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Sunset Ocean


blue water

stretching to the

edge of the horizon.

Sunrise and sunset clouds

in the bright blue skies of the water,

the dazzling golden sun high in the sky. 116 more words

Grace Against Cancer

I am Paige Wagner, a senior here at South Ridge. In the past, I have asked for donations to bring the hospital that had helped my grandma who at the time was battling pancreatic cancer. 218 more words


Reading Doors

Mrs. Moore’s door representing the novel Dune by Frank Herbert

When you walk through the high school hallway, you may see the decorated doors. I interviewed Ms. 128 more words


My Reason

-Sailor’s Delight

                   A lot of people, when asked what their reason for being alive is, get a little tongue-tied. They may say “my family, friends, and pets,” but that is what you’re thankful for, not your reason to be alive, your purpose, your goal. 444 more words


Guthrie Trip

Guthrie Theater Trip: Scrooge

“I liked how they portrayed the story,” says a sophomore from SR high school.  On November 21st the high school students from South Ridge High went to the Guthrie Theater to see the funny yet serious play; Scrooge.   179 more words


Facing the Work in Small Steps

I didn’t participate in a productive way in NaNoWriMo this month. No surprise there. But I did use the month as a form of motivation to concentrate on what it is I actually want to write. 170 more words



-Sailor’s Delight

“The weak put up masks to appear strong, while the strong are the weak hidden behind masks that have been there for a longer time. 537 more words