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Noir Fiction

Noir Fiction

“Noir” means black in French. But I never nailed what exactly is noir fiction. I have associated the terms with mystery and crime fiction. But why a separate term “noir fiction”? 283 more words


#31 Expiration Date

Swierczynski, Duane.  Expiration Date: A Novel. New York: Minotaur Books, 2010. 224p. 9780312363406. $16.99 USD. (paperback)

Recently unemployed Mickey travels back in time to the 1970s as a Private investigator where he meets up with a boy that will one day be his father’s murderer. 516 more words

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Paint it Noir

For this installment of the Book Battle, I’ve decided to choose a book by an author I love but one that I haven’t read yet. I chose Raymond Chandler’s  211 more words


27 Recent Influences, First 2 Cards

The front door klaxon goes off. Phoebe swallows and looks around for Comma. “COM,” but no answer. She stands, “COME ON, COM. COMMA, WHERE ARE YOU?” … 3,614 more words

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When Sam Gowan wakes up from a bout of amnesia, he is standing over a corpse, an empty automatic in his hand. Despite the number of bullets in the corpse’s face, he recognizes the man as Ross Lambart, and the last thing Sam can remember doing is meeting up with Lambart in a bar. 826 more words

Noir Fiction