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Hail, Hail to Michigan

I really like my University of Michigan clothing. My son has sent me a sweatshirt and heaven only knows how many different T-shirts in maize and blue emblazoned with Michigan swimming and diving on them. 1,117 more words

Human Behavior

Why the West Loathes Civilization

Dennis Prager hits it out of the ballpark in his recent essay by this title.  (On a side note, Mr. Prager uses “liberal” is the historic sense compared to how I use it here on this blog.  Modern leftists tend to self-identify as liberals and progressives, thus I use the term.  In this latter sense, I would consider it pejorative in nature, whereas in Mr. 136 more words

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Non Compos Mentis

This story was first published in June, 2015 in ‘MOMO & Other Stories’.

There is little value, in revealing yourself to people who will never look. 4,766 more words

Matthew Elliott

Beyond Stupidity into Realms of Insanity

Yeah, obviously…


I’m sure they’re shaking in their sandals…


If only!


Captain Oblivious!


Settled Science!


Liberal Logic, using a definition of logic that defies logic… 11 more words

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Review of 'Non Compos Mentis' EP by Eyemouth

Non Compos Mentis is the second EP by Swedish band Eyemouth comprising of David Lilja, Marcus Lilja, Tove Ekman and Joakim Åberg. I’ve also recently reviewed their third EP and latest release… 300 more words

Album Review