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July 13th - Balanced Diet

I found this Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala) bouncing around the front garden in our neighbourhood last week, nimbly feeding on this vertical flowering bush.

The Manorina melanocephala is native to south and eastern Australia, but can be found right up through the tropics in far north Queensland. 106 more words

Dans Daily Photo

Whoops! by Suzi Moore; illustrated by Russell Ayto (2015)

The out-loud-reading-speed-test is a wee invention of mine, that gives a fairly accurate indication of how fun a picture book is to read aloud. It’s pretty scientific/mathematical, so I won’t bore you with all the formulae, but, in simple terms, if I find myself reading a book really fast by the end, it means it’s a winner. 212 more words

Read Aloud Preschool

Only a few more days

I think I am starting to be able to sleep through the noisy one. I feel bad for my neighbors though, I hope his yowls don’t carry… 26 more words


Obstreperous: adj. being noisy and unruly


When adults are being noisy and unruly then they are obstreperous and when young offspring are being noisy and unruly then they are being rambunctious. 114 more words

Common Sense

Living With The Window Open

This sounds like a bit of a weird topic but it’s kind of true I love living with the window open and have done pretty much since I got the half of the bedroom with the window. 792 more words