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Lights! Camera! Quiet Please... A New Documentary by Jeffrey S. Gould That Explores Misophonia - Which Means “Hatred of Sound”

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Film Courage:   What was life like sensory-wise as a young child?

Jeffrey:  I was always a quiet kid… I always needed my own space/place to go even as a child but up until the divorce I had a lot of friends.   366 more words


The Sounds of Silence... London, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto vs Mumbai

Asia can be a sensory cacophony… Mumbai means living with an everyday decibel level that you just come to accept. Even the background sounds that fade from consciousness are ever present – crows, pigeons, hawkers, traffic, construction, music or TVs blaring, animated conversations at all hours…  there is always something day or night. 432 more words


Editorial: Don't ramp it up

People are already doing enough things in their backyards to annoy their neighbours without adding skateboard ramps to the mix.

Instead of agreeing to study the issue of whether Calgary’s long-standing ban on backyard sports ramps should be lifted, council should simply have saved taxpayers’ dollars and voted to keep the status quo. 378 more words


Neighborhood Noise Ordinances

When we lived in the U.S. our neighborhood was pretty strict about nightly noise. We always made sure to inform everyone near to us with a gift when we would be having a late night music party. 110 more words


Cycle Day @ Indiranagar 1st Stage on 5th July

Cycle Day in July.

Date & Time:    5 July 2015 at 6:30am.
Venue:                 Indiranagar 1st Stage Park.
Hosted by:         BM Kaval RWA, Indiranagar.

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It's only a couple of hours

My noise-sensitive readers will have heard this before, probably many times. It never fails to enrage me. As if it’s perfectly OK to render the homes or workplaces of other people unusable, and rearrange their plans around yours without their consent for… 98 more words


Will this move solve the illegal parking problem in residential areas?

Residents of Indiranagar 2nd Stage have been complaining about the illegal parking in the locality to the traffic authorities for a while now [|Previous Posts:  572 more words

Illegal Parking