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TransLink apologizes for noise on 1st night of Pattullo Bridge repairs

The first night of five months worth of repairs to the Pattullo Bridge went less than peacefully for nearby residents.

“The jack-hammering was constant…we were kept up until probably 2:30 a.m.,” said Rae Clair. 335 more words


Easter in Greece comes with a bang

Everyone knows of New Year’s fireworks, but in Greece, it’s Easter that’s more worth of a bang. Nearly everyone, but especially young men and boys, will buy some sort of firework to light at the church courtyard during the Easter Mass, on Easter Eve. 316 more words

Modern Greece

Sissy Spacek - Brath (CD, Oxen)

Sissy Spacek is pretty much legendary in the noise genre, but even if you haven’t heard the band specifically, its member John Wiese should definitely ring familiar. 284 more words


internal traffic noise

When I was a kid, I used to stand at the eastward-facing window of my parents’ room – where the cool breezes always came in, and also the side of the house with the best view – and I would just look out at the garden and the trees before me, and at the streets and roads behind that, and out at the hills and freeway beyond that. 545 more words


Mad House

Lots to be thankful for but feeling suffocated today. The skies have gone black and it’s now shitting it down here. I went running early this morning in the spring sunshine and it was wonderful, trotted for 6 miles and came back less angry than when I left. 446 more words



How can I relax?

So much noise around me.

There was a time it did not bother me.

Signs of the time.

It has been getting louder with every passing year. 305 more words


Random processes in time and frequency - attempt for an infograpic

Some time ago, I got fascinated by a few infographics from absorptions. The dial-up modem poster deserves special attention!

I have been looking at some topics on noise recently and decided to attempt assembling my first intentional infographic. 81 more words

Signals And Systems