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The Nice Guys (2016, dir. Shane Black)

Shane Black is one of the fathers of what would become the 1980s buddy cop genre. His addition was Lethal Weapon, written when Black was 23 years old. 452 more words


Theatre Noir – Sweeney Todd Transcends Horror

On Theatre Noir: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Isn’t Horror.

It’s long believed that Sweeney Todd’s slasher-styled musical set in 1846 is a horror story. 794 more words


John Hart: Redemption Road

Subversive Killer

Tortured minds

Detective Elizabeth Black joined the police department 13-years after Officer Adrian Wall saved her from a suicide attempt. She has always been drawn to him, even after his release from prison for murdering his lover. 159 more words

Murder In Common

Rorschach and the Age of Noir

Noir, as a literary and cinematic genre, and even just as a word, has always come with the dark and oddly cosy connotations one often associates with the work of Raymond Chandler, or films such as Double Indemnity, or Graham Greene’s The Third Man. 769 more words


Sondaggio, quale preferite?

Ecco tre copertine da me ideate per un racconto di circa 4.000 parole che avevo conservato e mai pubblicato. Qualche hanno fa me l’aveva chiesto un editore, poi non so bene perchè, sapete nella vita capitano queste cose, non gliel’ho mai inviato. 157 more words