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In case you missed my occasional twitter posts about Squeak, he’s my newly-acquired part-time kid. It was all rather unexpected, really. Caffeinated Otter saw him once a week for supervised contact, then all of a sudden Squeak’s mum decides it’s easier to leave him for unsupervised contact so she can go shopping. 992 more words


#14 Pooping at a friend's house

I hope your weekend was filled with a lot of  fun and awkward moments. You might have done this one recently actually, it is quite common. 536 more words


Noises From the Backseat

Hi there :)

Bubba is not fond of his carseat currently. Driving to and from anywhere, especially in the dark, is an all out war. 560 more words


Snap, crackle and pop ...

One of my yoga instructors taught us a stretch, probably about a year ago, that I believe has changed my life for the better. Well, at least my spine’s life. 80 more words


Hearing Noises

I have noticed over the last few months that I hear what sounds like a radio or music playing in the distance. Today I heard it coming from outside and I thought my husband was home from work and it was the radio in his van, but when I went outside he wasn t home and the noise had disappeared. 14 more words

Open Letter To Uniden Part II

Well I didn’t expect to have to enter the round again with a part II. But there are some radios out there that don’t receive any noise of the newly made series of radios, and of course in fairness it has to be shown both sides, if not then it is impossible to draw a conclusion of what the next steps are, if any at all. 291 more words

Cb Radio

Weekly Creative Practice: Entry #6- Noises

Nov 1, 2015 at 4:15 pm

As I walked out of my house, on my way to work, I instantly heard a loud high squeak sound. 225 more words

Weekly Creative Practice