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Ice Cream Sandwiches with Honey Cookies!

So two days ago I got into a baking mood and decided that I really needed ice cream sandwiches in my life. My first thought was to try out a rice crispies sandwich sort of, then i decided, fuck that, i want cookies. 327 more words


Pics or it didn't happen

So a ton of people (seven eight) liked my mango post, and one person (The OM Project) made a post recently about… 210 more words


Nom nom...Vigan Longganiza

Kenny had to do this thing at his old office some nights ago and I drove him there. Haven’t eaten dinner and I just remembered this all-day breakfast place around the corner. 103 more words


Tasting Way Home

**Sources report that Pizza Box is no longer in business**

My homes are

Rhode Island
New York
Sarah Lawrence College

New York is “known” for its thin crust pizzas which is, believe it or not, a lot harder to find half the world away without spending a week’s grocery budget. 191 more words


La Marca Real de la Bestia

“Y hace que a todos, pequeños y grandes, ricos y pobres, libres y esclavos, se les dé una marca en la mano derecha o en la frente, y que nadie pueda comprar ni vender, sino el que tenga la marca: el nombre de la bestia o el número de su nombre.”  (Apocalipsis 13:16-17)

159 more words

ID MIcrochip y Satélites

Esto es un aviso de Cristo a “The Little Pebble” publicado el 8 de Marzo de 2017.


Queridas Almas Pequeñas,

El 1 de Marzo, Jesús vino a mí mientras yo oraba y comenzó a hablarme sobre algunos asuntos. 421 more words