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Waste Yrself by Teen Suicide REVIEW

I was originally going to review their new album, but it’s ONE HOUR LONG. I’m not in the mood to review an album, so here comes WASTE YRSELF, Teen Suicide’s fourth (or second?) EP! 491 more words


Watch: ‘Rubbed Out’ by Damn Teeth – and download the complete debut album FREE

Featuring members of Joanna Gruesome, Thin Privilege and Black International, Glasgow purveyors of no-wave noise are unleashing their debut album via Good Grief records on a pay-what-you-want basis. 52 more words

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Here Come The Cicadas!

Here come the cicadas
Here come the Cicadas
Orange Black and Blue
Nasty noisy Cicadas
BUZZZ BUZZZ BUZZZ… 11 more words


It was my shoes... honest! 

It’s only when your students are absolutely silent during an assessment that you realise how badly your shoes sound like squeaky farts.

Barefoot for the rest of the lesson, it is.

True Story

Interview: Acidandali

Noise Rock and Experimental Rock. For years, it seemed like an errand’s fool to start a band in these genres. At least in the Mexico City scene, both seemed like the refuge of freaks and gear geeks, with many a band’s future lost inside dank garages and isolated practice rooms. 2,420 more words

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The Downside of living with strangers

In some stage of your life, you may live with someone that  you really don’t want to live with. This is currently me. I’m in Halls and like everyone else in Halls, was unable to decide who I would and wouldn’t live with. 522 more words