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Coding Our Future: Can We Survive Always On?

A much maligned malady of modern times is distracted driving. With email, text, social media and various informational and entertainment apps available on our dashboards or in our pockets it seems some cannot look away long enough to reliably drive themselves from one place to another. 990 more words


Giving up on you: Media Addiction

Addiction, not a big word but has affected many lives
As we hear the word addiction, alcohol and drugs are the quickest things that pops up in our head, which is true but there is another form of addiction like mobiles or televisions or social media or even people. 328 more words


Are You 'Nomophobic'? New Study Looks At Fear Of Being Without Smartphone

(KNX 1070) — Are you a smartphone junkie? Do you suffer from “nomophobia”, the fear of having “no mo”-bile phone?

Iowa State University researcher Caglar Yildirim, who… 521 more words

Heard On Radio

7 Things To Stop Feeling So Bloody Guilty About

According to studies 96% of women feel guilty at least once a day, with half of women feeling guilty at least four times a day. Most people put this down to the pressures of modern life, so well documented in various magazines and newspapers. 817 more words



Yes, I am attached to my smart phone.
Yes, I am likely to break out into a cold sweat after a prolonged period of time away from my social media feeds. 373 more words


Gawai dan Senandika

Tuk, tuk, tuk..

Sret…. sret… sret….


Bukankah mereka telah surai?

Ampun, gincunya terik melebihi surya

Sial! Mengapa ia kalah! 59 more words

Puisi Anomalika

Culture Connection with Dr. Bill Maier

Culture Connection

with Dr. Bill Maier

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Culture Connection