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Are You Nomophobic?

It is official cyber boys and girls. Now, we have a name for it. It is Latin and it is scary. Beware of the nomophobia. What in a world is that? 191 more words

Confessions of a Nomophobic on her way to rehab

I felt down, heard a crack and my Iphone still in my back pocket, just thought “Please Lord, let that be my leg!”. I must have said it loud enough for the hubby to give me a puzzled look and say “ 612 more words


What 10 Phone-Free Days Taught Me

If you’d asked me a few days ago whether I had an unhealthy, co-dependant relationship with my phone I would have side-eyed you AND then out-and-out denied having such a relationship. 533 more words


Okay so I did my Digital Detox...now what?

So you feel revitalized and recharged after taking the 24 hour Thumbs Up challenge – but now it’s the next day and you’re back at work, plugged in, constantly distracted by your phone…what to do!? 236 more words

Americans should work to overcome Nomophobia

By Rebecca DeLuna

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions, not saying a word to anyone and constantly cutting out the “real” connections that are right in front of you? 599 more words


Reboot or Die Trying!

Working from home, updating 36,000 Twitter followers 30+ times a day, appearing on cable TV – living the dream!

David Roberts, an acclaimed political writer for Grist.org, … 47 more words