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Jessi Malay - Noises

Backed up by heavy bass, Jessi Malay sings about taking the sexual tension from the dancefloor to the bedroom.  While she has a light tone to her vocals, she never gets overtaken by the production and adds the softer element that a song going for sensuality needs.  57 more words

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I've got it sorted thanks!

I’m sitting in the ‘office’ listening to the noises in the house. It’s a glorified¬†bedroom really, with some desk space, a shelf holding lots of magazines, a paper holder and few containers where I plop my pens when I’ve finished writing with them. 370 more words


The Unseen

She didn’t believe in things that go bump in the night. But sometimes, when she was home alone, she heard a noise upstairs. It sounded like somebody running from one room to another. 62 more words


Dublin Noises

When you live in a city long enough, it becomes like a person to you, develops a character, consisting of all those experiences and impressions that you live and absorb in it. 189 more words



I made an observation a few weeks ago and it happened when I was in the bathroom at work. It’s okay. I’m not going to say anything disgusting or fecal related. 449 more words



Of ghosts and Spirites, Walking by Night,

And of Strange Noyses, Crackes, and Sundrie forewarnings, which commonly happen be-fore the death of men: Great slaughters, and alterations of Kingdomes.

Ludwig Lavater (1596)


Boston Terrier Alarm Clock is Hilarious (Video)

Boston Terrier Alarm Clock is Hilarious (Video)
Spanky the Boston Terrier wakes up his human by snorting, clawing his back and making funny clucking sounds… 14 more words