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'Nomophobia': Is cellphone addiction real?

(PIX11) – Researchers call it “nomophobia.” It’s the fear of being without your phone. Some have proposed putting it in the DSM, the standard manual used by scores of psychologists to diagnose mental disorders. 425 more words


Dealing with Nomophobia on Set

Many independent filmmakers face a cast and crew filled with nomophobia on closed sets. It’s a psychological issue that touches approximately 94% of people who fear being out of mobile phone contact. 417 more words


I usually hate this kind of people

By the way i love it the sound design and the animation.


Nomophobia - do you have it?

I learned a new phrase this weekend – nomophobia.  It stands for no-mobile-phobia – the fear of going without your phone.

Just tonight before our small groups started, one of our guys got out his phone, accidentally dropped it and cracked his screen. 198 more words

Parents in this country are now legally obliged to stop their kids spending time on computers

A lot of parents are worried about their children spending too much in front of the phone or tablet. Parents in Taiwan now have to do something about it. 329 more words

Stop doing these things with your smartphone

10 Things you need to stop doing with your smartphone.

1.At the table; put that shit away.

Enjoy your food, enjoy the company of your friends — talk, laugh, interact! 518 more words