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Clear Solar Panels Double as Highway Sound Barriers 

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SOLAR PANELS ARE typically dark, opaque, unsightly slabs blanketing the roofs of buildings. 277 more words


Talking on the Phone in Public - Ever heard of texting?

People’s voices are, for the most part, really annoying. Even people you like, over time, just get to you. The way they say things, their syntax and expressions, just the whole kit and caboodle (that term is heavily underutilized) will likely drive you nuts over time. 937 more words


Korsa għat-tagħlim tas-sewqan tal-karozzi?

Is-sejħa għal espressjoni ta’ interess għaċ-ċirkwit tal-karozzi qanqlet diskussjoni fil-pajjiż. Id-diskussjoni iffukat fuq it-tlielaq u kif il-proposta ser tuża 800,000 metru kwadru. Dan il-qies qed jissemma issa, għax qabel l-elezzjoni tal-2013 kien jissemma qies iżgħar, madwar in-nofs. 289 more words

Environmental Impacts

Cum on and feel the noize.....

Today’s Instant Bargain is worth banging your drum over.

“Let’s rock this mutha!!!!!!!”

It’s a snazzy drum set for that family member who wants to be the next Keith Moon. 25 more words

Sale Of The Century

A Symphony Of Sound: Part 1

When it comes to cleansing a home, I tend to take a common sense approach. Meaning, what are the common senses and how do we incorporate them into a house cleansing? 918 more words

Ħolm ikrah u d-dilemma tal-Partit Nazzjonalista


Is-sejħa għal espressjoni ta’ interess biex jinbena u jitħaddem ċirkwit għat-tlielaq tal-karozzi li ħareġ iktar kmieni din il-ġimgħa mill-Gvern hu attakk ieħor fuq l-art barra miż-żona ta’ żvilupp (ODZ). 249 more words

Partit Nazzjonalista

To Your Silence

Here I am Lord
I have brought the world and my day with me
What a motley crew arrayed before You
But not in vain. 43 more words