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I Bought a New Car

I recently bought a new car. After avoiding a couple of suspect money pits (a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, and a Mark III Supra, among others) I settled on much shallower money pit that seemingly had nothing wrong with it — a Mercedes CLK-430. 1,203 more words

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Crash Land, Crash and Burn

Crash Land, Crash and Burn

I keep crash landing

Missing the mark

But somehow making it safely to earth.

But some day

I’ll lose control… 102 more words



“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Suffering seems to be a part of life on this planet, we can’t get away from it. 777 more words


Book Review: The Mosquito by Timothy Winegard

I was browsing NetGalley for new titles to branch out my reading and I came across this book and immediately my interest was peaked. I have always been interested by natural histories, especially ones written in narrative form. 444 more words


A Medic’s Mind by Matthew Heneghan

Powerful and incredibly inspiring…

Heneghan takes a sharp-eyed look back at his fractured childhood and personal loss as he chronicles his journey towards a better way of coping. 143 more words


The Making of a Manager

Julie Zhuo

I’m not a manager and not planning to be one anytime soon. However, I’ve always been confused about what to expect of a manager. 214 more words

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The grandma and 2 pieces of construction paper

Two weeks ago at the Dollar tree I met a delightful lady. In one hand she held a floresant orange and green big as she was construction paper. 51 more words

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