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Living Alone

Kids, the lease on my current home runs out on July 15. When I moved in with my roommates, there were four of us. As the last few weeks have passed by, the others have fallen out of the picture one by one. 449 more words


Mommy Vs Mother Nature Round 1

Ahh, the sound of birds and the tick tock of the clock are music to my ears. If it isn’t obvious, it’s nap time. Honestly, how else would I be able to hear such sweet sounds? 455 more words

Parent Primer - Help, my kid has autism? Pt. 2

Good morning, lovely people. Time for Part 2 of my hopefully helpful guide to stuff the Autistic, Disabled and Neurodiversity communities have discovered.

The first thing I’ll say is parenting kids isn’t easy, but parenting exceptional kids is really really challenging. 2,176 more words



I know there’s ultimately nothing going or special about this one but I just love to imagine reading it out loud as, “Cute! Wanna HOO??!!?!??”

New recording - Cycling Thoughts

Here’s a new track recorded live without overdubs on 20.06.15 in Zurich.



What's The Late Night Noise? Dry Rice Noodle Cart

People are not allow to shout at night because it’s rude and disrespectful to people who are sleeping. So people call out to customers by hitting sticks together and the echo sound is used for selling their noodles. 235 more words