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A Healthy Frog is a Happy Frog

All You Need to Know About Frog and Tadpole Care

by Avery

The light brownish tadpole with four stubby legs slipped into the shimmering water and off the slippery lily pad.  386 more words

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The A380 Jumbo Jet

by Julio

The A380 is a super Jumbo to the Boeing 747. It has two floors and if you are in First Class you have a bedroom.  124 more words

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Tigers Roar!

by Vil

Rooooooooooooooar! You can hear the white tiger roaring.
Do you think if you go to a forest you see a tiger cub walking next to you that you can pet it? 373 more words

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Barbours' Seahorse

by Alexxis

Shhh, in the beautiful delicate ocean, a Barbours’ sea horse lie almost invisible. Make a move and there goes the shyest fish in the sea. 345 more words

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The Aloha State

by Anna

Aloha!  That’s Hawaiian for hello and good-bye. Therefore you can be saying hi or see you later.  Hawaii may be part of the U.S.A but the Hawaiians have different cultures and a different language.  406 more words

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Loggerhead Sea Turtles

by Aaron

Sea turtles are wonderful creatures, but they’re on the endangered list. This is because people are disturbing there nesting beaches.  We need to save them because they’re on the verge if extinction.  516 more words

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Delicious Dark Chocolate

by Fiona

Dark chocolate is good for you. That’s right dark chocolate can actually lower blood pressure! A group of people was tested with high blood pressure. 305 more words

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