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Ban OK Please

Indian trucks are the answer to the question, ‘What would Sunny Deol look like if he were a Transformer?’ The good thing about Indian trucks is that they transport vital goods across the country day in and day out, halting for nothing except maybe the occasional STD pitstop. 598 more words


Religious celebrations

Religious celebration in our country comes down to who can make the most noise,
“Oh so your religion can play music at 125 decibels. Mine can play it at 130 decibels.” 63 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Ah, the jet-ski: the noisy scourge of the Abu Dhabi beach. At least this one had the good grace to be a red foreground object.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Weekly Photo Challenge

Study shows how ocean noise harms dolphins

Seismic airgun blasting, naval warfare training are key sources of harmful ocean noise pollution

Staff Report

FRISCO — With ever more offshore oil and gas exploration proposed, … 814 more words


Dolphins use extra energy to communicate in noisy waters

April 23rd, 2015. Dolphins that raise their voices to be heard in noisy environments expend extra energy in doing so, according to new research that for the first time measures the biological costs to marine mammals of trying to communicate over the sounds of ship traffic or other sources. 619 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

In early March 2005, I made one of the quickest – and most impacting – decisions in my life. I decided to drop my ambitions of gaining my Physics Bsc Degree, and to go back home. 1,400 more words