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Repeat after Me: Inflation's the Cure not the Disease

Last week Martin Feldstein triggered a fascinating four-way exchange with a post explaining yet again why we still need to be worried about inflation. Tony Yates… 1,394 more words


the Under Cover Economist Strikes Back (2013)

Tim Harford – The Under Cover Economist Strikes Back – 2013

The great depression gave birth to macroeconomics. Economists asked themselves what was happening, and why, and whether anything could be done. 1,131 more words


Did Bennett McCallum run the SNB for the last 20 years?

Which central bank has conducted monetary policy in the best way in the last five years? Among “major” central banks the answer in my view clearly would have to be the… 1,025 more words

NGDP Targeting

Charles Goodhart on Nominal GDP Targeting

Charles Goodhart might just be the best all-around monetary economist in the world, having made impressive contributions to both monetary theory and the history of monetary theory, to monetary history, and the history of monetary institutions, especially of central banking, and to the theory and, in his capacity as chief economist of the Bank of England, practice of monetary policy. 1,161 more words

Monetary Policy

Make nominal spending the new target? We hope not.

In the January 2 2013 edition of the Financial Times Mr. Scott Summer, economics professor at Bentley University, publishes an article titled Make nominal spending the new target… 1,323 more words



Izabella Kaminska suggests that hyperinflation and currency debasement were not coincident during the Roman Empire.

Hyperinflation of the regulatory kind.

Patrick Chovanec describes the coming financial schism between the US and China over charges from the SEC that Chinese auditors have violated US securities laws. 69 more words