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Far From The Babbling Crowd

AS the GOP debate approaches………

Yep there are 17 GOP candidates in search of the nomination in 2016……so far it has been a comedy of dunces….theater of the absurd……..but with this many candidates the craziness could go on for an extended amount of time…..right? 229 more words


Raise a Hand for Teachers

After our kids grab their bags and hop on the bus each day–waving goodbye to their parents (if we’re lucky)–teachers are the people who guide and look after them. 278 more words

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Seven presidential candidates you should know (but you don't)

Here are seven people you probably haven’t heard of who want your vote in 2016:

1. Josue LaRose: The first man to sign up, LaRose filed to run way back on Dec. 183 more words

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! xoxo

XOXO to the amazing sweetheart Dora to nominated me! This is so epic :) (and bonus points- I love Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants so this is extra awesome to me). 557 more words


I Broke the System (Liebster Award Follow-up)

So after I wrote up my last Liebster Nomination post by One Stop for all EnterTainmenT, I thought, huh, this felt a lot shorter than my first ever Liebster Nomination. 432 more words


Lita Does 3 Day Quote Challenge - Last Day

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3 


1) Thank the person who nominated you

2)Post a quote for 3 days

3) Nominate 3 other bloggers… 179 more words


Is Joe Biden Going To Run For President In 2016?

So far it’s been all about Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side.  Now it looks like Vice President Joe Biden may be making plans for a 2016 Presidential run.   48 more words