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Jikoni. Coming in from the cold.

Is that the  Italian? I am asked this question each time I mention I am going to Jikoni. Full disclosure:  I am asked it four times. 1,164 more words


Dyson DC14 roller bearings and block/ bypass relief valve

This Dyson DC14 came into the workshop with a couple of problems.  The first was a lack of suction power and the second was a horrible noise from the front of the vacuum cleaner.  329 more words


a prayer for the noisy-minded

My mind can be assaultingly noisy. A cacophony of ideas, and “must-dos”, odds and ends of conversations done, in the go, or to have, snippets of ideas, a mish-mash of worries and wishes, hopes and high points, fears and frustrations. 335 more words


What is that Noise ??

If like me you have worked with young children for many years, you may not realise the toll it is taking on your hearing. Working in different environments, with noise levels at the max can cause problems in years to come. 624 more words

Noisy by Wes Civilz

The yellow baby loves the noise of his rattle

I hate the noise

Don’t worry, I won’t make my feelings known

Life is an interruption followed by a nuisance… 10 more words

The Opiate

Silence of the birds

Fuck me..I have said it before and I will say it again birds do not cheep or tweet (not on twitter) they SCREAM. The little bastards woke me up about 7am, never mind silence of the lambs it should be silence of the birds!


On the list of annoying things basketballs are pretty high up. I can hear you yelling, “are you mad?” from a mile away.

But truely they are. 59 more words