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Offbeat Motherless Brooklyn resonates

What makes your protagonist different?  What makes him memorable?  Get this question right, and you’re halfway to a decent story.  Get it wrong – too quirky, too stereotypical, too shallow – and you’re probably doomed.   313 more words



Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue, Manila

Cinematic Photography


Expectations: Part 1

As I creep back toward the door, I’m running through scenarios in my head.  If she’s got a gun, I’ll duck low and sweep upward with the pan, knocking the gun away.   1,812 more words


Into the Hollywood Teenage abyss (a noir series)

Uma sat outside the Greyhound station on Cahuenga smoking a cigarette, watching the hopefuls arrive to get their dreams shattered. At 17 Uma had seen so much blood and gore she felt like a 60 year old. 776 more words

Los Angeles