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Experiments with web scraping

Few weeks ago I came across web scraping. Found the subject intriguing with numerous life applications.

I researched a bit and there are a lot of applications and frameworks one can use to quickly make an app that can scrape data off websites. 405 more words


Nokogiri is notorious for being annoying to install because it has a couple dependencies. In 1.6, they tried to add the dependencies to the package so they it would just work. 51 more words

Notes To Self

How to install Nokogiri

Check out this link – http://www.nokogiri.org/tutorials/installing_nokogiri.html

That link suggests plenty solutions for all type operating systems. After searching solutions for hours in other links ending up none the wiser and even more confused, I cannot believe why I overlooked this website! 74 more words

A Basic Guide to Creating XML API Automated Checks

API testing is interesting. They’re very different from functional user interface testing because they do not require any UI, although programmers can provide testers some user interface for checking them if needed. 615 more words

Software Tester

🌸Nokogiri Yama🌸

Ladies, gents, and other such creatures, it would appear that I have at last succumbed to the temptations of lifestyle blogging – or at least a combination of late movie releases and pretty cool shit happening in my life have made me do so. 937 more words