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Fit or Fat..

Fit or Fat..is this still a thing in today’s time? I mean I look around and see quite a few “I-am-a-size14-and-wanna-be-a-10“…😱 I can’t look! I really feel for that size 10 maroon jeans, hanging on for dear life! 1,275 more words

Blogging 101

Welcome to teh Autumnz! Plans and Projects

I realise I was strangely quiet throughout September. Usually, when the blog scales back it’s because of work. Although I now have a constant stream of work from some great clients, the first reason was that I was preparing for my holiday at the end of the month. 375 more words


Living with Anxiety

…feel at peace

I haven’t slept for the past week. Not really anyway. Most nights it’s futile to try and get any sleep because it never comes, and the worry never stops. 711 more words


2nd Draft Jitters

Yesterday, I completed the second draft of my new book and I have the, “what-if-NO-one-reads-it jitters.” I get this way every time I write a book. 437 more words


Jones Beach, Field 6

In honor of it being abnormally hot out for late-September, I’m going to post something quick I wrote over the summer while sitting on the beach. 403 more words

Creative Writing

On Being Creative

This is a somewhat modified repost of an entry originally published in September of 2014. I thought I’d revisit and update it because I’m teaching an introduction to creative writing course this semester, and my class and I have been covering the creative process over the last couple of chapters. 2,417 more words


Stop Maintaining Mediocrity - Seize Success!

The Success Spectrum:

I’m sure you will agree with me that there are all types of people in this world, so naturally there will be a reflection of these types amongst the followers and readers of this blog. 900 more words

Christian Women