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Oceans – Noise Pollution

The noise pollution produced by ships and marine construction projects in the Gulf of Maine is drowning out the sounds that Atlantic cod and haddock need to communicate with each other, according to a new study. 48 more words


Noise Pollution~by Neil Perry

Noise Pollution

Oh what a dreadful noise it is
Its doing in my head,
I prefer some peace and solitude
While laying in my bed, 119 more words


My experiment with honking-free driving

For a month I had been driving my car without the horn. It happened accidentally. My car horn stopped working and I just kept postponing getting it fixed. 1,155 more words


Report: Pollution Kills 3 Times More than AIDS, TB And Malaria Combined (NPR)

October 19, 2017 by SUSAN BRINK

Exposure to polluted air, water and soil caused nine million premature deaths in 2015, according to a report published Thursday in  1,067 more words

Post Automobile

Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000

Noise pollution is a major issue in today’s urban areas. From factories to vehicles, from machinery to daily equipment, everything produces a noise that is having a significant impact on the ambient environment as well as the health and well being of humans. 381 more words


#048--Why do some people play music on their phones without headphones or earbuds in public places?

The Universe strikes again with something I can work with. I have excellent hearing. Even now I can hear Starbucks’ sound system through my wrap-around headphones, which are on to diminish the noise so I can write. 635 more words

100 Questions

Problems in Every Place I Have Lived Since Moving Out of My Parents' House

First place: The landlady was the even more petty than my own father. I’ll give examples but nothing can really show it unless you lived through it. 1,397 more words

The Apartment