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A NOISY person and a NOSY (also NOSEY) one are not quite the same, though both can be unpleasant.

NOISY (coming from noise) reminds me of the day when I was stretched out on a sunbed at Ponta Negra beach, book in one hand and a cool coconut drink in the other. 167 more words

2017, February 12 - 2344 - train 4

silver runners run (5)
clicking and clacking along (7)
steady and direct (5)


Rental Flat - My Neighbour/s

Every single day of my life living in this rental unit for almost 5 years, with my son, was really testing how patient I can really be.  652 more words


Trying To Be Quiet

Trying to be quiet is like opening a bag of chips and just walking away.  Impossible. 646 more words


The Noisy One

You will invariably have one or more noisy ones, these will be the children that need to continue to chatter and make sounds despite how annoying it is. 53 more words


Noisy Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry - How To Fix

If your dryer seems to take forever to dry your laundry and it’s also noisy, you might have a broken or obstructed blower wheel. 109 more words

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