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Let yourself be bored

Today, I was to pickup somebody on the busstation. I was reaching for my smartphone in my right pocket to realize it wasn’t there. My phone is on my couch, at home. 249 more words


Have you ever felt great fear of being without your mobile phone?

Recent studies confirm an increasing syndrome named nomophobia which means “no-mobile-phone-phobia”.

Fear, anxiety, distress and panic attacks are symptoms that some people experience when not having their phone. 344 more words



I am very conscious of the irony inherent in me writing a blog post on my phone, about an exhibition exploring the serious issues underlying the relationship generation Z holds with their phones. 366 more words


Stop and Drop: The Research

After the course of 9 weeks in the BCM240 lectures and tutorials I have come to a conclusion on the premise of my research project. Drawing from the content found in weeks 6 ‘personal devices and public spaces’ and weeks 8 ‘attention, presence and place’ lectures as well as pulling from my own experiences and emotions from anxiety felt with our devices and our attention span, I wish to shed some light on how we as a society in a newly technological age interact and feel about our devices. 854 more words


Top 3 Apps for Phone Addiction (Nomophobia)

1.Quality Time – My Digital Diet

The App provides the in depth analysis of your phone usage. You can see it as hourly,daily or weekly. You can also check which app you used for how long. 177 more words

The death of face-to-face communication

Word count: 1,166 – average reading time 6 mins

In a nutshell:

The age-old form of face-to-face communication – core to the existence of the human race since time began – is sadly being eroded.

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Do you suffer from nomophobia? Some reports suggest that it may be the most common phobia on the planet with as many as two thirds of us affected by it. 312 more words