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I am drowning in the noise
Inside my mind and my surrounds
Somehow, I just want to lay in bed
In peace and quiet
Writing, scribbling… 7 more words



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“I can’t listen to music, I said
there’s already too much noise in my head
reverberating from the things they say… 141 more words


Daily Tarot Card - The Blasted Oak

From the Wildwood Tarot. I deliberately pulled this one out today because I had a strange dream last night. I was sitting on the floor in a house which in some superficial ways resembled the house I lived in in New Jersey. 293 more words


Bowen Island Ferry

To travel between worlds
I take a ferry
From the big smoke
To a small Island
Then back again

Landing on an Island
Is always like… 70 more words


The Makeover

“He’s at it again!”   Muriel Hornbellows announced angrily.  “Half past seven on Sunday morning!  There’s no peace!”

Burton Hornbellows groaned and pulled a pillow over his head.  1,352 more words

Lutfi Othman x Coffee Faith Split

Lutfi Othman x Coffee Faith Split
Luthfi Othman dan Coffee Faith. Dua proyek yang berkutat di wilayah noise/experimental. Masing masing menyuguhkan sebuah track yang lumayan panjang. 49 more words


Mind As A Detector

These days many carry with them a CCD, a charge coupled device, they use it to do profound things like taking selfies. These CCDs are in ‘phones and most have no idea how they work, yet they use them. 534 more words

Self Discovery