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Brave New, Noisy World

Hey y’all,

I posted a short video on the Bloggerheadseaturtle Facebook page the other day about ocean noise pollution and realized that I have never done a post about the topic yet. 551 more words

Marine Conservation


You know when you spend some time being focused on anything, that “anything” seems to start appearing everywhere?

Like when you buy a Toyota, you start seeing your same Toyota all over the place. 1,031 more words

Top Ten Reasons Not to Fly Helicopters

10. Enjoy Earth, don’t Burn It to Fly Over It.

9. Be Quiet.  Enjoy Quiet.  Trust Quiet and Peace.

8. Realize Life is as Much about What is Behind us as in Front.   102 more words



Born and brought up in India, I knew honking is a way of driving. In my first visit to abroad, I realised the world is far ahead than us only if we consider roads, driving rules, concern about noise pollution and anything related to traffic. 781 more words

Noise pollution in parks.

Most people do not think about noise pollution as a threat to ecosystems but in fact they can be. If animals cannot hear predators or if it creates an impediment to animal reproduction it will have a cascading effect down to plants if the behavior of herbivores is affected by a noisy environment. 162 more words

Sound, Noise & Wilderness

Sound is often profound. Noise often annoys. Thanks as always to Ed Yong, touching on a topic we have been sensitive to for some time now: 545 more words


Human noise is making it harder for wild animals to mate

Humans have grown used to hearing each other’s sounds having lived in close proximity with one another over millennia, and in a sense, this has made our senses duller compared to wild animals. 169 more words