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Traffic noise impacts frog survival

If you’ve ever lived near a busy road, you’re familiar with the noise of cars whooshing by and ear-piercing honks. Traffic noise is a well-known source of stress in humans. 131 more words

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Happy New Year's Eve! (Look out for a Veteran)

What a year.  Seriously.  In our house, we are really ready for 2016 to be over.  At this time of year, I am always hyper aware of how difficult this evening can be for Veterans to get through so I thought I would post our top five ways to get through the night. 417 more words


Is Your Noisy Neighborhood Slowly Killing You? - FLORENCE WILLIAMS JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017

Inside the science of negative sound effects, and what we can do about them.

Mark Allen Miller

If you’re a tree frog or an ovenbird… 290 more words

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Meta l-Parlament jistenbaħ


It-Times online irrappurtat dwar rapport li l-Ministru Manwel Mallia qiegħed fuq il-mejda tal-Kamra wara talba li saret għal dan mill-Membru Parlamentari Anthony Agius Decelis. Rapport li ilna nafu bih xhur twal! 136 more words


Essentials: "Noise Pollution" - Portugal. The Man

The alt-rock trio has released the first song from their upcoming album, Doomin + Gloomin. Noise Pollution is an up-tempo psych-pop track, featuring fuzzy synthesizers and guest vocals from  48 more words


No Peace on Thanksgiving

I don’t normally write blog posts about politics or current events here on Focal Plane, but today I’m just so angry that here it comes. 344 more words

Noise pollution map of London (part 1)

I’m working on a noise pollution map of central London. Noise is an interesting public health topic, overlooked and of debatable cause and effect but understandable to everyone. 965 more words