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Culture Connection with Dr. Bill Maier

Culture Connection

with Dr. Bill Maier

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Culture Connection


#195: An orchestra inflates balloons until they burst.

— Text Score A Day (@textscoreaday) April 26, 2013

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#251: Shout every name you know.

— Text Score A Day (@textscoreaday) June 21, 2013

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Episode 396: In The Doghouse!

Well although I was working today and knew that I would be up very early, I did not intend on getting up quite as early as 4:30! 163 more words


An Indian's perspective

Thanks to stand up comedians and Bollywood, India/Indians have become globally stereotyped. We are the annoyingly sweet albeit harmless set of people who shake our heads when we talk, eat with our hands, speak with a funny accent, rudely interrupt during a conversation, are very curious, undisciplined, multilingual, money/status oriented, super religious and so on. 301 more words


Duck and Rice. Ever been to a Chinese pub?

I’ve never seen anything like it says C, almost smiling, practically a whole page of beers. This from the man whose favourite card is one bearing the legend “Beer: proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” 946 more words


It's Noisy Around Here Today


A lot of progress is being made on the exterior freight elevator, as well as on the renovation inside, but I’m not sure what they are doing today.   626 more words