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Ripples of Sound on a Turbulent Sea

Close your eyes and imagine a stormy seascape. The wind is gusting, driving up towering waves. While this is happening, the rain is driving down in sheets, creating little ripples all across the storm-tossed ocean.   849 more words

Marine Mammals

Sound Clash In Uptown Ghetto

There was a time when dancehall DJs lived in downtown ghettoes. And they knew their place. No moving uptown into supposedly exclusive neighbourhoods and bringing their blasted noise to upset nice and decent people. 885 more words

Bob Marley

City Places Development Rights Above Public Health / Facebook post, Whatcom Hawk, Wendy Harris

Yesterday at 2:54pm July 28, 2015  Wendy Harris

I am writing this as I breathe in sawdust and diesel fumes from construction next door, yards from my bedroom and office. 534 more words


Quote by Joan Chittister

“There is a pathology of noise that drips into the soul in contemporary society until the soul simply disappears under the weight of it.  Then there is only the shadow of a person left looking for itself.  

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Sounds of War: Navy Warplanes Producing Deadly Noise Around US Bases - Truthout

Local writer Dar Jamail has followed up his first controversial article on the Navy’s plans for the training of pilots over the Olympic Peninsula last fall, with a new article. 44 more words

Puget Sound

Effects of Noise Pollution

In this article you will quickly learn all the effects of noise pollution .  Any noise above 60 decibels is toxic to our body systems and should be avoided in order to maintain good health . 530 more words