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Halo temans!, sore ini kebetulan ada waktu buat update blog, setelah beberapa hari yang padat dengan kegiatan berkuliah dan kerja praktek :D  akhirnya tibalah hari ini berkesempatan kembali bercumbu dengan coding – coding  :D. 503 more words

Programming & Development

Hiking up Mt Nokogiri (Boso Peninsula, Chiba)

Having bought the JR Kanto Pass, one of the few passes available to foreigners residing in Japan, we decided to go as far southeast as we could, bringing us to Tateyama and Mt Nokogiri in the Boso Pensinsula, the latter having been made famous by a Top Gear ‘car versus public transport’ episode. 872 more words

Install nokogiri on server

gem install nokogiri -- --use-system-libraries=true --with-xml2-include=/usr/include/libxml2

Mt. Nokogiri - Yokohama loop

In my book, this is the best and most varied daytrip you can do from Tokyo. Beaches, mountains, ancient temples, giant Buddhas, a boat ride and a hot spring, all within easy reach of Tokyo’s bustling centre. 837 more words


Screen Scraping in Ruby with Watir and Nokogiri

I was given an interesting challenge to scrape some data from a specific site. Not to write a completed, packaged solution, but rather just to scrape the data. 1,725 more words


Usando Nokogiri para analizar detalles en la web.

Veamos como emplear la gem Nokogiri (http://www.nokogiri.org/) para analizar algunos detalles simples en una web.

Nokogiri es un parser para HTML, XML y SAX que permite buscar elementos empleando los selectores de CSS3 o XPath. 320 more words


Nokogiri - Rubygem

Sample code to save the website in to html in local machine.

Benefit : We can scrap the content from the target website.


require ‘open-uri’ 22 more words