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How Neocons Helped Create The Bogey Man

2016 has become the weirdest election in many years….we had a run at the Dem nomination by a “socialist” and we have the most disliked Dem nominee ever and now we have a Trump as the GOP nominee….. 305 more words


Hello Sunshine

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Soma who blogs over at SomaWrites. The Sunshine Award is given by fellow bloggers to other bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. 641 more words


So I’ve Kinda Been Nominated for the Entertainer Blogger Award!!

So I am super late with this (again), but last week, I was nominated for the Entertainer Blogger Award by my blogging buddy, Mr. Panda… 428 more words


I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by elliespov and I am really excited because I am still a pretty new blogger. I really appreciate it! 609 more words


Another Sunshine Blogger Award!?

So the owner of https://dbmoviesblog.wordpress.com/ (go check that shit out, it’s pretty awesome) decided to nominate me for a Sunshine blogger award. Firstly, thank you so much, kind person. 716 more words


Liebster Award Nomination

Soooo… I got nominated for the Liebster Award! I know, I can’t believe it either! Thank you so much to iidreamcatcherii for nominating me for this award! 440 more words


The Handwriting Tag

Hey Guys!
I was tagged twice for the Handwriting Tag by my blog buddies gleam In Eye & Izzyk14 .
Thank you so much to both for tagging me , I appreciate it! 75 more words