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2016, August 18 - 1763 - activity of the city

people walking by (5)
cars, trucks, and bikes fill the roads (7)
everyone moving (5)


Cicada Shells

Little known fact, Chinese herbal medicine has used cicada shells to reduce body temperature, such as fever, and as an anticonvulsant. You can check out more facts at this sight for Traditional Chinese Medicine… 98 more words



How it seems:

What it is:

Seriously, how can kibble make that much noise?!?


2016, August 09 - 1731 - allergies 2

every year the same (5)
suffering and sniffling (7)
but much too often (5)


Random Writing Time

So all the examinations have come to an end, and I have come out the other side of my time in university with a 2:1 BA Hons. 863 more words


2016, July 28 - 1698 - Place Gambetta

streets are dim and calm (5)
the fountain loudly sputters (7)
cars begin to roll (5)


Grossmann Festival 2016 Awards: NOISY CAT for best music documentary: Rejects of the Second Generation – Following the Traces of Punk (Slovenia; 2016; Dunja Danial)

Jury motivations: NOISY CAT (Jury: Igor Vidmar, Dušan Moravec, Boštjan Sovec)

“With its rhytm and message, Rejects of the Second Generation is a film which transcends the boundaries af a documentary. 156 more words