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I make random sex noises in public

My roommate finds it hilarious, I find it embarrassing (now that I’m aware of my problem).

Its not intentional, the most recent scenario and there have been many was in the supermarket, my scarf got caught in a bit of plastic in the meat isle by the sausages, I kid you not, and as I pulled it out I made a sound that sounded something like ahh( but higher pitched). 104 more words


Beep, beep

“Beep, beep”

What was that for?

“Just makin’ noises. I don’t know.”

You’re so weird…


The Last Sound

The Last Sound
There are always these voices roaring,
somtimes mumbling, bustling and booming like a trollop,
Shouts and groans and fits and moans,
They come from a higher floor of the mind, 122 more words


Tunes, Jams & Noises

Need Your Love – The Temper Trap                                                                                                   We all know The Temper Trap’s uber-infectious ‘Sweet Disposition’ because it was used in every movie and commercial of the year 2009 after its appearance in ‘(500) Days of Summer’ (the legendary JGL/Zooey Deschanel rom-com). 498 more words

Noises of the Night

Noises in the night

keep me awake…

my heartbeat,

your breath;

the crumpling of sheets

when you turn to the side –


fill my head; 19 more words


my simple poem

All gave some

Some gave all

Some people are so loud when they’re quiet

Everybody makes noises

Everybody makes choices

What will you do with yours?

Food For Thought