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Inside the Torturous Fight to End Revenge Porn - Broadly Published on Feb 4, 2016

What can you do when a jilted lover posts your most intimate pictures online without consent? Unfortunately, victims of revenge porn—who have had their nude photos along with their names, phone numbers, social media profiles, email addresses, and even where they live made public—have little legal recourse. 93 more words

Point Of Interest

Challenging revenge porn at its roots

by Jenni Gunn

There have been many high-profile victims in recent years of a dangerous online phenomenon—revenge porn. Whilst celebrity victims have garnered the lion’s share of media coverage, the vast majority of victims of non-consensual pornography are ordinary people. 762 more words


Revenge Pornography, The Right to be Forgotten and Google - Part 2

Google has received 729 requests to have URL’s removed from the search engine which link to the revenge pornography Website I am studying between 3rd April 2013 and 25th February 2015 , this data can be viewed using a very handy transparency report provided by Google.   358 more words

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