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Infographic: Impacts of underwater noise – a helping hand

In their new Practitioner’s Perspective, Guiding principles for assessing the impact of underwater noise, published today (16th May 2018), Faulkner et al. present practical solutions for mitigating the effects of underwater noise on marine wildlife. 522 more words

Research Summary

Noise exposure becoming 'the new secondhand smoke'

Noise doesn’t just affect hearing, activists say. A study by the University of Michigan showed an association with cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

Source: Noise exposure becoming ‘the new secondhand smoke’

The Oregonian

Indigo - Tagline - The Noisy Airline.

Indians are the most vocal of all the people in the world or to put it in other way, India is probably the noisiest country in the world. 1,979 more words


The culprit

Further to one of my previous moans on the subject, here is the beast which needs to be stopped. Any advice on how to achieve this is welcome. 15 more words


PTSD: how we struggle and how to help

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) makes us hyper-vigilant, which means we are constantly looking for danger. It’s not always conscious. It has become our programming. A sudden, loud noise, like vehicle traffic, a passing airplane or helicopter, or a slamming door sends our mind racing to categorize the potential danger. 955 more words


Environmental Impact Assessment, Monitoring and related terms

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment discusses technical developments and data arising from environmental monitoring and assessment, principles in the design of monitoring systems, and the use of monitoring data in assessing the consequences of natural resource management and pollution risks. 1,290 more words


Doctors come on street to spread awareness about noise pollution

By Ashish Bhalla

Several ENT specialists from the BMC-run hospitals took to the streets on Wednesday to spread awareness about the health hazards of unnecessary honking. 132 more words