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Variable Types & Measurement Scales

Understanding different types of data is fundamental to the application of statistics. The data we have at our disposal can have variables that belong to different scales or levels of measurement. 812 more words

Data And Statistics

The Scales We Use and the Comparisons We Make/ Test and Measurements

In this unit, you are introduced to four scales of measurement, which are easily remembered with the acronym NOIR, and include nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. 318 more words

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Workflow: Animated Tiles

Dedicated animated tiles

The syntax to activate animated tiles is in the ‘vars’ (variant) variable of each tile. Again, to recap, the Tiles’ ‘vars’ property denote the any number of states that the Tile can be in. 395 more words

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Previous, Prior, Former, Some Time Ago, Preceding, The Future, Hereafter, Before, Ahead, Previous, Future, Precedence (99)

Kanji: 先 (さき)

  1. previous, prior, former, some time ago, preceding, before, precedence
  2. the future, hereafter

Radical: legs 儿

Memory Trick: I get 先 and 赤 mixed up. 104 more words


Eye, Eyeball (80)

Kanji: 目 (め)
English: eye, eyeball
Radical: eye 目

Memory Trick: None. I already know it.


White (79)

Kanji: 白 (しろ)
English: white
Radical: white 白

Memory Trick: None. I already know it.


Book, Volume, Script (78)

Kanji: 本 (ほん)
English: book, volume, script
Radical: tree 木

Memory Trick: None. I already know it.