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Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

As unbelievable as it sounds, there is a creature living in the North Pacific Ocean that is lonelier than Netflix binging alone on a Friday night when all of your friends are at Funk Night without you. 481 more words


Wake Up Calls for Health

We seem to be wasting valuable time and energy needed to move forward with renewable energy alternatives. We barely hold one entity at bay when another rears its greedy head. 461 more words


Rare beaked whale dies on Merizo shore (Guam)

March 24th, 2015 (Manny Cruz). A very rare whale washed up on the Merizo reef yesterday.

The 15-foot beaked whale was still alive when it washed up in Bile Bay in Merizo. 245 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

Turning Down the Volume in Cities

This article first appeared on the Conversation and was republished with permission.

We live in an increasingly noisy world. Since even low-level noise can affect quality of life, new tools to deal with noise are welcome. 753 more words


I'm Learning How to Turn Down the Volume

Travel has been a part of my job for the past fifteen years. I’ve always envied¬†fellow travelers who are lost in the sounds of their high-end, noise-cancelling Bose headphones. 918 more words

Everything Else

It would take 80 Gatwicks to be as noisy as Heathrow

We checked the noise pollution level coming from five busiest airports in England. The result? Difference between Heathrow and the rest is colossal. 300 more words

Heathrow Expansion

Noisy Roads

Noise is a prominent feature in many urban areas, coming from not just transport but also industries. There are various studies done on the effect occupational and environmental noise exposure on humans, such as that by… 411 more words