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August Grab Bag

July Grab Bag

This month’s grab bag contains several things. First, several of the choices (those with the asterisk) are books from the CT State Library Favorites & Classics Summer Reading list for Kindergarten to Grade 2. 327 more words

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Food For Thought Friday #27: When Knowledge is not Power

Hello readers!
And welcome to another instalment of Food For Thought Friday, which is my little way of expressing various ideas and thoughts to all of you.
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It is really true that the best way to calm an ego involved person is to rub their ego ... Try it!

Thursday morning, at exactly 7:00 AM

xx vs xy

I am busy so that actually helps. But intensely unhappy at work and going to be leaving soon. 500 more words


Fortune Cookie Friday - 31 july 2015

“Prosperity is in the family circle.”

“He had something to tell us. Dad did. It’s going to be good–”

“Dad’s lousy on surprises.”

“That’s how you know it’s going to be good.” 703 more words


This Haiku: July 31, 2015

Lying there you look
As real as now and taste
Fresh like tomorrow

Non-Fiction - Fragment 58

“Anything else is a waste of my time. I only read non-fiction,” he claimed proudly.

It was a blind date, and as far as it went, it wasn’t terrible; not good but at least it didn’t suck.

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Summer Heat and Reading

We are in the middle of a rather miserable heat wave here in Oregon. Yesterday, the temperature rose to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in our town. Today will be “cooler”, perhaps only getting up to 102 degrees. 77 more words