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Before I even start this article, I want to ask you, dear reader, what you are reading this on. Your computer? Your phone? Your tablet? Maybe even your watch? 529 more words


"Shaky? Nauseous? Pale? Oh, You Turned Off Your Cell Phone!"

Face it. More than a few of us are addicts. For all addicts, the first step toward recovery is summed up in one word: honesty. 668 more words

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Pernah dengar istilah Nomofobia…?

Menurut Wikipedia, Nomofobia adalah suatu sindrom ketakutan jika tidak memiliki telepon genggam/ merasa gelisah ketika jauh dari HP/ Smartphone.

Istilah ini pertama kali muncul pada tahun 2010, dimana suatu penelitian yang dilakukan oleh YouGov dalam rangka meneliti tentang kegelisahan yang dialami oleh 2.163 orang pengguna telepon genggam. 341 more words

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French High Schoolers Take the Screen-Free Challenge

by Jacques Brodeur

The state government of Vendée, France, has invited Edupax, long-time partner of ACME, to come to its schools and try to convince adolescents to cut recreational screen-time exposure drastically. 433 more words

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17 Strange Phobias People Actually Suffer From

Everyone is scared of something. But there are phobias which may appear strange and shocking to us but terrifying for the people who suffer from them. 980 more words


No More Nomophobia

A conversation with one of my colleagues steered towards a discussion an addiction to mobile phone use. In fact, when I reflected on it later, I recalled that when I leave house for work, I check my pockets to ensure that I have carried my mobile phone. 280 more words

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Why salsa dancing is good for Instagram journalists (and other tips on mobile phone health)

Health and safety guidance for journalists typically focuses on traditional issues like working in dangerous locations, or using desktop computers. Few resources tackle the issues raised by frequent use of mobile devices for work. 2,121 more words

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