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Stepping towards a clock circuit

Yes, yes, … pun fully intended.

Above is my current clock circuit, but it has a few glitches and I’m still working on it. But I thought I’d share it with you in its current state. 584 more words

for the love of all things holy etc, please shut up.

having to work extra hard today to maintain this facade of “calm.” i mean extra extra extra (extra!) hard to do so, especially thanks to the source of the need for me to do so. 313 more words



It has been a very long while since I blogged. I guess I needed a strong motivation to make me delay  it no longer and David Bisbal’s song called “Ruido” (Noise) did the trick. 651 more words

Just driving around with a frog ... 

I was driving tonight and I swear I heard an animal noise coming from somewhere in my car. It wasn’t ferocious but no less disturbing. I never found out where it was coming from either. 38 more words

Life's Little Lessons

peace of mind

One way to have peace of mind is keep your marbles from banging into each other.


Stara Rzeka: Zamknęły Się Oczy Ziemi 2xLP (clear)

Woah! I just listened this album through and what a haunting beauty this is! This is the reason why I still keep on collecting records (even though I have been slowing down lately just because of that Terra Tenebrosa’s shipping fiasko few weeks ago). 104 more words


Happily Bustling? or Noisy?

Libraries of all types and sizes struggle with this question.

It is hard to be all things to all people. Hard to be the quiet space some crave, while also being the busy bustling place filled with happy people of all ages. 21 more words

Public Libraries