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Stupid Noisy Motorcycles

In a place as dense as this city, you cannot escape constantly being surrounded by people. As you are going through your daily life, you are therefore exposed to what everybody around you is doing: you know your neighbor’s sleep schedule as you hear their every step trough the thin ceiling. 280 more words


Warning: Living In a City Could Seriously Damage your Health

I recently spent some time walking around Washington DC, where I live, with an aethalometer sticking out of my shirt collar. I carried the device, which measures air pollution, around with me like a pet monkey as I walked in a city park, drove on the city’s circular beltway and picked up my kids from school. 1,120 more words


Noisy neighbors

In Stockholm, there are laws about how close apartments can be built to a highway because of noise pollution. Buildings with apartments from before the law that are already too close are protected by special walls to help diffuse the noise from the street. 188 more words


Bulk of airplane noise complaints came from two people, who filed 2,801 complaints last year

Last year, a single Calgarian complained to the Calgary Airport Authority 1,707 times about aircraft noise.

That’s, on average, almost five phone calls or online submissions to the airport authority every single day, to vent about the sound of planes. 319 more words

Local News

Delta noise complaints not heard in consultation with airport

Delta’s concerns about noise and effects on bird life as a result of increased airport traffic have not been heard, according to a report by Delta staff.  339 more words

Want What You've Got! (earplugs)

Each spring, as women gather for an annual retreat at a local camp, we prepare a packet of pillow treats. This year’s version was a small blue box which contained a chocolate mint and a pair of earplugs. 719 more words


Science Deniers in the Wind Industry

By Helen Schwiesow Parker – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

The human health consequences of manipulated measurements

Like the tobacco industry before it, the wind industry has spent decades vehemently denying known harmful consequences associated with its product, while promoting its fraudulent feel-good image. 1,273 more words

CAGW Alarmism