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Would You Rather # 8: Have Nosy or Noisy Neighbors?

It is not just civil to be nice to your neighbors; it is a necessary ‘investment’ because you never know when they would be of help. 632 more words


2015, December 24 - 1139 - Christmas Eve

a special evening (5)
to spend with the ones you love (7)
sharing traditions (5)



Just after One in the morning and Sofia is back to bed after a feeding. At the moment I’m pulling late night duty because I got a bit of a nap in early tonight from about eight to eleven. 161 more words


1,234 letters

It’s not about “me” loving “you.” Don’t think of it that way.

This essay is one of the 1,234 letters that I have written for you. 1,232 more words


Empty spaces lead to strong minds, part 2

We went to this little church a couple of years ago. Please understand that I am NOT making fun of the pianist. She was very talented.  339 more words