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Crime-On-Crime Review Series Four: Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me, by Will Viharo

In my bi-monthly Crime-on-Crime Review Series, I review and recommend crime fiction books I’ve recently read and enjoyed.

Hey hey, it’s October already? Time for another review. 603 more words

Book Review: Double Indemnity (1943) by James M. Cain

I had killed a man, for money and a woman. I didn’t have the money and I didn’t have the woman.

When I heard Fred MacMurray… 599 more words


Review: Butcher's Moon, Part 3

This hatred is one side of the rather equivocal attitude the Greek mythical tradition has toward the figure of the wolf.  On the one hand, the wolf, as Richard Buxton suggests, “stands for one who by his behavior has set himself beyond humanity.”  This is particularly true of the “lone wolf,” a figure isolated from human and lupine community alike. 

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Crime-On-Crime Review Series One: Lamentation, by Joe Clifford

In my new bi-monthly Crime-On-Crime Review Series, I share and review books I’ve read recently that I enjoyed. With so much noise out on the market, it can be tough for the casual reader to find some of the amazing work that is out there in the ether. 446 more words

Do Me a Favour--Drop Dead: James Hadley Chase (1976)

Again as if we were planning to drown a cat. No emotion, no nothing. Once more the cold dead finger went up my spine.” 1,269 more words