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From all those superheroes, explain which one(s) you like best and least!



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Region Nord-Pas-De -Calais

Notre région Nord-Pas-De -Calais

Nord-Pas-De -Calais is a  region located in Northern France . Its surface is  12, 414 square km2.   In  the Region Nord-Pas-De -Calais, there are 4,052 people who live there. 69 more words

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Studying in France :)

Hello! Today we will try to explain what our school day is like:

The school days are very long. In fact we may have up to eight lessons a day. 113 more words

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French school :D

Hi everybody!

If you too are interested in our system French school, as we are for the American school, so read our good article!

In a first part, we will explain what our day at high school is like and in a second part, we will talk about the holidays… 137 more words

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Video Games


Today we’ll speak about different video games.

In France, people play games such as: Fifa, Minecraft, League Of Legend, The Legend Of Zelda…

We often play those games. 70 more words

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Do you like holidays? We enjoy being on holiday!

During the holidays, French pupils like doing many things :

– They like going to the cinema with their friends or with their family. 61 more words

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So delicious

Hi everybody!

/!\ Warning: If you are on a diet or keeping an eye on your weight, I strongly advise you not to read the rest of this article. 336 more words