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friendly neighbourly reminder:

#Sunday and every cunt and their chainsaws, lawnmowers and weedeaters are out with their noise pollution, ‘getting it done before Monday and we go back to work’! 12 more words


Why You Can Focus in a Coffee Shop but Not in Your Open Office

(Source: hbr.org)

Surveys have shown that workers’ primary complaint with open or cubicle-filled offices is the unwanted noise. However, recent research suggests it’s not the noise itself that’s the problem. 837 more words

Money Matters


Im trying hard to keep calm or I will be crazy and kill my roommate right away.

Her exsting is to remind me that there is a lot of thing suck in this life


Silence! In a Noisy World? Good Luck.

As in introvert, and whatever other characteristics make up the whole of who I am, I absolutely dread waiting rooms, primarily at doctors’ offices and auto repair shops. 844 more words

reconciling the hormones #25

And Menopause.

Actually, Y’all should just learn to breathe quieter.


#meme is a picture of a woman sitting on a couch looking back at her ‘partner’, who has his head in his hands … looking a little concerned. 18 more words


The Silent Majority

Back in the 1960s — and yes, I was alive back then — the phrase “The Silent Majority” was coined by none other than then-POTUS, Richard M. 442 more words


Artist ……….. Monophobe
Album ……….. Double Tap
Label ……….. GERGAZ
Released ……….. 5/30/16
Price ……….. Free

Layers of muddled abstract beats careen somewhere between hip hop and a noisy type of IDM. 26 more words