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Evil Subconscious Manifestations

The sun has set,
Shadows lengthen,
The wind gets cold,
Appear the denizen
Of the night,
Fill thee with fright..

The moon glows,
Clouds pass by. 102 more words


My Favourite Book of the Year So Far

I think we can all agree that Mindy Kaling is pretty amazing. She brilliantly plays the whiny yet sassy Kelly Kapoor on the US Office as well as writing many of the episodes, and she really comes into her own in The Mindy Project. 662 more words


Nocturnes: Part 1

So it is—stillness after the blitzkrieg storm, which came and left in such a hurry that its brutal force only inflicted minor destruction: scattered, small incidents here and there, uprooted trees with poor footings and torn paper houses with substandard foundations—only the flimsiest of things took their falls; maybe they should have been knocked over long ago. 244 more words

*Promo with excerpts* RSVP From Heaven by Marie Saint-Louis

RSVP from Heaven falls in the nonfiction spiritual genre. Although controversial to some, this is the true story of psychic medium Marie Saint-Louise as she shares guidance with those searching for answers regarding life’s important questions. 1,157 more words


#542 The Quarter Acre Farm by Spring Warren

The Quarter Acre Farm by Spring Warren

Spring decided that she wanted to provide most of the food she ate from her small plot of land, about a quarter of an acre. 314 more words


Swing and a Miss

I’ve never been much of athlete. Aside from six years of martial arts I never really played many sports. Never had the patience, social skills, or hand-eye coordination for it. 461 more words

Short Story

Chasing the tale...

Meet Me in Atlantis: My Obsessive Quest to Find the Sunken City by Mark Adams is a curious tale, filled with an energetic mix of academics and amateur scholars, and spiced up with a few theoreticians from the wackier reaches of the internet and Atlantisology. 401 more words