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Real vs. Nominal Interest Rates

From Acting Man, by Keith Weiner

Calculation Problem

What is the real interest rate? It is the nominal rate minus the inflation rate. This is a problematic idea. 749 more words


Data Types


Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio are all data types that can be used to measure data.

Nominal: These are unordered and are more knowingly refered to as categorical. 150 more words


Lecture Pod 2 - Data Types

This lecture pod was about one thing and one thing only – Data Types. There are four different types of data listed in this lecture. First was Nominal, then Ordinal, Interval and lastly Ratio. 357 more words


Week 2 – Data Types

There are four different data types of measurement which include nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio.


Named categories to which data fall. They are unordered and aren’t greater or less than. 263 more words


Data Types

Data types are described in many ways but here are some units of measurements known as:

Nominal: Latin word nomen – pertaining to names. Nominal consists of named categories into which the data forms. 169 more words


Lecture Pod #2 - Collecting data to the best of our abilities.


Four main types:

Norminal – Organising data into named categories and unordered. Counted and made into sense but can’t be counted or calculated the average category of your basket. 227 more words

Data Visualisation

Dating Non-believers

Let’s just get it out of the way: Christian men are inherently no better than non-Christian men. And the same goes for the women. We don’t make more money, we aren’t more successful, we don’t live longer, and we certainly aren’t easier on the eyes than non-believers. 1,205 more words