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The Best Shepherd's Pie (Dairy Free Option)

Shepherd’s Pie is my husband’s favourite meal. In fact, it was a non-negotiable that I learn how to make it and make it well according to Suburban Daddy. 333 more words


GBK Birthday Burger 

So I love you GBK.. it’s one of my favorite restaurants, if you love burgers then that’s your best place to go. I never even thought about the GBK app and they have little cards about it in the restaurant but I never read them.. 194 more words

Chicken Diane

I think I would eat anything with chicken and mushrooms as the main ingredients, so this recipe was great for a quick Tuesday dinner for 2. 393 more words


Grilled Prawn and Mango Salad

Since you can’t all come down to The Good Son, Chef Vittorio Colacitti has been good enough to let us bring The Good Son to you. 229 more words

Urban Suburban Mommy

let's talk about frozen dinners

Frozen dinners freak. me. out. This is partially due to my dislike for using a microwave, but I also get a weird feeling when I think about eating previously-cooked food that has sat on a freezer shelf for who knows how long. 1,172 more words


Beth Cato Interview, The Sequel, This Time It's Personal!

You probably remember Beth Cato. I interviewed her in April for the release of Final Flight. Well, she’s back with another new release. Breath of Earth comes out August 23rd, and while you’re picking up a paperback copy of The Returned, (which comes out the same day) you should totally get Beth’s book too. 1,904 more words


Spaghetti Bolognese 

PLEASE EXCUSE THIS SHORT POST! This is done on my iPhone because my laptop is at the studio.

But I really wanted to get this recipe out to you guys. 220 more words