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Degrees of silence

Silence is a word that we think we all understand, but Sara Maitland’s A Book of Silence has prompted me to think about the role silence plays in my own life. 490 more words

The Roar of Spring

It was 2 in the afternoon last Monday and I was settling in for a long afternoon of grant writing.  My brain was focused and the writing was flowing. 336 more words


Parisian Politics and a Changing Soundscape

AFTER A VISIT TO PARIS in the early 1950s to record everyday sounds of the city, the pioneering sound recordist Ludwig Koch said, “There is an atmosphere in sound that belongs only to Paris”. 1,647 more words

Paris Sounds

Noise pollution in Taiwan in the age of PM2.5

Written by Jennifer Hsieh.

In the past couple of years, PM2.5, or atmospheric particulate matter, has become a popular buzzword for environmental activism in Taiwan. 1,239 more words



We hear a lot about the many ways that we humans pollute our environment—ocean acidification, plastic trash accumulating in ocean gyres and on beaches, filthy air in cities and near factories, dirty water from industry and agriculture—the list of damage is enormous. 1,125 more words

Your drive to the shops makes life pretty noisy for whales

Living alongside humans gets noisier all the time.
Katrina Burgers/Shutterstock.com

Andrew J. Wright, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

As unlikely as it may seem, your drive to the supermarket is responsible for a lot of noise pollution in our oceans – and a lot of stress to marine life as a result. 766 more words


Din from bypass has some neighbors on edge

Citizens complain to Oregon Department of Transportation and Dundee city officials that traffic on thoroughfare is keeping them up at night

Some Dundee residents, who complain of the roar of traffic emanating from the Newberg-Dundee bypass at night, have complained to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Dundee Mayor David Russ. 29 more words

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