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Three Noisy (2015)

1. Barking dogs.
2. Construction equipment.
3. Dancing grannies.
In China much time spent-
So many complaints, now involving the


She's Mine


lovely pair red lips

gentle, soft, and kissable 

silence never done

loudmouth i remember her

noisy, vulgar but she’s mine 



Boxwood - Not a Topiary

Originally, three small boxwood plants were purchased, but as the yard and plants were rearranged, only one remains.  This shrub admits the perfect amount of sunshine to the bedroom window, while allowing a decent view from inside to the backyard. 122 more words

Noisy Neighbors

How do you combat loud neighbors in your apartment complex? I can think of a few ways but they’re probably not sociably acceptable. For now, when we’re assaulted by noise, we’ll just play music loud enough to drown out that noise! 66 more words


Shout! Shout it out! by Denise Fleming (2011)

Look out world, today we’re cutting loose, we’re letting it all out in an auditory explosion. Think a party of exclamation points, bemused bystanders and post-yelling hoarseness and you’re on the right track. 176 more words

Read Aloud Preschool

Spanish conversations 

Have been having issues with my neighbours for the last few months now. They live above my flat and are noisy as fuck! They speak to each other as if they’re deaf, resulting in me catching bits and pieces of disjointed spanish conversationsalllllll the time. 492 more words



There are many things that bring me comfort like being awake late at night while my household sleeps. I like the still quiet of the night and all I can hear is the furnace operating, the wine swirling in my glass, and my fingers upon my keyboard. 1,827 more words