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Goals In 2017 | Powerlifting | People Motivating Me

As I’m sitting on the bed with a laptop resting comfortably on my lap, I feel like there’s a lot I want to say that I should be keeping for other blog posts, but fuck it. 491 more words


Greetings from Mongolia - better late than never

I finally had the time to go through some pictures from Mongolia. These are from the Semi-Gobi, “not-quite-desert-but-almost”.

Home to Dorion and his family, close to Khogno Khaan. 170 more words


I want to travel differently this time around..

As you guys know (my previous post 2017 starts with a bang!  :D :D  ) The wheels are turning and I’m ready to leave England behind again but this time I’m looking to do it differently… 1,383 more words


Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox (Blue)

Classic, refined lines matched to the latest technology from the Citizen San Remo series… Eco-Drive men’s chronograph is rugged and masculine in stainless steel and leather. 62 more words

Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Located 1 hour by plane from Bangkok is Krabi. Thailand is divided into three parts: North, Provence and the South. The south is comprised of many islands, Krabi, Phuket, and small towns to explore. 246 more words

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Anywhere

Not sleeping well is annoying and can have a lot of negative effects on our overall health. Most of the time, minor sleep issues can be solved with a little trial and error. 704 more words


A travel-niversary

Last week it was our two year anniversary from being away from home. As far as I’m concerned it’s not exactly something we’ve had time to celebrate or even notice, there’s always so much going on there doesn’t seem to be time to stop and recollect what we’ve achieved. 666 more words