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Are You a Nomophobe? (Someone Afraid of Being without Their Phone)

I learned a new term today. Nomophobes are people who are afraid to be without their phones. Researchers from Iowa State University compiled a questionnaire to help you to determine whether you are a nomophobe. 439 more words

Are Smartphones Making Us All Infomaniacs?

A version of this essay was originally published at Tech.pinions, a website dedicated to informed opinions, insight and perspective on the tech industry. (Insider Exclusives registration required for this one.) 1,032 more words


Smart Phones: It Harms Your Health

Let’s admit it, technology, specifically our phones, have saved us and is still saving is from a lot of inconvenience in life. Sure, it’s a lifesaver, it’s got informative apps, an effective multi-tasker, but it can cause significant physical and emotional health problems for those who you use it a little bit too much… 422 more words

Lost in a Smartphone World -- In Defense of "Technophobes"

I’m sure this has become a bit of a common scene for a lot of us nowadays.

I go outside, I see people constantly staring at their smartphones. 1,015 more words


What is Connectedness Doing to Us?

I can’t say that I’m a nomophobe, but I do love my Android phone.  I’ve got the Android S5 and do a lot with it.  I had one of the charge nurses comment to me last night that she would not be surprised to see it stuck to my nose sometime because she never sees without it and I’m always playing on it.   1,111 more words


Fact: The fear of having no cell phone signal is known as Nomophobia.

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după ce ne umplem display-ul telefonului cu aplicaţii smart,
menite să ne facă viaţa mai uşoară
şi să ne aducă mai aproape de “cei care contează”, 436 more words