, see? We’re getting into the dough, an’ no one’s stoppin’ us. 597 more words


J’irai cracher sur vos tombes (Boris Vian, 1946)

J’irai cracher sur vos tombes, by Boris Vian (a.k.a. I spit on your graves, 1946).

Score: unsettling.

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