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Multiple Guess, the Carpe Diem Solution in Test Construction

Occasionally, when I head up to the science office to run my Scantron multiple choice sheets through the automatic grading machine, I sometimes detect among my colleagues looks of subtle disapproval, the facial equivalents of “tsk-tsk,” as if English teachers should use only short answer or essay questions to test their students. 692 more words



early morning americans

struck a balance with all, in the city in the summer after dawn, when the morning bird was heard and the sun at eye level, playin hide and seek behind deciduous trees, while the cat trailed you partways to the cafés, and the barista knew your name without asking, and the statesman laughed and folded his newspaper and nary a phone was ringing, the time was reserved for a church bell and silence. 93 more words


Crumpled sheets

….following….     It started with a kiss…

White sheets crumpled and stained, perspiration droplets dappled our bodies, smeared lipstick on our cheeks. We lay side by side panting, exhausted, exhilarated. 366 more words


The Root Cause winner of the 2016 California Film Awards

The Root Cause winner of the 2016 California Film Awards Orson Welles Award #DMP #Film #TheRootCause https://goo.gl/OiGCnM


The Root Cause

The Root Cause: What can you do? #DMP #Film #TheRootCause