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birdsong and squirrel chatter filled the morning in the garden…

energized by the lovely weather, I worked in the garden and trimmed back the plants beside the pond… so excited to see the new growth starting in most of them… careful not to pull out things that I wasn’t sure about and there were two or three of them… 171 more words

Big Girl Pants

Earplugs ... 

Sometimes my house gets so loud. Even after all of these years of being a mother of four, the sound is still downright mind-boggling to me. 42 more words

A Piece Of Me


What is wrong with you birds? It’s almost 3 am, and you have been tweeting and chirping like crazy for nearly an hour now. Some people need to sleep you know. 33 more words


Noisey, Nosey, Naughty All Begin With NI

I asked Crash, “What is N for that is about you and your brother?” This is what he came up with: N is for noisy. N is for nosey. 379 more words

Boom bah! by Phil Cummings; illustrated by Nina Rycroft (2009)

If you’re a fan of making crazy noises at preschool storytime then this picture book is going to make you very happy.

“Ting! Shhh! Listen! What’s that sound? 58 more words

Read Aloud Preschool

Sleeping In The Crowd

As the crowd gathers in the evening in a public square, one gentleman is oblivious to the din of activity around him.

Street Photography