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"Curse my restless wandering feet, prone to wander endlessly"

After the novelty wore off on our travels (about 6 months in) we started to get a little tired. The homesickness was more severe, the constant settling down and up-ending started to wear us down and we kept wondering when we should actually finish the trip with home calling us back in ever more enticing ways. 851 more words

Total Eclipse

(cue Bonnie Tyler entrance music)

Bitter that the moon was going to deprive it of prime shining time, the sun pre-heated our AO to proper sauna conditions for today’s Jailbreak.   188 more words


Travel. The Joys of Photography...

Lurching. Take me back to the days of the dark room. Awwww pure photography!


Digital Yacht September 2017 UK Price List

A new UK GBP price list is available to download from HERE or click on the image below

There are no price changes on existing products but we’ve added a new product – our NMEA 2000 starter kit.   118 more words

General News

Hong Kong

Training in Hong Kong can be expensive…as is everything else on this wonderful island. We were lucky enough to still have a few days membership remaining on our Anytime Fitness keys. 299 more words


3 am trances: clear lakes

A serene trance like state held me

I sat and watched the water, I could feel the old worn wood of the dock underneath me. It should have been uncomfortable but the smooth cold reflection of the lake had my focus.

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I named this  blog “captainjourney” as a fan of Ritenour album titled: The Captain’s Journey in 1978.
Live a life of travel, and life is a journey beyond our imagination.
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