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Sometimes I put on headphones

And leave the music turned off

Just to hear the world

A little bit less noisy



The Gift of Silence in a Noisy World

Life is noisy. Kids are noisy. Co-workers are noisy. The news is noisy. Restaurants are noisy. Traffic is noisy.

We are so accustomed to noise that we often avoid silence. 279 more words


“I've buried a lot of my laundry in the back yard.”

My quiet mornings ended this morning. I heard a dog barking, a little girl yelling from down the street, two mowers from different directions and voices from the next door deck. 375 more words




I woke in pain, I woke in pain quite a lot during the night but this was the final waking in pain of the night. 600 more words

Random Thoughts

The Quick Construction Noise Rant

What’s good internet? I’m gonna hop right into discussing the annoyance of the hour:


Man, I hate this construction going on around the apartments. 128 more words


Lincolnshire Wolds - July 2017

This was a trip that I had been looking forward to for a long time, staying in the county, going to a ‘cool campsite’, and exploring somewhere new. 541 more words

Wednesday 05.07.17

Was rudely woken at 4.30am by the chickens making a right racket, lol sent Ruby out into the garden to chase off whatever was bothering them, had coffee and chilled out till it was time to go to work, picked up the car from… 72 more words

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