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There is too much noise out there..... Should humans learn to communicate via sign language ?

I always wondered what was the purpose of inventing language. Was it that we communicate our thoughts to another human being, how we feel about ourselves, our emotions and our desires ? 206 more words


Military conducts security exercises in Pearl Harbor area

Things are going to be noisier than usual around Pearl Harbor on Wednesday.

The military is just doing some security exercises.

As part of the work, they’ll be simulating live fire, and sounding sirens. 9 more words


Amega amp/mixer, part 1

I picked up this Amega model M-2 amp/mixer combo at an antique fair for cheap. This thing is stupid heavy. Real portable.

The 5 black tabs on the front are removable solid state amp cards.  249 more words



Eighteen years inside one house
A lifetime to recall
Every precious memory
From back when I was small

The house was oft alive with sound… 206 more words


Andrew Chalk - Blue Field

Andrew Chalk sits somewhere between art, sound (sound art?), and experimental music.; a place he inhabits with collaborators such as David Jackman (Organum) and Christoph Heeman (in the band Mirror). 56 more words


Silence is golden

Tonight when I was getting off the metrolink I noticed a flock of geese flying overhead. As they did, I  wondered how the noise around them, like that from the train, might be affecting them. 59 more words