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Non compos mentis

Original playout date: 2 December 2007
Duration: 2:41

A film made in Varkaus, Finand, by me, simply filming a wino staggering along a Finnish street, but the idea was to provoke a discussion of the rights and wrongs of it. 160 more words

Viktor Huliganov


This is another really stupid Cassidy suggestion. He claims that the word nincompoop comes from the Irish naioidhean ar chuma búb, which he says is pronounced neeyan um boob and (again, according to him) means “a baby in the shape of a blubbering boob.” 486 more words

Daniel Cassidy

Non-compos mentis

Someone asked me recently,

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

It was a text, so… I had time to think a little before answering with a blank, 414 more words

Non Compos Mentis~by Paul Lenzi

Non Compos Mentis

“Lost Identity” by Henning Kles

edges of madness

disfigure identity

cut by cruel cut

(originally posted April 2013)


‘Twas the week ‘fore Thanksgiving

As if you don’t have enough to do as we enter this holiday season, I have every intention of compounding your life by asking you to join me in celebrating the days leading up to Thanksgiving which, as I understand it, is considered to be our official entrance into the silly season of holidays. 945 more words