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Some Voices

It is not about the origin of contemporary voices

But about their expression in abundance and vitality

Echoes in a restricted space; tossed unnecessarily

Assortment of ideas reluctantly beside each other… 54 more words


Abandoned Tracks

Hearts travel through the tunnels of truth

To find the noises echoing the station of belief

Souls feel the raindrops kissing its youth

With a surreal poison dissolving affection with a pulp of grief

-Muzaffar Ahmed

Hatred of Sound

For as long as I can remember I have had to have a list of reasons behind each emotion, so when I began to get overwhelmingly frustrated for no apparent reason I felt more isolation than I knew was possible. 426 more words

Mental Health

Houdini weekly Notes I

Difference between Pop Force and Pop wind:

  • Velocity accelerates with no limit in pop force
  • Particle velocity tries to match the speed specified with pop wind…
  • 344 more words

The Sound

He was in the bath room, fresh from the shower and reaching for a towel, when he heard the sound.

It sounded like a thump in the other room, like… 154 more words


Misdirection, Redirection, The Gang Stalkers are Good at This - Just Magic Tricks

Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes

Ah. Park a white car at an angle next to my car. 320 more words

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Are you becoming what you always hated?

It was herĀ again.

She had crept into my thoughts, crept into my soul, brushed the curtains aside and opened the window. 640 more words