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Am I Being Tested?

Kids will do that to you, they’ll push you into questioning your sanity and qualifications.

As we all find out at the birth of our first child they don’t come with instructions or rules, there’s no qualifications you can get, no courses that can truly prepare you for parenthood. 222 more words

Extra Stuff

seeking quiet...

After a full day… I find myself seeking quiet…

a little stillness… but it’s hard to find…

mind cluttered…

to do’s… undone…

hearing the hearts of those I heard today… one seeking discernment… and another distressed for a loved one… 96 more words


Like kids

You know how kids can be; busy, noisy, messy…you get the picture. Some days you want to just pull your hair out!

And then you walk in their rooms at night and they look so peaceful and serene, sleeping blissfully away. 17 more words


50/50 Custody

Oh wow. This is one of the hardest four days of my life. I love my children so much and tucking them in at night heading to work and not even seeing them for three or four WHOLE days is Torture to me. 662 more words

2017, May 27 - 2664 - the city 5

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