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Living In Transit

What’s a week away from home when you’re homeless (houseless) anyway? The past week has brought home to me the difference between travelling and “living in transit”. 888 more words

Alternative Living

Jurassic Adventures: Don't Drink the Kool Aid

There are dinosaurs. Out in the desert. A rare and extinct breed the size of Godzilla himself. In the city of Cabazon, which sounds a lot more exotic than it actually is. 494 more words


Week 45 - Eugene, OR

Happy Spring All!

We’re coming to you this week from beautiful, green Eugene, OR. We’d been in California since early January, so after almost 3 months, it’s time to move to a new state. 1,257 more words


Champagne taste on a backpacker's budget

The number one question I always get: how do you afford it? You must be rich! For the first 9 years of my traveling journey I was a student. 1,368 more words


The unknown

It’s been two months since the last post and with so much happening so fast, it’s only now I’ve got a moment to sit down and reflect. 508 more words

Diary Entry