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It was around midnight. I was almost done for my activities for the entire day & was about to go for a sound sleep.

Knock Knock!!! 472 more words

Smartphone addiction tightens grip on the Netherlands

Nomophobia, an irrational fear of being away from a communication device, threatens the Dutch population as they increase their use of smartphones on 2015.

by Tatiana Coba Fernandez… 384 more words

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iPhone zombies cause of increase in road deaths

Pedestrians failing to look where they are going as they walk along texting and updating their social media and drivers distracted by technology in their cars, have been blamed on the rise in deaths on the roads with an increasing number of pedestrians “ 217 more words


Meet up after school, chat with your pals?

Spotted one afternoon in local supermarket. Teenagers after school or college. All of them immersed in their smart phones. Not actually communicating with each other face-to-face. 31 more words


Are you a Nomophobe?

I wake up from a good nights sleep and reach out to my phone (growing up, I would wake up looking for my toothbrush, that moment when your toothpaste became a bubblegum, it was magical) I unlock my phone and BAAAM – no network! 575 more words


9 Social and Health Hazards of Excessive Smartphones & Tablets use

Mostly people would even deny being addicted, nonetheless, the reality is that it’s not only the younger generation but all generations at present getting addicted to newer tech. 56 more words


Are We All Nomophobes Now?

Yesteryear seems a golden age, the like of which we will never see again. Life was simpler and less frenetic. For the second time it was an Apple that went a long way to destroying our idyllic existence. 577 more words