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Comcast’s broadband caps are even more annoying than we imagined

Ah, Comcast — will you ever stop coming up with creative ways to irritate your customers? Redditor FriendlyDespot has noticed that Comcast has started injecting code into user traffic that warns them when they’ve reached 90% of their monthly data cap limits. 22 more words

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Glow in the dark toilet seat is finally a reality: Meet ‘Potty Glow’

After years of having his idea for a glow in the dark toilet seat scoffed at, Dave Reynolds of Lebanon, Tennessee is the one having the last laugh.  75 more words

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Best and craziest sports plays from the last week

With the NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing, not to mention some exciting action from Major League Baseball  and various soccer leagues, this past week was chock full of great and crazy exciting sports plays. 24 more words

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Technophoria: The Government’s Consumer Data Watchdog

The Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist fights to ensure that companies keep consumers’ information safe and private.


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