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Top 3 Apps for Phone Addiction (Nomophobia)

1.Quality Time – My Digital Diet

The App provides the in depth analysis of your phone usage. You can see it as hourly,daily or weekly. You can also check which app you used for how long. 177 more words

The death of face-to-face communication

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In a nutshell:

The age-old form of face-to-face communication – core to the existence of the human race since time began – is sadly being eroded.

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Do you suffer from nomophobia? Some reports suggest that it may be the most common phobia on the planet with as many as two thirds of us affected by it. 312 more words

8 Reading Habits You Probably Don’t Realize Doing

Original article was published on HIGO’s website on March 16, 2016; you can read it below:

We read everywhere, whether we realize it or not. Now, that almost everybody has smartphones and/or tablets, getting the latest information is as easy as reaching out to your phone from your pocket or bag. 483 more words


The more we get together, together, together..

The more we get together
The happier we’ll be
Cause your friends are my friends
And my friends are your friends
The more we get together… 544 more words

Technostress will get you if you don’t watch out!

Why is technology so difficult? It’s invisible. Older, mechanical systems had parts we could take off, fix and reinstall. That’s not done with a computer! “ 988 more words

Stress Management

A dropped phone can't slow me down, well not for long

Recently came across the term ‘nomophobia‘ and it couldn’t have entered my vocabulary at a more opportune moment. That feeling when you’ve made it out the door, but something just isn’t quite right. 991 more words