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Loud thoughts

What are we without the noises?
Without the wailing of a baby?
Without the panting of a runner?
What are we without the incessant chatter? 88 more words


Sounds Of Summer Readiness

Summer is almost officially upon us where I’m living.  That means warm weather, bright sun, lots of being drinking and dining al fresco.  It means wonderful flowers and amazing storms.   243 more words

Whims And Wonders

Dangerous Phrases - Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Humans are the silliest creatures I know, sillier even than squirrels and that is saying a lot. 187 more words

Tussling terms of a thunderstorm

Shelter of the ship in a season of thunderstorms

Couldn’t stop the heart from pounding out

The crescent waves and its insidious warmth

Crashed with tears deep and noises loud… 38 more words


My dog and my neighbor are dying.

These days, when my pup, Winnie manages to make it the six feet over to my neighbor’s porch, she simply just licks his leg and walks away.  336 more words

Mom's Dislikes

Since we’re coming up on Father’s Day, I’m thinking about the things that used to anger Mom that amuses me now. It’s a short list, but each of these earned a sharp word, snapped fingers, threats, or warnings, all delivered with “the evil eye.” 320 more words


Help! Help! I'm Losing My Mind... (a Poem)

Help! Help! I’m losing my mind, please tell me… is that what I got up to find?

NO !  Help? I’m losing my mind you see, I think that’s why I got up?? 252 more words

Chronic Pain