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A Nightmare, Shared

It’s comforting somehow.

I just gotta.

I gotta share this. Been meaning to for some time and now’s the time on the cusp of this move. 578 more words

Clomp And Clack Couple

Still Noises

Some noises run deep down to the core,

There they unfurl their pores;

One needs to maintain eerie silence,

To  gather their essence.

Some noises talk in undertones, 77 more words

Now Hear This.... Loudest Sounds In History

All of us think the loudest sound in the world is the phone that rings in the middle of the night or the dreadful music the neighbor kid blares on his car radio, but there are some sounds that drown out even those painful interruptions. 176 more words


Bump in the Night

Remember my really awesome apartment that I used to live in back in my North Carolina days? Well, they used to tell me the building was haunted. 287 more words



Misophonia is an often misunderstood condition. It is a strong, often described as irrational, emotional reaction to certain trigger sounds. Imagine feeling rage at the sound of someone chewing, welling up within you, often exploding out, and you are approaching how life is like for many with Misophonia. 392 more words


I Like the Noises They Make...

If I was to ask you what sounds Michael Jackson and Prince make frequently when they sing you would know exactly what I mean. Michael used to do this heeeeheeeheee thing. 732 more words