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Word of the Day ~ tumultuous

Word of the Day


Pronounced – two muhl chew us


Tumultuous (Adjective) – a disturbing, loud, and unorganized noise

The tumultuous crowd demonstrated outside the embassy. 22 more words

English Vocabulary

No al Mall Baron

   I may be too far away from the U.S. to watch streaming tv episodes, but I’m not far away enough to get away from the attempts of U.S. 269 more words

Nokia Patents Tattoo Of The Future

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Imagine a tattoo that receives phone calls.

Although it’s currently science fiction, Nokia is betting it could make it happen. In fact, the company is so confident, they’ve patented the idea. 143 more words


What would Jeff Tweedy say?

Speaking of music…

There’s a discussion going on right now on the Joe Jackson email list about why people pay to attend concerts and then talk through them. 165 more words