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Shrill and despairing voices stabbed tranquility with sharp jibes

The symmetry of peace shatters, hopelessly fragmented

Constant tone of defiance arise from the depths of hollow promises… 99 more words


To our dear mother

To Mama,

You have always been stuck with us,
You love us and we know that,
But there are times when I ask,
Do you love me or hate me as much? 114 more words



Day after Thanksgiving, tranquility
All the preparation, a day busy
Giving way to a morning slow and lazy
Mind, full of memories of last night, fuzzy… 41 more words


Ahh Noisy!!

Some idiot tune their radio to max and wake me up from my sweet dream! I love songs but why you play such a rock song?? 57 more words

My Life

THE TURKEY ( 2016 )

The turkey is the oddest bird

It’s gobbling noise is too absurd

It struts and prances all around

But never truly leaves the ground

Except at night to roost in trees… 51 more words


Hullabaloo: friend or foe?

Hullabaloo: a very noisy and confused situation

I looked at this word and at first thought — what the heck will I write about? I’m not going to get into a situation that was/is most definitely a hullabaloo right now in the States. 251 more words

Wednesday Word

RIP Analog Noise

Also uploaded to Facebook. Viewable in 2D, 3D and 360° virtual reality with spatial tracking audio.

We replaced the noisy clock on our wall with this nice and quiet digital clock that shows more than just the time! 10 more words