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managing nomophobia

It’s all good knowing what nomophobia is. But it is also important to know how it can be solved, or at the very least, managed. Below are some ways you can practice to manage your  smartphone dependency to ultimately lessen the negative effects of nomophobia. 393 more words


the signs of nomophobia

As promised, I did my assignment and researched on the signs of nomophobia.

In August 2015, researchers Caglar Yildirim and Ana-Paula Correia published their findings on the four dimensions of nomophobia in the journal of… 249 more words


I Love/Hate My Cell Phone

I have a love/hate relationship with my phone.

Setting all the convenient apps that help keep me organized aside, and even the social media that can keep me connected or distract me, my phone allows me to connect with the people I love, people I want to encourage, people who can help me find timely information, and so on. 405 more words

My Life With God

losing my phone=losing my organized life: studying nomophobia for a campaign

Being in the second half of my semester, I needed to think of a topic for a communication campaign: a topic related to computer technology. I immediately thought of the cybercrime law, then broadened my search to privacy issues such as cookies, data mining, security protocols, until my thoughts turned to problems of self-surveillance and data bodies. 399 more words


What your Smartphone addiction is actually costing you

You cannot live without it. You think you need it all the time.

You feel anxious when you do not have it. You feel lost when it is not in your hands. 1,016 more words


is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

With opening up our relationship I feel this has crept into our lives. My husband has downloaded all his dating apps, he is ready to go fuck the world….which I am ok with. 255 more words

Friday Five | 10.30.2015

Happy Halloween Eve! I’ve compiled a list of interesting articles from around the web this week, so check them out before a weekend full of tricks and treats commences! 323 more words